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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Summer Bracelet

A big thank you to all who participated in June's Note Card Party either by entering, visiting or both. Now I know what it feels like in a tourist town when visitors swell the population to twice the community's usual size. How sad it'll be to go back to the old numbers. ☺ Yup. I get spoilt. But then, we don't blog for the numbers, do we?

I hinted day before yesterday about the third gift from Mrs. Rabe. It was so totally unexpected and I was completely charmed by it. Though I do not usually wear jewelry,  I've been wearing this sweet bracelet.

Forgive the photo...it's early this morning. The colors are just so pretty and I love the clasp.

So I'd love to give one away. No! Not this one! This is mine. ☺ I'd love to have you visit FabFashion Bracelet section and select a bracelet that you would enjoy. Deanna has graciously agreed to work with me on this. If you are interested, all you need to do is comment on this post. Please do not share the information anywhere else. This is only for those readers who wander in and find the information here. I'll be drawing a name next Thursday. The only requirement is that you have a public blog because I'd really like you to share about the bracelet when you win. The beat goes on don't you know...

I'll be off for much of the day and in all this heat, but I'll be looking good wearing my bracelet!


  1. The bracelet is lovely. Absolutely put my name in the pot!

  2. I'm not eligible because I don't have a public blog, but the bracelet is beautiful. I visited her shop and will return again to really shop once we're back home.

  3. Your bracelet is lovely! i wear a lot of jewelry..especially turquoise and I would choose the turquoise bangle 1" width. It's just what I love! (I looked at the bags and jewelry yesterday...lots of pretty things!) Thanks!

  4. I love your bracelet, please enter me in this giveaway. And thanks! xo

  5. Ooh, what a pretty bracelet. I am with Lavender Dreamer...loving the turq./silver bangle! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. But then, we don't blog for the numbers, do we?

    -chuckle- Ahhhhhh yes! The Eternal Question... Exactly WHAT do we blog FOR? -grin-

    As you know, I recently *huffed-and-puffed* a bit, on that very topic. ,-)

    What a lovely, lovely gift from Mrs. Rabe!!! I love's-me little bracelets like those. So, I have already gone-looking on "FabFashion Bracelet Section" myself!

    But, true-to-form, don't enter my name in your dear give-away. ('Cause I never did one myself, and don't enter those of others.) But thank you for the sweet thought...

    "The implements of the little feast had been disposed upon
    the lawn of an old English country-house, in what I should
    call the perfect middle of a splendid summer afternoon."

    ~Henry James, "The Portrait of a Lady"

  7. I love abalone! I have vintage shell earrings and I love to wear them in summer.
    Such a lovely gift for you, Vee!

  8. What a beautiful bracelet Vee. How fun to have a giveaway. I loved all of them but the two I loved the most were the Stretch bracelet and the Bangle bracelet.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    I enjoyed the Note Card party..thanks again for hosting it.

  9. That is very pretty. I hadn't seen that one yet. One of these days I'm going to take myself right into their shop again. They have a very adorable bag that perfectly fits a laptop and I want it. One of these days......

  10. By the way, don't enter me. Leave it to someone who doesn't have access like I do. Fab Fashion is awesome and so are the ladies who run it!!

  11. I love your bracelet and I love Mail Call! :D :D I visited the Fab Fashion Bracelet section and wow ... difficult to pick a favorite, (love the turtles and the kitties) but decided my favorite was the abalone, with the shells (sand dollar, star fish and shell). Too wonderful! Thanks for the chance, Vee! YeeHaw!

  12. I LOVE the bracelet but guess I am too far away for the pot..:-)

  13. LOL, it does give a blogger a HUGE boost of confidence when you see the big visitor numbers! We don't blog for the statistics, but it is nice to know that we're not whistling in the dark. You're created a great themed activity and I'm not surprised that it has been a rousing success.

    Now, on to the bracelet! What a sweet thing to do! I am greatly enamored by the one you received. Yes, I want to be a twin and have one for my wrist too! Thank you and Deanna for sponsoring this lovely giveaway!

  14. Vee, Deanna does such lovely work. I so enjoy visualizing her popping the bracelet in the mail to you.

    Oh I wish you could send a bit of that heat our way. We have a family weekend away planned and watch the forecast daily and all I see is cold rainy weather. But...we are still blessed to be able to spend time together and that is the main thing!

  15. You are a lucky girl! I just love your bracelet--Throw my hat in the ring and stay cool! It's hot here too--and DRY! We had a 15 acre wildfire yesterday near my little grandson's day school--teenagers were setting off firecrackers and caused this fire!

  16. Love this bracelet. Would love to win one. I agree to all the suggestions. But I am so upset I had in my mind the 23rd of the month was the card party. But it is the third Wednesday, I guess so I missed it. I was going to sign up today but I see the linky is closed. I will be ready next time. Love your coastal cards.

  17. Sea opal is a refreshing summer jewelry choice. Make me think of the waters where the abalone silently grew its multicolored inner shell.
    I'd love to have any of those bracelets though. Enjoy yours...and stick it in the fridge for a few moments later in the day then wear it as a chill treat.

  18. What a generous soul is Deanna. The bracelet is lovely.
    I really liked the bangle bracelet with the turquoise inset, the 1" one. Simple, but so elegant.

    Enjoy the bling on your wrist as you go about your day!

  19. Your bracelet is so pretty and summery. How sweet of Deanna to send it to you and how sweet of both of you to offer this fun giveaway.
    Thank you for hosting the Note Card party. It is a nice bonus to have the comments jump up and also to meet such lovely people. No, we don't do it for the numbers, but it is nice to know we're not talking to ourselves.
    Have a great day out and about in your new bracelet.

  20. What a gorgeous bracelet. I love the flower bangle silver bracelet. She has some fabulous creations over there in her shop.

    Thank you for a lovely giveaway.
    Have a fabulous day ~
    TTFN ~

  21. hmmm...hard to choose, as they are all pretty!
    I do like the abalone/faux silver one, as the colors would match with my daughter's wedding and I could wear it then! :)

    Finally have some glorious sunshine here in the Northwest, of course it is suppose to rain tomorrow, but we will enjoy today!


  22. It is charming and lovely --- and reminds me of you. How special that you can wear the love of a friend on your wrist!


  23. What a lovely summer opportunity! Yes, I'm in. Your bracelet is lovely.

  24. That is a beautiful piece of jewellery!
    Hmmm - so we don't blog for the numbers - why do I keep checking all the time :)?
    Enjoy the summery weather. Wish I could send some to Lovella!!

  25. What a pretty bracelet Vee! Perfect colours for summer. I'm going right over to pick one out. thanks so much! Enjoy your little break. Pam

  26. I enjoy the note card party and look forward to the next one. I got 26 comments yesterday and that's a record number of comments in any one day! : )

    I love bracelets and would love to win one. Please add my name.
    I like the ladybug one best but all are nice.

  27. Vee,
    Thanks again for hosting yesterday!
    Love the bracelet. Going to check out Mrs. Rabe's site again. (I did it after your purse post)

  28. Vee, when I looked at Mrs. Rabe's web store yesterday this bangle bracelet jumped out at me:


    I like turquiose and this would be so pretty to wear in summer. She really has a nice selection of bags and bracelets. The one you were given as a gift is really beautiful! It reminds me of albalone shell.

    Numbers? Blogs have numbers? lol! No, I hate checking stats. I blog for enjoyment and the mental challenge of it. Today Blogger told me it does not support my IE browser any longer!!! Thank goodness I ahve Google Chrome browser installed but I wasn't happy being forced to use it. :(

  29. Hi Vee!

    I seems like forever since I've read your blog! I really love your new header... :0)

    What a beautiful bracelet! I would love to one!!


  30. Count me in, too!!
    I love bracelets and you have a real beauty!

  31. Such a nice gift, a beautiful bracelet!! I would love to enter your give-away..I really like the 'hearts' bracelet. I just found your blog this week!

  32. What a fabulous giveaway (pun intended)!

    That Deanna is one sweet girl. I know that you are loving your bracelet...even more knowing that it is a gift from a friend.

    Like so many others, I love the turquoise/silver bangle, but honestly, there are so many wonderful choices...I'd wear any of them.

  33. Thanks for hosting Notecard Party ~ it's fun! I'd love one of Deanna's bracelets too. Maybe one just like yours (:

  34. The Abalone bracelet that you received is lovely. My favorite is the silver with turquoise bangle. I've got lots of turquoise jewelry that it would complement.

  35. Love me some abalone! Put my name in the pot, Vee!

    Also, I enjoyed the note card party VERY much - met some new friends and saw some wonderful photos! I'm gonna shoot for next week, too!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  36. I looked at all the bracelets and they're all so lovely, it sure would be hard to choose one.
    Yours is so pretty!!

  37. The bracelet is gorgeous - the colours are just like the sea - shimmering. I have a little angel from NZ which looks very similar in color too.
    Time had run away with me today. It is nearly midnight and i have no idea how that happened. I am jabbering. Have a great weekend, Vee!

  38. Vee, I left your blog a little while ago, and was out visiting somewhere in blogland and just remembered you mentioning this giveaway, so I hurried over here to put my name in the pot, I think your bracelet is stunning, and would so love to have one just like it. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  39. Hi Vee,
    I love your bracelet the colors are really pretty!
    I went over to visit FabFashion Bracelets and I really love the idea of the Magnetic Bracelet, it sure would be easier to put on alone with out any help. I always have to have Gary help me put on a bracelet. Who ever receives a bracelet will be one very lucky girl..
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  40. What a pretty bracelet! I love to wear bracelets, especially in the summer when my fore arms are bare (never, ever the top part....my upper arms have reached their 'best before' date!) so please enter me in the draw.

  41. Such a sweet give away -- you are a dear - and... it a pretty!

  42. Very pretty bracelet and I think the colors are just fine. I remember when I lived in California a group of us would go Abalone fishing/hunting on the Northern coast. They have such pretty shells.
    It is nice to know that others to read your blog, like you numbers are just numbers.