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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Up to My Elbows in Easter Bread Dough

We enjoyed such a fun time with John's family yesterday afternoon. He had invited them earlier in the week to join us for Easter Bread yesterday. They were skeptical and considered taking a raincheck until he mentioned that I only make Easter Bread once a year.

John's conversation went something like this:

Easter Bread. It's delicious. She only makes it once a year. Not pasta.  No noodles in it.

I thought it was a very funny conversation. Long story short, everyone enjoyed the bread and the frosting. John picked up this product for the frosting as a gal like me can't be too careful with the health of her husband's sisters.

Yes, I'm making another batch today, though I'm quite certain this will be the end of it until Easter season 2012.


The day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I always think of as being in the hollow, away down in the valley. So low. We aren't, of course, so low. We are sympathizing with the disciples, followers, and Mary who felt as if they had lost everything. I often say, and have said it on this blog before, we shall never know the sorrow of those people who saw Him die and believed that God had failed. Never. No matter what happens to us.

My reading this morning was Max Lucado's Cure for the Common Life. Love his work, if you've never read one of his books, treat yourself soon.
What clout do a tiny manger and a bloody cross carry in a forest of Jewish tradition and Greek philosophy? How can a backwoods movement headed by a rural carpenter gain traction in a religious world dominated by Epicureans, Stoics, and Gnostics? This is a kid on a skateboard entering the Daytona 500.
And how!

A blessed day to you...

Edited to Add for clarification's sake 4/23/11 - 4:00 pm:

*Easter Bread* at Mennonite Girls Can Cook Lovella's recipe (which I use) and Marg's recipe (more loaves and while we're at it, here's Ellen's *Easter Bread spread*).

*Easter Bread* is mentioned on my own blog 1. here and 2. here for starters. (My search won't allow me to move past page 1 and I have a page 2. That's how much we love Easter Bread around here!)