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Monday, April 18, 2011

Helmet Day

And here's the mosaic that didn't make Mosaic Monday. Saturday was helmet day when the grands, thanks to their generous auntie, were gifted with brand new bike helmets. We traveled for about an hour to my daughter's favorite bike shop and the boys selected their own. What a treat! Then they requested Pizza Hut for lunch. Speaking of helmet...wouldja look at my hair? Ai yi yi. I think that I'd better get myself to the hairdresser pronto. Both boys have new bikes, but the baby grand just loves his Thomas the Train bike still and can't give it up to move on. So cute!

It was freezing Saturday, I'm very glad that the weather turned warmer again just in time for some rousing games of marbles with the grands yesterday afternoon. I wish that the camera had been out, but I was too busy playing and so was John. We got delightfully muddy and the boys were very pleased with their marble bags and marbles. Baby Grand is not too interested in the game, but terribly interested in the accoutrements. Older Grand is not only interested in the game, he's very good at the game winning twice. We did not play for keeps; we played for fun. And fun is what we had.

I just realized that I have passed a milestone here in Blogdom that should be recognized. Yesterday's post made my 1,000th. Let me think of a way to celebrate and I'll get back to you soon. I'd like to make it special.

So how was your weekend?


  1. Well how fun is that! What a cute crew. The aunt was very nice to provide helmuts for those little guys. You lucky gal! I'm still hoping for grands.

  2. Looks like a good time was had by all! Congrats on hitting 1000, too.

  3. What a sweet aunt and great idea to let the boys choose their own helmets.
    They're so cute!!! Sure looks like a lot of fun!!!! Your hair looks good....and you probably need more hair on your head with your cool weather.

    This was a work in the yard weekend.....all we need is some rain.
    Have a good week!

  4. Making fun filled memories is what it's all about, Vee, I love to play marbles and haven't played for several years, also with grandkids, I might add, I lost. lol I always look at the expressions on the faces of people when photographed, and your photos say " I am having so much fun."
    As always such a pleasure to visit.

  5. Sue, I think my expression says that I am soooo tired and my hair looks funny. Ha!

  6. What a fun weekend you had! The kids are adorable and I didn't recognize that photo of you....thought it was your daughter at first glance. I'm glad you referenced it.

    Congrats on your 1000th post.
    We had a very full and interesting weekend. My friend Shelley will be with us until tomorrow afternoon so today will be one of shopping and then a meeting later this evening.

  7. Another post! :-))))))) And what a fun mosaic, it is. Complete with a peek at you!

    Amazing! You are *famous* in "Pretty Blog Land," for not giving your Lovin' Dear Readers, hardly any, any, any peeks at you. Did ya' know that? -giggles-

    Oh just be happy you have great slightly curly hair like that! And yes, have it trimmed some. To make even more use of the ease of having such lovely hair! [Can you tell, I am *in lust* of your hair????? -sigh- ]

    Marbles! Playing marbles! Collecting marbles! Oh great memories. 'Course, my lack of sports skills even spread to playing marbles but... I can almost smell/feel the mud, making a good "hole" to use for a game, etc. NICE old memory!!

    Gentle hugs,

  8. your grandies look about the same age as mine! Such a wonderful age full of exciting new things.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, it was wonderful to hear from you.

  9. vee, the grands' faces show just how much fun they were having!! love it! pizza? nothing better than that!

    my weekend - scratch that - my last few weeks have been busy with setting up a new space in an antique store...hence my abscence in the land o' blog.

    sending you a hug and congrats on 1000 posts. a job well done!


  10. I loved seeing your happy grands and YOU, Vee! I think we have the same type of hair!

    I am so jet lagged it isn't funny, but enjoying my special time very much :)

  11. Sounds like a fun day playing marbles.
    I had a great weekend, thanks for asking, in spite of lots of rain and wind on Sat. Sun and wind on Sunday.

  12. Great helmuts...all of them (yours too!). Pizza Hut...and marbles. What more could they want? I didn't know anyone still played marbles. What fun we had playing marbles every spring when I was a kid.

  13. You and the grands look like you're having a wonderful time. And Pizza Hut...even us big kids love PH. Congrats on the 1000 posts. I'll be 85 before I ever reach that many. :D Have a great day!

  14. Our weekend involved a little gardening (cold), two walks on the beach (cold), some sewing (warm), and
    relaxation (warm).

    Helmets - very, very good things! The grands look thrilled to be riding around. And how fun to catch a glimpse of elusive Vee!

  15. Hi Vee,
    What a fun day you all had...and you even had my favorite "pizza".
    Really you just posted your 1,000 post..Oh my goodness how in the world did you do it. I can barely get one maybe two out a week (you amaze me)
    Gary and I had a wonderful BQ at my Brothers home on Sat and visited with family. Then on Sunday we worked in the yard..until I had a coughing spell from this icky allergy I have.
    Have a sweet day and big hugs for you,Elizabeth

  16. Hi Vee - just checkin' in on ya! Looks like a fun time with all the helmets and marbles. Sometimes I think I need a helmet to keep from losing all my marbles! Your little grandsons are so cute and growing so fast. Where does the time go???

    1,000 posts - w.o.w. My, my, my...

    Oh by the way, I love your Easter mosaic, too! Have a wonderful week, my friend!

  17. Vee, would you believe I corrected that mistake on my blog TWICE and it didn't save? I think it has changed now. :)

  18. Brenda, yes I do believe it. By the way, have you taken my survey? ;>

  19. Happy Birthday, you're a thousand posts old!!

  20. Happy Birthday, you're a thousand posts old!!

  21. Vee,

    Wow! 1000 posts - I'm impressed. I like to see the helmets on the little ones and on adults too.

    Our weekend was wonderful and thank you for asking!

    I loved your Easter decor too. I am just going to spend the rest of the afternoon visiting now that I have most of the fires put out!


  22. Happy 1.000!!! Celebrate with a new hair-do...you deserve it. No, seriously, my hair is a mess and I don't know what to do about it either????

    Those kids are darling. Good Auntie.

    Love across the miles,


  23. About the April Full Pink Moon date........ I'm confused too! I found sites which show 2 different dates. April 17th, which you thought was the Full Moon. And April 18th, which I thought was.



  24. Sounds like a fun day for all of you. I love grandparents who get right down on the floor and play with the kids.
    I think your hair looks fine. In fact, I wasn't sure if that was you or the daughter who appears on your sidebar. Seriously!!
    Congratulations on reaching 1000 posts. That is cause for a celebration.
    As for my weekend, I crawled out of my comfort zone and had an impromptu dinner party. By the way, I took your suggestions and made lasagna, salad, garlic bread & added a fresh strawberry pie. Didn't take a single picture though, so it won' be appearing on my blog.

  25. How precious...and I can relate, we recently went through safety day and helmets were in the discussion...now to learn to ride without training wheels...my 50 year old back is giving out! LOL

    Congratulations on your 1000's post!! That is why you are such a well of knowledge on this blogging thing.

  26. Talk about times changing....when I grew up there were no helmets. It is so much safer now! Of course, I don't ever remember hitting my head when I fell off the bike. It was usually my face, knee or elbow...lol

    Happy 1000 post!! That is a milestone.

  27. Looks like the grands loved the helmuts, another hit! Congrats on your 1,000th, certainly need a celebration, whatever it maybe. My weekend was busy and good, went by too quickly as usual.

  28. 1,000 posts? Are you serious?? Congratulations! And love the shots of your adorable grands in their safety gear.
    I think your hair looks wistful... How do you like that?

    Blessings, Debbie

  29. Those grands look so cute! I bet they burned up some energy riding those bikes!

    And 1000 posts?! Congratulations!!! I just hit 500 this past weekend and will host a special giveaway as soon as we get back from our vacation and get settled in.

  30. Congratulations on your 1,000 post, Vee. You are a dedicated blogger --- and interesting too! I always enjoy it here. It looks like the grandies had a great time getting new helmets. I love activities that celebrate safety in such a fun way.

  31. what a fun day you had with the grands! i love
    the helmets and think your hair looks very

    congratulations on your 1000th post. amazing.

  32. Hi Vee,
    I think you look very young to have all those grand babies! They are the cutest. I started having children late in life, so my daughters are only 20 and 22. So here I be at 62 and a long way off from grandchildren.

    1,000 posts OMG. Let's have cake.


  33. Debbie, I think that "wistful" is a lovely, euphemistic way to describe the hair. Thank you. ☺

  34. The helmets are all just wonderful. .so sweet seeing the little fellows and your smile too.
    My brother had a wonderful assortment of marbles. .and I haven't thought about them for years.
    Congratulations on the amazing milestone.

  35. If only my hair looked that good most days. Yours looks great - really.

    Making memories with your grandchildren will live on and on. These special moments with yours are something they will one day re-create with their grandchildren. I love the way you still call him Baby Grand.


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