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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Orange Tulips

Oh I am late today. Must be channeling the White Rabbit. Hope I can get this finished by 10:00. I began at 9:50. Yup, it's a race. (For what it's worth, I have noticed that I can get posts published much quicker using Blogger in Draft. See former posts in the last week for more information if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

Last night we had to go fetch the rest of John's prescription. This is my latest pet peeve. The pharmacy doesn't have enough medication to fill the entire prescription and so we must return. With gas prices what they are, it is a real inconvenience. We have no home town pharmacy and must travel ten miles to get to the closest one.

It did give me the chance to pick up more tulips. This time, an in-pot one. How nicely it matches the orange tulips in my calendar. I always choose flowers to match my calendar don'tcha know. ;>

It came with one of those fussy wrappers that was so cute and Eastery, but not so good for the plant so I did this thing.  Yikes! 9:57 a.m.

So I set it in a bowl that wasn't pretty enough to display and then used a doily to pull up around it. That little pile of marshmallow bunnies? I LOVE stale marshmallows. Am I weird? Don't answer that!


I wanted to show you something I've been inspired to try seeing it done so beautifully all over Blogdom.

It's a picture of the Pink Moon. Thank you, Aunt Amelia, for sharing *the information.*

I used one of *Kim Klassen's backgrounds,* put in a little pink, and used my photograph. I kind of like it. What do you think?

Here's the original photo.

Okay, it's 10:07 a.m. I'll drop in links later... (Done! 10:14 a.m.)


  1. Funny. I'm late posting today, also.

    Gentle hugs,

  2. Oh of course you have flowers to match those on your calendar. Doesn't everyone? -giggggles- But they are lovely!

    Know what? I prefer YOUR pic of the Full Pink Moon. It is magnificent. Doesn't need any playing-around-with.

    Actually, I can't get into much of that photo-playing-around-with stuff. Never could. Guess I just like what comes out of the camera. With a bit of lightening, or sharpening, or cropping of course.

    But all those different textures added, and some colors highlighted, or all colors highlighted, etc., etc., I just don't care for them. :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  3. Repeat, magnificent moon photo!!!! Super cool and all that!!! You now rock, as a Moon Photographer!!! For sure!

    As to the pharmacy not having enough stock on hand, to fill the whole Rx... Mmmmmm, I'm not privy to their finances but, it might mean that they are strapped for cash. And only purchase a certain amount of meds... At a time. So their bill is no bigger than it absolutely has to be, at a time. Maybe.....

    Is it a chain? 'Cause even chains are being squeezed-to-death by insurance companies not paying them, in a timely manner. Even chains!

    Watch out America! You don't know how close you are to being "out of meds." :-(

    Our family corner drug store, which opened at the time of the Civil War, was forced to change. Our son had to go into partnership with another pharmacy and switch to only compounding Rx's. Which are paid for by the customers. No more insurance involved.

    It was do this, or close the door. On our family drug store, there since the Civil War.

    The insurance companies, are dictating what meds your doc can prescribe for you, and the payment for them. And not paying your provider [your Drug Store], in a timely manner.

    Big chains can limp along, longer. Small local pharmacies are mostly all closed up.



    Gentle hugs,

  4. You never cease to amaze me, Vee, I love the orange tulips and the crochet wrapping. I have no idea of what is going on with the pink moon, but will check out how and why to do this.
    Enjoy your day,

  5. I love tulips....and your project is wonderful!

  6. I've been admiring those textures all over blogland. But I have no idea how to use them, and I'm refraining from taking the time just now to find out. But they are intriguing. I'm amazed at the difference.

    And your orange tulips - pretty as can be, even though I'm not a fan of orange. The crocheted cover makes it all so pretty.

    Enjoy your stale marshmallows!

  7. ☺ I suppose that backgrounds are not everyone's cup of tea. I adore them in the same way that I adore poetry. Why write poems when everyday conversation can just as easily convey an idea? Why enjoy pomp and circumstance at a graduation or wedding when the everyday will do? Hmmmm? This "pink moon" just became a way to play with the SOCC image and a way to play up the definition of a "pink moon," which isn't really pink at all.

  8. Love the orange tulips and stale marshmallows. I'm weird right along with you!
    That crochet flower pot cozy is a great idea. I'm going to steal that idea.
    And when I have time I'll have to look into the photo/background play. That feels like an all day project.

  9. I am just crazy about tulips that look like they had brush strokes of color added along the way. Also am into buying blooming potted bulbs as I can plant the bulb in the garden next fall for another bloom...double pleasure!
    Marshmellows that are so stale they crunch are my favorite munching treat!

  10. Your tulips are so pretty, and I love the way you are displaying them with that doily. Very clever!!

    What a great pink moon!

  11. Oh how I adore tulips! The orange is so beautiful! All I have seen this spring is purple and red, so I just love these. To tie up the doily did you just run ribbon around it or was it already trimmed that way?

    I love the little textures, I just don't count myself tech savvy enough to use them. =) Could be why my blog is always so bland. LOL When it comes to tech knowledge, I stick to basics... I still carry a bulky day planner to stay organized and keep a paper address book.

    I'm glad to see a bit of spring showing for you. You have had a long winter!

    Happy Tuesday!

  12. Jen, it's a regular doily and I used my bodkin to thread some ribbon around the top. Do you know what a bodkin is? If you don't, Google and get one next time you're at the sewing center. You'll use it for so many things!

  13. Tulips, one of my favorites.
    This post is awesome.

  14. I was thinking how amazing it was that you had just the perfect little thing to put around the tulip pot and then I read that it was a doily. How cool!!

    I love the orange tulips and I have to go back and check out those links.

    I've been running for the past four days with my guest....who just headed home....and now I have to catch up on a few things.

    Have a great day.

  15. Such beautiful tulips! It's tulip time, for sure! I have never thought of wrapping a doily around a planter, but you can be sure I shall try it now! It's very pretty!

    Enjoy your (pink moon) day!


  16. Hi Vee,

    Love your orange tulips. So gorgeous. I am noticing my pharmacy doesn't always have a full 3 mo suppply for my renewals either. Annoying. Luckily I am close.

    Migraines have not let up, but a little. My back has been very bad lately and my neck and headaches are flared up. I am hoping once it settles down, the coffee thing will help...

    xo Terri

  17. Vee you amaze me more each day. I love tulips in any color and of course they match your calendar. I love to work with the photo enhancements but not able to follow this one. She mentioned Mac and I have a PC. Some times I do art with fabric and different textured paper. Gonna try it again sometime. I like your pink moon and understand the fun aspect of playing with different techniques.

  18. Pretty tulips and I love how you used the doily.
    Your pink moon turned out super - I like it!!

  19. I'm loving the pink moon and stale marshmallows cause they're not so spongy!

    I've had the same thing happen on prescriptions. I'm considering ordering my regular prescription from Canada--much cheaper--just not sure about the postage! The medication costs me $60.00 copay with insurance--in Canada that will buy a 3 month supply!

  20. We seem to have a surplus of pharmacies around here. They seem to be competing for our business. As long as you had to make an extra trip, I'm glad you picked up that lovely tulip. It really does match your calender nicely and you have added the crowning touch with that doily.
    I know nothing about the pink moon except that it sure is pretty.

  21. Vee,
    I just love those orange tulips! So very pretty and I like your idea of the doily on the bottom...very clever. MMMMMM...marshmallow bunnies - I must find some ;o)

  22. Stale marshmallows. Stale peeps. Isn't that the best way to eat them!
    The tulips are great!

  23. Must be white rabbit day for a few of us. You finished the blog close enough. Not sure about that pharmacy. I would negotiate the cost of the medication against the cost of gas and maybe split the difference. Perhaps have them contact you when the FULL prescription is ready (if John can wait)? Love the crafty stuff you do, such a flair you have, everything is perfect!

  24. Lovely tulips...wonderful color. I like how you used a doily to cover the pot.

  25. You are so clever! That artistic vision you have shows in all you do...the doily...the pink moon...

    Your blog is always so much fun to visit.

  26. Well ..look how late I am getting here. ..oh but that little doily cover is perfect. You do the cutest things Vee.

  27. What a great idea! I LOVE what you did with those Tulips. I really, really want to buy some Tulips too. I love them. They might be my favorite Spring Time Flower

    The pink moon is gorgeous. :)


  28. Beautiful tulips and your crochet cover is a wonderful idea! We get our prescriptions by mail ..very convenient and I like auto refills.

  29. Beautiful tulips... love that color. And the pretty crocheted pot wrapper.... cute!

  30. The tulips are beautiful, I haven't seen any in our part of the country.... yet.

    The crochet doily cover for the plant is such a novel idea..... hope you don't mind me snatching your idea... I love it!

  31. Vee,
    I love what you crocheted for your beautiful tulips. Your moon texture is wonderful. I love playing with her textures. Your Tulips make me want to sit down and paint, and I love reading your words.


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