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Monday, June 11, 2012

Who Knew a Near Death Experience Could be So Much Fun?

Hallo! Just sharing my vast knowledge of German with you today. < insert cheeky grin >

I want to document my weekend. It was wonderful, including my near-death experience.  < insert another cheeky grin >

First up — baseball. At one point during the game, I turned to my son and suggested that a professional team do a spoof pretending to be five- and six-year old t-ball players. It would be a riot! I giggled myself silly throughout...hope that Sam didn't catch me at that too often.  When the coach said: Okay, everybody grab your caps and gloves and a little guy asked, "Why? Where're we going?" I thought I'd split. Oh my! They were all just too cute for words.

Now my own grand was the most animated child on the field. He's included some dancing in his game. He did get hits and he did stop a ball and get it to first base in time. Did I capture any of this? No, only the dancing. Just take my word for the rest of it. Some day, he's going to be so happy that I was documenting his childhood. =D

I Feel Like Dancing


After baseball, Sam thought it would be great to join me; however, I had lawn mowing and planting flowers on the docket. So we struck a compromise instead: I'd take over ice cream sandwiches in the afternoon and visit for a bit. 

One thing led to another during our visit and pretty soon we'd I'd made plans involving a pizza picnic supper at "the farm." 

The guys enjoyed the playground. Note the gang being driven off in the bottom left corner.

Would you believe that we lost Jake? Lost him while clearly watching him. It was bizarre and I have a new appreciation for how quickly a little one can go missing. This video documents the entire experience.

~Let's Get Out of This Tall Grass!~


By now you're probably wondering if I forgot the near-death thing...no! I don't think I could ever forget it. 

This is how it happened: I was eating a very dainty piece of pizza. Oh stop that! It was so, too. Anyway, I was eating pizza when a car drove through the parking lot stirring up a lot of dust. I stopped breathing that I might not inhale said dust and the next thing I knew I couldn't breathe nor could I speak. John and Michelle were chatting and my son and the boys were playing at the swingset. I was in trouble so I got up from the picnic table turning my back to them so that I could cough and sputter all ladylike and everything. Finally, I thumped myself a good one in the chest and dislodged the offending piece of pizza. I took a big breath and returned to the table rheumy-eyed. I wasn't going to say anything, but decided that it would be a good life lesson for the chatters to know that I had truly been in trouble. 

I explained and they both looked at me wide-eyed. John apologized. Then Michelle said gently, "Don't you have the responsibility to let someone know you need help? You should have banged on the table!" 

Point well taken. It was a true life lesson for me. If you're in trouble, say so and, if you can't talk, bang on the table!

Okay, let's get out of this tall grass...


  1. Oh Vee!! I am so glad that this near death story has a happy ending! Please call (bang) for help if you're ever in such dire straits again (says one whose vanity would likely cause her to do the same thing)!

    Looks like you all had a grand day (with the exception of the obvious)!

  2. Except for the near-death experience, it looks and sounds like such a wonderful day. Your grands are sooooo cute! I see that the broken leg has recovered nicely. There's no stopping little boys.

    Your reminder to let someone know if you're choking is a good one. It all happens so quickly. It's reassuring, though, to know if you had been alone, you're capable of quick reaction in handling a difficult situation.

    Glad you're okay.

  3. Aren't kids just the cutest at that age. So funny! And you, so glad that your very scary experience turned out with the ending it did. Sometimes it's the littlest things that can turn into tragedy. So glad you were able to post about it! Looks like a great day in all!

  4. Yikes Vee! Yes, pounding on the table or the person next to you is the way to go.

    The rest of the day looked like a perfect day!
    Hugs, Penny
    p.s. yes, the chairs are comfortable - actually more than they were with the too thick cushions.

  5. So glad you are here to write about it. Scary!!

    It is a very happy thing that the sun was out and baseball could be played. Looks like fun times for everyone.....

    Especially since you rescued yourself.

  6. This is a good lesson for all of us Vee. I've had trouble occasionally and need always to remember to eat slowly and will remember to bang the table to ask for help should it ever happen again. Point well taken John!

  7. Wow...that had to have been really scary...glad you were OK...why do we have a hard time admitting we need help? I'm the same way. Loved the ball game video. I will never forget my second son playing in his first ball game. Had his hand digging in a gopher hole during a play...haha...we were yelling at him from the side lines while the ball rolled by. Got to love it. Enjoy your day!

  8. Vee, glad you banged on your chest and you are here with us, but perhaps, if there is a next time, you should bang on the table too.!!! Kids and t-ball ... very entertaining with lots of laughs. Hugs to you....

  9. Scary, and I bet you still feel a trifle shaken up. I would. But I'm so glad it ended well...I have a grandson playing baseball now, too. They are so much fun to watch!

  10. Loved the sharing of one's family- and th e vids were adorable.

    As for your choking, oh my word it is scary business. It's happened to me twice in my lifetime and NOT FUN.

    One should always bang to get attention and then take both hands to one's throat to show the sign for "choking." Those precious few moments can mean life or death if someone needs to attempt the Heimlich - it takes time, so those moments you waste NOT alerting them could be fatal.

    Praise be to the Lord for your safe return to breathing, whew. Just like that it can take us.

    Oh Vee, how truly scary.

  11. Choking is one of the scariest things, sort of like being under water then it goes up in your nose and you can only try to make it out without drowning. So glad you are okay.

    There's nothing sweeter than watching TBall. I've missed being able to see that. Maybe again some day.

    Have a blessed day!

  12. You did your own heimlich ... good you were successful! I think the universal signal is hands around your neck since if we're choking we obviously can't talk. Sounds like a fun weekend and I always enjoy your sense of humor.

  13. Bang on the table...lesson learned! Thank you! Seriously, glad you're okay! Sounds like you had a great weekend, life threatening and all! Enjoy!

  14. Oh dear...that was too close for comfort! I'm thinking pizza may not be your dish of choice for the next while (not comfort food!).

    You had me wishing I could be at the ball park...on a sunny day, that is! It's been a very long time since I watch wee ones play t-ball. And dancing on the field? I love it!

  15. Wow, I'm glad you are ok. It is a good lesson to learn, it's ok to ask for help when you need it.

    Loving that video of your little baseball dancer!

  16. Oh my gush, you made my hair all stood up. My friend died because of choking, she was laughing and all of a sudden she couldn't breath the people around her did not know what to do she died! It's very sad story but it all happened. Next time bang the table!!! ^_^ Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it! ^_^


  17. I think you are supposed to put your hands to your throat so people know that you are choking...not that you maybe could...did I need to come over there and Hiemlic you? Thank goodness you got that pizza out. I once leaned across a table at a restaurant to pull pizza cheese out of my then 8 year old sons throat...needless to say we are not welcome there any more. Your pictures of the ballgame are priceless!

  18. I'm glad you're still here to write about your near-death experience - too close for comfort, I'd say!
    I loved the ball diamond clip. I remember when Lillypad first played ball - she sat between bases and picked grass and tiny flowers.
    In the end, it just wasn't her game!

  19. Oh my! That is scarey! Glad you were able to handle the situation. I need to remember to bang on the table if need help, but sure hope I never have to deal with something like that.
    Looks and sounds like a fun day with the grands.

  20. Glad you were to take care of it yourself! All in all, a fun family weekend. xo

  21. I'm glad you got the offending piece of pizza out! Many years ago, a 2nd (or maybe 3rd, I don't know) cousin's husband died at the table in a restaurant after choking on a radish which got lodged. It was a bizarre and awful thing to happen.

    I think watching the little ones ball games is one of the most entertaining summer pastimes there is! Enjoy them while you can, they grow up so fast and become so competitive. Then you get to hear the parents yelling at the players, the coach, and sometimes each other...ha!

    PS We got a wee bit of your rain this morning...I am so excited!

  22. Wow, that's scary, isn't it?

    T-ball is a hoot sometimes! So cute!

    Glad you had such a great day - that ended well too!


  23. WOW! Def. scary!! I so love the new look of your blog--at the library--which has super duper fast internet, unlike at home. ANYWAYS--Glad your alright. Blessings

  24. There is nothing more scarey than choking. Even just gulping water and it going down the wrong pipe (whatever that is!) is frightening...glad you are ok....I would have panicked.

  25. So glad it turned out well in the end. That is a scary feeling. I remember choking on a piece of popcorn once. Not fun.
    The baseball game, however, looks very fun and cute!!

  26. Dancing while playing baseball would be my way of passing the time, too. Your little guy is so cute!

    A doctor friend of mine once told me that many people who are choking go off on their own, as you did, to avoid disrupting others. He said that if someone appears to be choking, always follow them, do not leave them alone. Also, the advice to let someone know, by banging on the table, is wonderful advice.

    So glad that pizza was taken care of!

  27. PeeWee baseball is the best entertainment around these days! Love it! And how fun that you got to watch your grand baby dance/play on the field. The farm looks like a nice place to spend the evening although I am sure I would give up any playtime for an ice cream sandwich at this point in my life!
    I will definitely keep the banging on the table in mind for future reference. As much chaos that occurs in our house that makes a lot of sense!!

    Have a great Monday!

  28. Oh my goodness Vee, that must have been awful. Glad it turned out well. Yes, next time bang on the table. But hopefully there will not be a next time!!

    The rest of the weekend looked like lots of fun!!

  29. That is so scary! I'm glad your family were right there in case you had to bang on the table but then it might have been too late. You're supposed to get someones attention by holding your hands on your throat I think. Other wise it looks like you had a grand time and enjoyed the lovely change in weather. The week looks very nice here. Hugs, Pam

  30. I'm glad that you lived to tell the tale(s)! If one is all by themselves when choking, I've heard that you try to force something, like the back of a chair, on your diaphragm, to help cough up the offending object.

    And "dainty" pizza? LOL!

  31. Thankfully you are here to give us all a good quick awareness of how quickly something like that can happen! Other than that, it sounds as though the day was a total winner!:) What is any more fun that watching a grandchild dance?:)

  32. Oh, good grief - you should have banged on the table!!!! I nearly had a heart attack reading this because it has happened to me too, only I was alone in the house. Mighty (bruising) thumps worked eventually, although I was a particularly pleasing shade of puce by then. I was determined not to expire with a piece of food in my throat, for heaven's sake.

    But what a wonderful day with the grands. They love like greased lightning, don't they!!

  33. I was in trouble so I got up from the picnic table turning my back to them so that I could cough and sputter all ladylike and everything.

    Oh Vee, why does this not surprise me?!? It sounds so-you.

    Good grief Woman, learn a lesson here, please!


  34. My grand's first season of t-ball was spent chasing butterflies in the outfield. Kids are just too cute!
    Goodness- bang on the table girl! Choking is serious stuff!

  35. Sweet... except for the pizza stuck,choking and not banging on the table thingy.

  36. Choking is the one fear I have of living along. It's such a scary feeling when it happens. Cute post. Even I want to crawl around in that tall grass.

  37. Oh my he really did disappear in that grass!! A great lesson indeed to pound on the table! Glad you dislodged the pizza! Sports in the young years was so hilarious and fun and tiring and long....and....

  38. yikes! next time don't worry about being
    ladylike! get some help!!!!

    we call it the 'helmerich manuever', because
    i had to use it on all FIVE kids! it works.

  39. Oh, gosh...choking is scary.

    I had such fun when our grands were all little and playing ball. So funny.

  40. I've seen people come into the ER dead because they choked when others at the table thought they were having a heart attack --it is so important to alert others right away when choking! The way to alert someone you are choking is to grab your throat and wave your hand in their face so they look at you -- it is the universal symbol. Evveryone should learn the Heimlich Maneuver!

    I once had to do the Heimlich Maneuver on a fellow nurse that was choking on a hard candy. We were both petrified! Thankfully it worked very well, first attempt.

    PS: Your grandboys are all boys--they are so much fun at their age!

  41. What a delightful post! I do love chatting with you, Vee!
    Glad you survived the day!

  42. This was such a fun post to read (OK, not the part about near death and the missing little one.) It was the chatty way you wrote the narrative that I loved.

    It sounds like an NEARLY perfect day with an "all's well that end's well" ending.

    I would have been terrified, and my panic would have made it worse.

  43. One of those scary moments! Yes looks like the cuties were having fun and not choking.

  44. Oh, Vee - scary! Glad you were able to save yourself!

  45. Such an interesting read, Vee! So scary, though, to read of your near-death experience with choking. I never would have thought about pounding on the table to get their attention. Michelle has lots of common sense. Last fall at a couples' retreat, my hubby was so enjoying chatting with the couple seated next to us at supper that he didn't even notice I was beginning to choke. Like you, I was considering standing up and moving out of the dining room when I finally did manage to swallow the bite of chicken that wasn't going down. In spite of tears in my eyes, he didn't even know what had happened until I told him later. I will be sure and take Michelle's advice should this ever happen again.


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