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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Name Calling

Now ordinarily some of the time, I do not resort to name calling. However, there is a nightly occurrence in my neighborhood that has brought out the very worst in me. It began a few weeks ago and appears as if it will continue right through until forever. My state made the unfortunate decision to legalize fireworks and now every tom, dick, harry, sally and sue have become munitions experts. The blasts begin just after sundown and have gone on all night long, though we're told there is a 10 pm curfew. I hate nightly fireworks. Hate is actually too soft a word. I despise nightly fireworks and I don't feel too saintly about those who are setting them off either. Are fireworks legal in your community?

So, yes, you'll hear me use an old Downeast term at the end of this short video. You can find it in E.B. White's essay entitled "Maine Speech." Yes, it means just exactly what you think it might.

Onto cheerier things — I have a parade to attend today. The grands will be marching and we'll be there. One is wearing the uniform — t-ball uniform; the other is carrying a sign for a local pizzeria. Gotta see that... (If all goes well, I'll be popping in a few photos before day's end.)

Grand 1: Still dancing I think
Grand 2: Spotted us and wanted to stick around longer, but the Library Sale job was too important. (And I thought it was all about pizza!)

And don't you just know that we'd follow that cutie pie anywhere. In fact, John is off to the sale right now. He's hoping that he gets some more great deals as he has in years past.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Unfortunately fireworks are legal here, unless we're having a drought, and fire ban.
    I hate fireworks! I don't like the noise, but mostly I hate the fact that it frightens, dogs, cats and birds.
    Enjoy the parade and the grands......happy day!

  2. Ugh for you.

    I give you my most sincerest empathy, Vee!

    Hope the parade was awesome - and not too hot!!

  3. Oh, I can imagine that it is most frustrating to have the peace disturbed at night by such goings on! Out here in the country, we can hear fireworks occasionally, but only from a good distance away so it is not a big deal.
    I guess this is one of those things not to love about summer.

    Looking forward to seeing those parade pics. I'll be back!

  4. Not legal in our town, which is fine with me. (Our neighbors house caught on fire once from smoldering fireworks.)

    We can see the Disney fireworks from our house, as well as the big show from the Queen Mary ~ that works for me.

    Enjoy the parade!

  5. Oh my NO they are illegal here in almost every city except way out in the country and even there they are banned a lot...too many fires and dry land around here. Each year too many house are burned down from fireworks, however there are controled exhibits everyone can see over the lakes on Friday night.

    I can just hear all the barking dogs in our neighborhood if fireworks were legal.

    Have fun at the parade with the precious grandsons.

  6. Selling fireworks is legal in Tennessee but setting them off is regulated by the different counties/cities. I'm sure that the state of Maine allows local governments to regulate the use. I would be petitioning your local officials to get something on the books and then hounding the sheriff's office for enforcement. Your frustration and anger are certainly justified.

    Our county prohibits the sale and use of fireworks. However, fireworks go off out here in the county around the 4th of July. We used to set some off to entertain our next door neighbors (who had a handicapped daughter) when we lived on the acreage. But we always completed our little 5 minute entertainment well before 10 o'clock. And we were lawbreakers ONLY on the 4th of July. I still remember Marsha's giggles echoing across the yard in the dark of night.

    The sheriff's office is very tolerant of this slight civil disobedience, and only intervenes when things get out of hand. Fireworks the remainder of the year is not tolerated at all.

  7. Know just how you feel about fireworks. They allow them in VC until 11:00 PM, but some people don't know how to tell time. our poor little miniature schnauzer is terrified by the noise. looking forward to the pictures.

  8. I think unless you actually go to a fireworks show somewhere like Disneyland, 4th of July and New Year's are the only nights you should hear fireworks in your own community. Our city bans fireworks but the city across the street from us doesn't so it really doesn't matter. We start hearing the fireworks about a week before and a week afterward. You can buy fireworks on the Indian reservations around here all year long. Thankfully we don't hear fireworks all year long...

  9. Zero tolerance in NYC, although there are always a few who buy them out of state and manage to annoy everyone. NYPD has been known to hang out in unmarked cars at shops in PA selling fireworks and following offenders back home, and issuing summons. My poor birds get so shook up over it, dogs too. xo

  10. Golly jeeeee no! "Everyone playing with fireworks" is not legal in my city! You have to get a permit and etc. And those who do rogue fireworks, have the police after them. (The 4th always has some of those.......)

    I still have to install some sort of a plug-in, to see your videos. -sigh- But I'm glad to read that you vented your frustration, at the end of this video.

    Actually it can't be tooooooo *risque* though. Not if you posted it. -giggggles-

    Mmmmmm, was this making-fireworks-legal-for-all, on a ballot????????

    If not, why, I wonder?

    I am really so sorry, for everyone in your state! This is awful! Enough to make people move, I'd say.

    Were does it say that your state motto, of "Live Free Or Die" means you can set off all the fireworks one wants?!?!

    "A Weekend in the Country..."
    "...in comfort and quiet, seemed vary attractive. The trees would be bursting into leaf, the grass turning green, the birds beginning to sing. Perhaps the sun would shine, it would be warm."

    ~"Weekend" by Rosamunde Pilcher

  11. They sound like gunshots! How annoying. I think fireworks are legal here but only certain types. The only time we might here them here in the country would be for a wedding, graduation or Canada Day celebration. There was an uproar in Fredericton last fall then the repair work on the Princess Margaret Bridge was done and the construction company decided to celebrate at night with fireworks.
    People didn't know what was going on and called the police. End of story. I hope you enjoyed the parade with your grands marching. I'm sure they had fun.

  12. Hi Vee!

    Oh my! Our state does allow fireworks. They are not allowed to be set off anytime but on the week of the 4th of July - anything after, they should be given a ticket . . . hahahahah! It is illegal here to set of anything that leaves the air, so bottle rockets and such are not sold here, but they can easily go to Wyoming, which a very short distance and purchase really big fireworks! So sorry that you are having to deal with all the noise!

    Your grands are so adorable - what a fun way to spend the day!!

    Have a wonderful Saturday!


  13. I don't mind fireworks from a far but not every night (late late and all nighters).. that's just right down mean.. sorry..

    Cutie pie indeed to follow.. sweet photo..
    hugs to a before nights ahead..

  14. I can't imagine much worse than having fireworks going off all night, every night. Fireworks are not legal within the city limits here, but as the 4th approaches, you wouldn't know that. And there are exceptions for organizations that are able to obtain permits for the 4th so my poor cats will be cowering under the bed on July 4 as the country club around the corner (right in the middle of town) puts on the annual show for their members and torments the neighborhood pets. There was a letter in the editor in today's paper suggesting that people honor the USA with flags instead of fireworks. If only that could catch on!

  15. The sale of fireworks is only legal here for July 1st and Victoria Day, although there are always some left over for Hallowe'en. I despise them unless they are organised in a special place for a special occasion. The thought of just anyone setting them off on any old evening would drive me to distraction. How risky this is!

  16. Fireworks are illegal in our state but they are legal in the bordering state. Not unheard of for folks to go to the neighboring state and bring them back and set them off...usually only a problem around this time of year.
    I'm with you I dislike it....things tend to get dry here so its a big fire risk

  17. Pondside has already commented on the legality of fireworks in our area. But there are those who set them off illegally, too, usually a couple of nights before Halloween. I don't mind them, and enjoy the big fireworks displays. When they go off in my own neighbourhood late at night, grrrrr.

    I could quite catch what word you used at the end of the clip, and I tried googling the essay by E. B. White but had no luck there, either.

  18. We are tinder dry here so it will be on the ground stuff here and only in limited areas. I liked how insane the texas folks were with fireworks in vacant areas and the traditional blow up the Christmas tree with fire crackers on New years. But anytime/any reason fire works really gets old. Sorry your area went free for all, maybe after the yahoos realize how much money they are literally burning up they will quit.

  19. OH! I just love a parade, this looks like a winner! Who knows we may have another Fred Astaire !! I bet John got some great book deals,. Vee, I am enjoying reading of all the adventures, and memories that you and John are having, and making with your grandchildren!! I know how important these memories are to all! Recently when our older grandchildren have called we have begun reminiscing of the "good old times".ahhh!! so sweet!!

    Now let's talk about the fire works,Unfortunately they are legal here, lucky for us we live out in the country. I enjoy them, on July 4, and at the state fair, the pretty ones, however your neighbor's sound like a gun being shot, that's no fun!! I am finding that people are becoming more and more inconsiderate of others!

    BTW~ the Sue you mentioned was not me, I promise!! ~grining~ You know I wouldn't do that to you, I adore you to much!!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  20. We seem to have someone setting off fireworks every weekend. My poor dog is becoming a nervous wreck and they do tend to be annoying.
    The grands looks cute in the parade, always a thrill to see them in a community effort.

  21. Fireworks are not legal here...though permits can be obtained for special occasions. That seems to work just fine! I don't think fireworks on a nightly basis would be much appreciated by anyone.

    Looks like a fun time today...for the marching grands and for the photo-taking grandparents!

  22. That would be so annoying!

    Fireworks are legal here in PA - we usually get a box of fountains and sparklers etc and do them on the 4th! A few neighbors might do some too, but most people do not set them off night after night nor do they do those that just bang!

    Sorry you are being bothered by this!


  23. So glad I popped back in to see those parading boys! What fun! (They are adorable. Don't you love grandchildren?)

  24. Fireworks are not supposed to be shot off in our town, but they are anyway. Our small town police don't do much to stop it. I hate the noise, it sounds too much like gunshot!
    The parade looks like fun and I hope John found a lot of good bargains at the library sale.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  25. No fireworks allowed in Maryland except for the ones on holidays that are put on by professionals.
    I do hear fire works around though on the holidays.

    Hope John found some good deal on books.


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