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Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green...

...and it may not matter much. That's just this gal's opinion. We recycle, reuse, repurpose, create treasure from trash, and try not to be wasteful. I've spoken about this before and have even featured the local dump transfer station on my blog more than once *here* and *here.* It came as something of a shock to learn last summer that our recycled items had no place to go. The townspeople continue to practice recycling and the town just unloads it all to the same pit where it is buried. Guess they want to keep us in practice because, if we dared to show up doing what they're ultimately going to do anyway, we'd not be allowed to use the facility. Talk about a case of the Emperor's having no clothes.

So it was with some amusement that I listened to the teenage clerk at Joann's gush on and on and on about my purchase of a reusable bag. She thanked me and told me how wise I was explaining in great detail the horrors of plastic shopping bags. Finally, I could take it no longer and told her my real reason for its purchase. "Oh, I have no plans to use this when coming to Joann's," I told her, "it's just cheaper than a basket for storing my crafting projects." I think I took the wind out of her sails, though she valiantly replied, "That's a very good idea!"

Cute graphics; cute handle (John wants the inches to be inches, but that's his little problem.)

Prior to its purchase, the living room looked as if it were a crafter's nightmare. Crocheting on the arm of this chair and that one, too. A ball of yarn partially unwound on the floor...Fioré was obviously up to tricks. Little posies in this pile and that. Now let's see what's in the bag.

See those tiny little clothespins? Some of you know the true plans I have for them, but I also discovered that they keep the balls of yarn from unraveling. And, at last, the real shade of green that I need for that spring wreath I've been wanting to do. The former one was made with teal, which didn't make for realistic looking grass at all, unless you're lost in the chocolate factory with Willy Wonka. That plastic lunch bag is for collecting all the little yarn leavings for nest kits for the birds. My trees and shrubs have little gifts of yarn everywhere. Hmmm, now the yard looks like a crafter's nightmare. Hope those birds find my gifts soon.

My last blessing from Joann's was this chocolate covered Peep. Have you tried one?

They're good!

Enjoy your day...


  1. oh so funny. .and silly. How crazy is that to collect recyclables and then dump them together? I chuckled at the sales clerk ..my beloved always says. .it must have made the stores awfully happy when they could justify charging a few cents for a bag ..and look good doing it.

  2. Vee,
    Very good post. I always love the enthusiasm of the clerk but it holds up the line! I like to store my "stuff" in pretty bags. My problem is I put it in the bag and there it stays!

    have a great day.


  3. You crack me up! Love this post, Vee. The bag is adorable....great choice.

    Enjoy your weekend and all of your craft projects. We are having a weekend full of hosting and offering hospitality. Which leads me to ask myself what I am doing here on the computer....yikes. Tons to do!

    Becky K.

  4. That JoAnn's bag is really cute! I would have used it for the same purpose as you! I have baskets sitting in my living room for this same purpose.
    I have not seen these chocolate peeps, but I'm going to look for them!

  5. I recall the same thing happening here a few decades ago...all garbage and recycling ending up at the same place. Not so today...and there are stiff fines for putting recyclables in the trash.

    Great 'crafty bag'...with the measuring tape handles!

  6. Oh...and about the peeps. Thanks for the 'heads up'...I didn't know they came with chocolate.

  7. Now, I just assumed that my bags, cans, bottles etc, were actually being recycled. I am going to check into our system here...

    Love your bag. Perfect for storing your crafting stuff!

  8. Now that really stinks (no pun intended) that your recycles just go in the same dump. We took our boy scouts on a tour of the recycle plant here..they really enjoyed it. The county where my in laws live does not offer home pick up of recycles like our does so many people there don't do it because it is quite a drive to the drop off.

    Love the bag and I use them for the same purpose (needlework, yarn, fabric, crafts). I have taken to using record retention boxes and those little plastic storage trays that are meant for embroirdery floss for beading and jewelry crafts. The challenge there is that sometimes I am too "out of sight, out of mind"...
    Too many crafties, too little time!

    Love your little dog in a previous post, cute ruffle collar!

    aka AudreyGardenLady

  9. Mmmmm... I've wondered that about our own recycling efforts. Does it really go and get recycled after all my efforts? Or does it end up in the same place?

    I'm slowly learning to carry my own bags to stores (and there are such pretty ones nowadays) so I don't have to keep bringing the plastic ones home.

    I love that pretty lane photo in your sidebar. Wouldn't it be a treat to meander along that on a lovely spring day.

    Enjoy yours......

  10. Love your new 'green' storage bag ;) I haven't tried the chocolate-covered Peeps yet - I hope them come in dark chocolate too, my fave.

  11. I have an assortment of baskets here and there for my crafting, through-out the house!
    Chocolate covered Peeps....YUM! :)


  12. Susan, yes they do come in dark chocolate. Look for the blue packaging.

  13. Well, that was a great trip to Joann's! Great idea to use the bag rather than a box. I'm a bag lady too. I need a room to keep my bags of sewing, photo gear, and books in! LOL!

    You know, I'm a clothespin lady too. I use them frequently in my kitchen to close up Costco size bags of vegetables, and bags of chips, and more. Works great!

    Enjoy a wonderful day!

  14. What an adorable bag! And I may just have to get some of those tiny clothespins for my yarn, as I have a little kitty who like to tie up my kitchen table and chairs with yarn while I'm asleep:) God bless, and have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Chocolate covered peeps..... I haven't seen those.... I NEED to find some.... sounds delicious!

    You have some very good ideas for your craft organizing. Your new bag is so cute!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. I love your new bag...just don't do any measuring with it! heehee! Any of those Peeps left? I added a link for you to hear the song on the music box! Hugs! ♥

  17. Oh this is such a fun read,typical of what city, state, and National govs. are doing to us, having us run in circles.

    I loved the salesclerk story, you are so honest, that you wouldn't take credit for something you weren't doing. love it!!
    Your creative hands have really been busy, I love to find nests and see the things in them that I had put out.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  18. Chocolate covered peeps sounds good, but then anything with chocolate is good IMO. Your green bag is nice. I have one...not as pretty as yours...that I have hanging on a hook and I stuff all those plastic bags from Wally World, etc. in it. Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. You like Peeps, too? I treated myself to a box of yellow Peeps the other day. It's become an annual tradition and it's only one box - all for me!

    I love that recycle bag. How clever is that with the tape measure handles?

  20. It is sad that your municipality can't process recycle anymore, Vee. :(

    I love the Joann's bag! I have to drive far to find a Joanns, or any craft store, around here.

    I have been very good and have not bought ant Easter candy for myself this year ..so far, anyway..lol!

  21. Oh I haven't tried the chocolate ones yet, but I will!


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