Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Caught It!

 ~The First Bolero~

Out first thing this morning with camera in hand to capture the first Bolero to bloom. I love these things. As you can see, they're lilies; the color is exquisite. They were a gift from my daughter years ago now. Yes, I talk about them every June. Without fail.

So there I was, in my pjs when suddenly the whir of a helicopter broke the early morning silence din of cawing crows. I have spared you the crazy angles of all the missed shots. I do hate to make a reader nauseous. Success at last when it broke between the treeline and the house.

~The Invader~

John came out wondering why our home was being targeted. "They've been flying around this house for a long time. Good thing we weren't having our coffee out there!" This makes me laugh. I can't figure out how some men think.

Whatever they're doing, they're not done yet because they just flew right over the top of us again. Does this ever happen in your corner?

A happy weekend to you...more gardening here. 

Love Vee

Friday, June 15, 2012

Old Photos

After considerable amounts of time spent on computer maintenance, I hope that this will post. I've been having difficulties for a while with "freezing" or "hanging" (and the losing of posts and comments) so why I didn't address it sooner is an indication of one of my many flaws — extreme procrastination. The maintenance involved clearing the cache in three browsers and discarding lots and lots of picture files AND moving many files to the exterior hard drive.  (Yes, I use Photobucket as well for storage and Picasa, too, of course.) You photographers may wish to clue me in on your storage tips. I know that Jill uses memory chips for storage, which I think is very clever, but then how does she store the memory chips? I should ask her!

So you just know how one thing leads to another and back again, right? It's a Law of Physics or something. Here I was clearing photos left and right and, by afternoon, had found shoeboxes full of old photos. Five to be precise. They were found because I have so much mulch left over from purchasing a yard and a half of the stuff that I wanted to clear a large waste can (used for storage only), which I thought was full of puzzles (easy to release to Goodwill) to put some mulch in for next year. But noooo, there were all those shoeboxes full of photos... Just when I think I'm done with photos, along comes more!

I don't remember ever seeing these before. Actually, most of these "Shoe Box Photos" I don't remember seeing before. It must have something to do with their never making it to photo albums so, sitting in shoe boxes, they were unknown to me. There's my pretty mama keeping my little sister from touching me. I'm sure that's it from the look on my face.  It's a she's-touching-me face! Then there's a photo of my sister and me at the coffee table. (Now I do remember that round coffee table.) My sister has a cute seal pull toy with a ball on his nose.  The top photo is not showing my best side, though what I want you to focus on are the shoes.

Just a little while ago, one of my blogging buds (May have been Life in Red Shoes  Nope! Stick Horse Cowgirls) was discussing those little plastic high heels that little girls wear. I am simply documenting that I, too, had a pair and I loved them. They didn't last long as I recall and, for that reason, I never had another pair. Still, life was good while they held up.

Is it Friday already? Just a reminder to be checking over your photos because next week is June's Note Card Party! Clicking on the sidebar icon will take you to all the pertinent information.

Enjoy your day...

Love Vee
mosaic background by Kim Klassen

Edited to Add: The curly hair? I believe that this was a "Poodle Perm" though goodness knows, with hair that already has a lot of curl, I don't think it was necessary. It was my mother's idea that unruly curly hair could be "tamed" with a perm. I have in recent years had perms with that same hope.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Computer troubles or perhaps modem troubles or who knows what troubles. Be back when I can.

Stay well and be blessed!

Love Vee

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rainy Day Garden

When I awoke this morning, I leapt from my bed and ran to the window. Okay, that's not quite accurate. While I was very excited to see the garden from my bedroom window where I could survey the scene, my body is so stiff and tired that leaping would be impossible. I need some of this stuff.

By way of explanation...

1. The fenced in area
2. My neighbor's beautiful stretch of lawn—does it get any better? All the lawn to look at and I don't have to mow it! (The pathway there? John is fixing a couple of patches with the leftover topsoil/compost mixture.)
3. The seating area where John and I will have our morning coffee, on good days that is.
4. The Limb Llama
5. How I see the Limb Llama. He'll be smiling tomorrow when the sun returns.
6. The wee little hosta experiment
7. My neighbor's hosta in a large planter. He says the slugs don't find it. I'm hoping that the slugs don't find my baby Blue Shade hosta either. (Have I just documented my hosta envy for all the world to see?! )
8. My favorite plate on the plate rail above the seating area.

So I'm turning my attention to indoor pursuits for the day. Have a terrific Wednesday...

Love Vee

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That Raised Bed

It's been a long time coming. I first started discussing what has come to be known as "the coffin" back on May 21st with the completion on *May 25.*

So without further ado, here's a little picture story with few explanations other than captions.

~60% Top Soil 40% Compost~

~Plastic Lined Planter - sides only~

 ~Many Loads Later~

 ~The Long View~

~Bolero Lilies Ready to Bloom~

~By Afternoon~

 ~The Long View~

~The Glass Float~

 ~Late Afternoon~

 ~Scraggly Poinsettias~

 ~Scraggly Calibrachoa~

 ~Rosemary and Calibrachoa~

~Hosta Experiment~

 ~Front Garden Freshly Mulched Late Afternoon~

~Morning Glory at the Mailbox on Right (plus a grass seeding project)~

~Shasta Daisies and Orange Zinnias - Front Garden~


I planted five tomato plants, swiss chard, all the usual herbs, lettuces, and a row of marigolds. Somehow, I left out the chives so must find a home for them today. 

John has been such a help hauling and schlepping. We have some last minute tidying up and then we are calling it good.

And how does your garden grow?

Love Vee

Monday, June 11, 2012

Who Knew a Near Death Experience Could be So Much Fun?

Hallo! Just sharing my vast knowledge of German with you today. < insert cheeky grin >

I want to document my weekend. It was wonderful, including my near-death experience.  < insert another cheeky grin >

First up — baseball. At one point during the game, I turned to my son and suggested that a professional team do a spoof pretending to be five- and six-year old t-ball players. It would be a riot! I giggled myself silly throughout...hope that Sam didn't catch me at that too often.  When the coach said: Okay, everybody grab your caps and gloves and a little guy asked, "Why? Where're we going?" I thought I'd split. Oh my! They were all just too cute for words.

Now my own grand was the most animated child on the field. He's included some dancing in his game. He did get hits and he did stop a ball and get it to first base in time. Did I capture any of this? No, only the dancing. Just take my word for the rest of it. Some day, he's going to be so happy that I was documenting his childhood. =D

I Feel Like Dancing


After baseball, Sam thought it would be great to join me; however, I had lawn mowing and planting flowers on the docket. So we struck a compromise instead: I'd take over ice cream sandwiches in the afternoon and visit for a bit. 

One thing led to another during our visit and pretty soon we'd I'd made plans involving a pizza picnic supper at "the farm." 

The guys enjoyed the playground. Note the gang being driven off in the bottom left corner.

Would you believe that we lost Jake? Lost him while clearly watching him. It was bizarre and I have a new appreciation for how quickly a little one can go missing. This video documents the entire experience.

~Let's Get Out of This Tall Grass!~


By now you're probably wondering if I forgot the near-death! I don't think I could ever forget it. 

This is how it happened: I was eating a very dainty piece of pizza. Oh stop that! It was so, too. Anyway, I was eating pizza when a car drove through the parking lot stirring up a lot of dust. I stopped breathing that I might not inhale said dust and the next thing I knew I couldn't breathe nor could I speak. John and Em were chatting and my son and the boys were playing at the swingset. I was in trouble so I got up from the picnic table turning my back to them so that I could cough and sputter all ladylike and everything. Finally, I thumped myself a good one in the chest and dislodged the offending piece of pizza. I took a big breath and returned to the table rheumy-eyed. I wasn't going to say anything, but decided that it would be a good life lesson for the chatters to know that I had truly been in trouble. 

I explained and they both looked at me wide-eyed. John apologized. Then Em said gently, "Don't you have the responsibility to let someone know you need help? You should have banged on the table!" 

Point well taken. It was a true life lesson for me. If you're in trouble, say so and, if you can't talk, bang on the table!

Okay, let's get out of this tall grass...

Love Vee

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dried Lavender~Mosaic Monday

A wonderful gift of the weekend was my sister's being home. She brought me a bundle of lavender, which I have split up and placed all over the house. Hmmmm...lovely!

I am uncertain about Mosaic Monday this week, though I am linking to Mary at Little Red House.

Love Vee

Another Great Promise

~Baby Morning Glory~

A blessed and, hopefully, a sunny (or rainy if you prefer) day to you...

Love Vee