Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Blogging Poll

Just posting my poll information for my own satisfaction.

#1 How often in the last month have you experienced difficulty with Blogger?

Of 47 Votes

  • 16 have never had trouble
  • 7 have weekly troubles
  • 7 have daily troubles
  • 17 have had a few troubles in the past month
#2 Specifically, have you lost pictures?

Of 38 Votes
  • 29 no
  • 9 yes
#3 Are you able to move paragraphs, edit posts, place photos where you want them?

Of 38 Votes
  • 22 yes
  • 16 no
#4 How long have you had to wait for your blog to post on blogrolls and in readers?

Of 34 Votes
  • I have never had to wait. 17
  • A few minutes. 11
  • Hours 4
  • My blog never updates as it should. 2 (I know one of these gals and it is terribly frustrating for her and for all of us who follow her blog.)
#5 How long have you been blogging?

Of 38 Votes

  • A few months 3
  • A year 8
  • Over a year 1
  • Years 26
Thank you to everyone who took my little poll. Although it does not meet statistical requirements for accuracy, it says a lot to me.

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