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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That Raised Bed

It's been a long time coming. I first started discussing what has come to be known as "the coffin" back on May 21st with the completion on *May 25.*

So without further ado, here's a little picture story with few explanations other than captions.

~60% Top Soil 40% Compost~

~Plastic Lined Planter - sides only~

 ~Many Loads Later~

 ~The Long View~

~Bolero Lilies Ready to Bloom~

~By Afternoon~

 ~The Long View~

~The Glass Float~

 ~Late Afternoon~

 ~Scraggly Poinsettias~

 ~Scraggly Calibrachoa~

 ~Rosemary and Calibrachoa~

~Hosta Experiment~

 ~Front Garden Freshly Mulched Late Afternoon~

~Morning Glory at the Mailbox on Right (plus a grass seeding project)~

~Shasta Daisies and Orange Zinnias - Front Garden~


I planted five tomato plants, swiss chard, all the usual herbs, lettuces, and a row of marigolds. Somehow, I left out the chives so must find a home for them today. 

John has been such a help hauling and schlepping. We have some last minute tidying up and then we are calling it good.

And how does your garden grow?


  1. I love your raised bed! It looks so nice and to think you've already planted wonderful things!! Your yard and flowers are looking so colorful and welcoming. It looks like a beautiful place to spend time.

    I picked our first cucumbers last week. You would have thought I had found a gold nugget as excited as I was about it. =) I've manages to put up four quarts of strawberries from my little pots of plants on the patio, and harvested 7 whole blueberries from 5 shrubs. The birds enjoyed the rest.

    Enjoy your beautiful place in the coming weeks. I am sure you have more projects lined up!

  2. Well sadly I am not good at gardens. I love being around and in them, but they are doomed if I am planting them. Our townhouse yards are postage stamp size small - they are mulched, a few bushes and small trees, planted by professionals for the lighting and soil conditions we have and selected with the eye of living in spit of the homeowner who is not good at these things.

    And, when you let the professionals do it with those guidelines, you get exactly the right plantings. In fact, over the years EVERYTHING survived and we had to weed out a few things because our small spot of earth looked like a forest!! :-) (An odd site indeed when you live in a townhouse community.)

  3. Very impressive Vee, your flowers are beautiful. I do not have a green thumb, in fact plants usually beg not to be given to me. I do have a low maintenance perennial garden by my steps. My daughter gave me a beautiful plant for mother's day with specific instructions for it's care. I don't have the heart to tell her it didn't make it. Your yard is beautiful and inviting. Thanks for sharing. ~ Abby

  4. What a beautiful yard you have! If I had a yard large enough for lots of flowers, I would be sharing pictures daily. Even your zinnias are further along than mine. I have one bloom, but I'm so happy to already have that one bloom!

    The "coffin" is so perfect. I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like in a few more weeks and it will be fun to see what you choose to plant there in future years.

  5. Your raised bed is going to be so full and lush Vee. You two did a great job with this project! Your front yard looks like it is really pretty too. We have several planters with herbs and such in them. I also have a planter with 2 tomato plants in it that seems to be doing great right now. My wheelbarrow of zinnias is struggling but I do see little plants trying to grow. Wish me luck with that, first time planting them. Have a delightful day in your beautiful yard!

  6. Your yard looks so restful. Perfect blend of green, mulch, flowers, sun and shade. Gorgeous!!

  7. Phew! I bet you're glad that's done :)

    It all looks wonderful, great job!!!

  8. It looks wonderful...I just love it, I must put it on my to-do list for our yard one day!
    Oh good luck with your garden...that sounds great. I think I planted mine for bugs to eat, because so far we aren't getting much out of it...Benjamin still goes out and checks everything out...but not the Sharon Lovejoy garden I had dreamed of.

    Your flowers are wonderful..thanks for sharing

  9. HA! The gardens here are very sad indeed. I've heard it can be done, but with the heat and natural 'cement' for soil, it would try the patience of Job. How I love your yard with all of the lush greenery and woods and everything!

  10. It all looks lovely, my dear!

    Our daylilies are gorgeous this year. The marigolds got a bit buried by the late application of mulch, but I think most of them will live. And I am pleased that we rearranged and added to the plantings at the mailbox.

    We're not growing any veggies, but I have my typical assortment of herbs planted in clay pots!

  11. Your new planter and gardens are beautiful. Things here are drying up from lack of rain, although I woke up this morning to a little pitter patter on the roof, fingers crossed that we get a good steady rain today and not another spitting sprinkle. Hope you both rest up today after all that hard work.

  12. Oh it all looks just wonderful! Love the new planter! Not much room over here, but my flowers are all in full bloom and looking good. Enjoy your day!

  13. Oh, boy...this project really turned out nice. I meant to ask for a raised bed for this spring and summer...forgot and now it's a little late. Maybe a good project for next year.
    Your gardens look great.

  14. Work! Beautiful work. Beautiful results of work. -Hehhhhh- I'll finally get it right.

    Please explain Hosta Experiment. Please and thank you.

    Gracious but your area does look lovely! Oh, did I say that, already? ,-) Well.... It does!!!!!!

  15. I see your garden survived all the rains quite nicely! Things are looking good...and I'm sure you will quite enjoy your raised bed (especially once the hard labour is all forgotten).

    How does my garden grow? I was out there until 9:30 last night...finding out exactly how it had been growing over the past few weeks. I'm on my way back out right now...to finish up the pruning before the rains arrive. It seems shrubs quite like all the rain...and have outgrown their assigned spots!

  16. Your raised bed looks wonderful Vee. I know it has been a lot of work getting it going, but now it will be easier and the rewards will be wonderful!

    Your flowers and plants look wonderful too. My container garden is doing well on my front deck. We have two little green tomatoes so far and lots of yellow flowers.

  17. About the freshly mulched photo:

    I notice that even planting beds that are bursting with flowers still look better with fresh mulch. I am thinking mulch on a flower bed is like foundation on a woman's face. Smoothed out the skin, hides irregular tones. I am always neglecting to mulch my flower beds and keep buying more plants to hide the bare spots. Must re-think that.

  18. It looks beautiful, Vee.
    My garden grows full of weeds right now! I spent Saturday afternoon weeding, and hated to stop as it was looking pretty good. I'm away this week, and when I get home I know that a whole new crop of weeds will await me!

  19. Your raised bed is quite lovely ... now to await the fruits of its bed.

    Time for me to go rest, I'm exhausted following your day. :)
    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

  20. Vee, when you and John decide to do something, you go first class!! There are no scraggly plants nor anything else scraggly here. All that rain has really paid off, not to mention hard work,everything looks beautiful!!

    Sorry I missed yesterday's post! It is absolutely one of your best, I love watching children pay T ball, also seeing them enjoying playing outside. I think I have lost one or two in my lifetime, and I full well know how scared one can become! Thanks for mentioning this and of how easily one can get choked, been there too, but unlike you I wasn't being so lady like, I think this is one of the most scariest thing that can happen to a person. You did exactly the right thing,.... you didn't panic!! great job!!! But next time let someone know!! , we all want you around us for a loooong while~smile~
    Here is another lesson for me from one of my favorite my mentors!!

  21. It's beautiful and everything will be so much easier to water and take care of! I love that glass float! It's perfect! I need some hanging baskets for my courtyard to brighten things up!

  22. Your gardens and yard are lovely, Vee! My front flower beds are so overgrown, but I've been tackling the inside of the house which has been quite neglected!
    Your little grandson is so cute! I can't wait til my little grand, Jack (age 2 1/2), is old enough to play team sports! He is showing some real athletic ability already!
    By the way, you should have banged on the table! I tend to choke on apples, so I rarely eat one when alone! I did read that if you choke when alone, you can impale your midsection on the back of a chair to do the Heimlach manuever on yourself. Choking is scary whether it is yourself or someone else!

  23. That raised planter is beautiful! I really like the whole setting of it, too. Well done ya'all!! Enjoyed walking through your garden. Things are popping up around here like my lavender.

  24. Your flowers are lovely! My favorites are the calibrachoa and the peonies (in East Tennessee we called them 'pines'). I had a heavenly blue morning-glory once, and it was magnificent. I need to try that again:)

  25. Wow! Everything looks really good! We planted a garden again for the first time in 3 years! Still waiting for some seeds to pop up! AND I had to move my herb planters because someone was eating all the parsley. As if I planted parsley for the rabbits around here! LOL! Enjoy your day!

  26. Everything is looking gorgeous. Great job all around!!
    The flowers that I planted are doing fine so far. Remember those 3 strawberry plants. They all looked dead but then just the other day some green has sprouted on one. : )

  27. Now that is what I call a raised bed! I'd love to have one that tall...no more bending over. Which is getting harder to do every year. I may go on strike and demand a raised bed like yours. See what you've started? :D

  28. Your new raised bed looks wonderful. Terry was digging out a similar shape yesterday but it was to put another lock block to make our manure storage larger. Same shape...different outcome!
    Your garden is looking so beautiful.

  29. Vee you do have a nice HAVEN over there. sandie

  30. It looks beautiful!

    We're under more serious drought conditions now so I have to water the garden at least once a day, twice when the temps reach 90.

    Otherwise it is looking great. I need to continue harvesting the lettuce as it does not like heat. Bush beans are being planted in that areas.

    I'm also trying pole beans for the first time this year. I also plant marigolds at the edge of the garden.

    Chives will grow nicely mixed in with other flowers, their spikes adding interest although they do flower later unless the flowers are cut back (chive flowers can go into vinegar).

    As if I'm an expert... after seriously gardening for only four years. ;)

  31. Wow! Vee your garden looks amazing. Every flower bed is immaculate. YOur flower pots look beautiful. The large planter is lovely, and I like that you took photos of it's progress.

    Your garden is all ready for a party. Sky diving...you crack me up.


  32. Not nearly as well as YOURS!!!

    Loved seeing every pic! Feels like I just visited your place in person! (Nearly!!)

  33. Your flower gardens look fabulous! And those peonies....amazing!

    Our veggie garden is a sad thing...but we are still getting lettuce and have a few tomatoes to plant and I think we are getting some pole beans...I have to replant my herbs, though...


  34. Very pretty garden, Vee! Your raised bed looks so well built and pretty.

    If you saw my "garden" you'd laugh as it looks so pathetic!
    I have containers holding all my flowers and veggies, and my front yard is overtaken this year by my hydrangea plant that grew absolutely enormous! It must be becasue of all the rian we've been having.

  35. The raised bed or "coffin" turned out wonderfully and looks so nice filled with blooms!

  36. That is a perfect sized garden and so easy to get at the produce. I know you will enjoy the fruits of your labours. Your yard looks lovely. I have seen hostas planted in containers with other annuals. I guess they can be put in the ground at the end of the season. Things are starting to bloom or show signs of buds at least. Let's just say the annuals are blooming. :)

  37. My flowers are growing, but no veggies... your planter is beautiful! I am going to do herbs in a big white potery bowl in the kitchen, parsley and rosemary and chives. Does that count?? :)

  38. How beautiful and exciting. I love the new raised bed! Your yard is so beautiful - it reminds me of my mother's yard in the country - a big lawn and wide open space and big trees....ahhh....

    Love it. Hope you are well. I want you to know your comments on my posts are always a bright spot in my week. It is so nice having you in my corner. I feel like you are family. :)
    xo Terri

  39. Funny thing, I found myself humming tapps as I read this post. Must have something to do with the coffin?
    Your yard and plantings look lovely! We have more sun that shade and plant accordingly.
    Wee also have raised beds, not as raised as yours however, and love them.
    4 tomatoes, 3 Early Girls and one cheery. 2 summer squash, 1 cucumber, 1 red bell pepper, and 1 pumpkin. Also a whole bed of herbs, my doing :)
    Chives, rosemary, thyme, sage, and sweet basil.

  40. The rain and the manual labor involved to build the "coffin" have really paid off. It looks great and fits in so nicely with the fence. I do hope you will post a picture of that lily in bloom. It looks like it will be gorgeous.
    I have swiss chard growing in my garden, but have yet to try it. Do you have a preferred method for cooking it?

  41. Your garden looks beautiful. I bet you look at it and just sigh with pleasure. So much work you two have done!
    Our garden is growing well. But we could do with a little more heat to get things really going.

  42. I also love raised bed garden box like this. Beautiful job, and looks like your garden is growing so well.

    My flowers are still in their growing stage.

  43. Your garden looks lovely, Vee! I confess that I had a little giggle over your reference to "the coffin". :) It's a wonderful idea and will keep the rabbits away ... something I really need to consider!

    Some plants are doing really well this year, others not so much. All of my hydrangeas were hit by a late frost and it looks like blooms will be scarce but the roses are doing beautifully! Go figure.

    Thanks so much for your continued prayers. xo, Lynda

  44. Woohoo (((hand clapping))) for you and John!!! Your garden and flowers are beautiful, so much to be proud of, simply amazing color. I could use your green thumbs around here. Job well done you two!

  45. I have a garden post slotted to be my next post. It is a glorious time of year, indeed!
    Your raised bed is beautiful, as are all your blooms. The freshly mulched bed with the little fencing is charming.
    What did I do about my photo storage space, or lack thereof?
    I just didn't blog for a little while and hoped things would resolve on their own. Which they did???

  46. Vee
    No garden for me this year. I'll just have to enjoy following yours as it grows and florishes.
    Your yard is looking beautiful with what you call scraggley flowers!

  47. Now that is one deluxe raised bed! I love its size, its height, its solid structure, its plantings of lush and beautiful living things. And it looks like a manageable size. To me, that is important. I'd much rather have a smaller space that I can handle than lovely, long rows of things that overwhelm me. I am not a hobbit.

    Side story (I must keep my reputation as one of your more loquacious commenters ;-)...

    I grew up in neighborhoods with small lots, and although my dad loved landscaping, he wasn't much on vegetable gardening. All our vegetables came from the grocery store.
    Then I married Ron.
    His family (8 children) depended on garden produce to stretch the grocery budget, so he was accustomed to tremendous gardens. The first summer we were married, I suffered culture shock, and I learned to hate the garden. With a passion.

    I gradually got over my hate, but I still prefer to keep things manageable.

    (Sorry for the essay. When it's late, I get wordy.)

  48. My garden doesn't.

    Well, it doesn't grow well. I have such a brown thumb, and since the husband travels so much, it doesn't do well. We never even planted vegetables in our raised beds at all this year. (Hangs my head in shame.)

    YOURS on the other hand, deserves a hand!

  49. I've been sitting here doing catch up on reading a weeks worth of your beautiful and exciting post.

    I love the pictures and dance of your precious grandson!
    I'm so glad you dislodged the pizza....that's an awful feeling. Happened to me once....on someone had to give me the h......maneuver.

    Your flowers and lawn are beautiful. I love your raised beds.

  50. I am liking your garden style ms V ...love your new header...sorry for the troubles you bear...hugs from cyber space <3

  51. A really great planter and I love the late afternoon sun through the branches etc.

  52. Beautiful! Wish you and John were neighbors - I'd hire you! And feed you! Chocolate!

  53. I'm trying desperately not to covet that raised bed! And by the number of comments on this post, seems I'm not the only one. LOL That's beautiful!