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Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Bracelet Winner Announced

Thanks for participating in my little giveaway and for visiting FabFashion. I'm delighted to announce the winner...

Let's try that again...

Elizabeth said: 

Hi Vee, 
I love your bracelet the colors are really pretty! 
I went over to visit FabFashion Bracelets and I really love the idea of the Magnetic Bracelet, it sure would be easier to put on alone with out any help. I always have to have Gary help me put on a bracelet. Who ever receives a bracelet will be one very lucky girl..
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Now I am glad to know that soon Elizabeth will be able to wear a bracelet whether or not Gary's available. 

Curious about what Elizabeth chose? See it for yourself right *here.*


I'm afraid that I'm out again today. Happy Canada Day weekend to all my Canadian friends!