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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cozy April Morning

John usually rises before I do. He makes his side of the bed sort of, shuts off the nightlight, and heads down the stairs. When I hear the coffee pot perking along, I get up, too. Molly is usually waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, scampering all about. Nothing is quite as good for a gal's spirits as being greeted by a hyper poodle who has to go.

It is a rainy/hail-y morning so I settled into my cozy chair; John brought me my one cup of coffee for the day, and I crocheted, sipped, and listened to John read me snatches from the paper.

Seems our corner has a few unusuals in it. Last night, a man doused himself with gasoline and called his girlfriend to tell her what he'd done. She in turn called the police. They finally found him sitting in his car. When he saw the police, he took off running into the woods. The police briefly considered calling in the scout dogs, but reconsidered once they realized that it would be pretty easy to follow the scent themselves.

In other news, a man beaned his wife over the head twice with a rock and tossed her down an embankment. He lost his footing and fell down after her. Smart girl came to and wasted no time running to the police without wasting time helping him. Three hours later, the police found him in the woods and asked about the rock. Seems he collects rocks and had some in his backpack. Oops. No rocks in the backpack. Must've used them all already.

This case is really interesting because the husband is having an affair with an old girlfriend and his wife just inherited four million dollars. Hmmm...


Green Depression Glass...smooth segue, what? I thought about using my juicer to corral the ball of yarn. I think it would work if the ball were much smaller.

Thus ends my contribution to Blogdom. Perhaps I'll be more inspired tomorrow. ☺

Say, what's the crazy news from your corner?


  1. Vee, you awoke to the same weather we had yesterday.AND a dog who has to GO. He sure is excited when I get up.:D Lots of happenings where you are; our little town was just jolted by a prostitution sting! A couple of local 'big company' executives sure wish they'd been doing something else. You can tell by the looks on their faces which were published in the paper. Our police chief said, "We know this sort of stuff goes on, but we don't want it going on here in ______." You don't need a smaller ball of yarn, you need a larger glass bowl. :D

  2. Oh my! Things are a bit violent in your neck of the woods. Thankfully not at your place, though. I think John was the find of the century. You were smart to marry him.

    The news here seems to involve the complete devastation of a business....thanks to fire. The business dealt in wood so I think that explains the complete loss.

  3. Wow! I don't think I can top that! Except to say, my hubby gets up first and makes the coffee, too! We are blessed, aren't we? Enjoy your day! It is sunny here and will be 92 today. What month is this? heehee! ♥

  4. The only big news in our part of the country is the wind. The hurricane like winds remind me of growing up in the plains of Oklahoma. Yet here in the N.E. part of the state we are experincing "why bother to comb your hair" days. We are also in a drought and when you add the wind you end up with grass fires galore which is big news around here.

  5. Our little corner of the south is bursting with preparations for the National Cornbread Festival. Yep, it's real. I live only 5 miles from Lodge manufacturing, and the event is sponsored by them. It's our area's only claim to fame. But I look at the bright side of things, at least I know who made my skillets and where they came from. Mr. Lodge's mother-in-law goes to church with us and keeps me stocked. LOL

  6. What a strange world it is we live in, I hope the weather improves for you soon. Nothing crazy to report from our corner, that I know of :)

  7. Different here. I always have gotten up first. I always have needed time alone, to start my day.

    I make the decaf for me, and put together the coffee for him, in the coffee pot. He says no one can make coffee, like I do. Ahemmmm, yes I know, I know. What a line!!!!! ,-)

    Wowsers! You do have some interesting stuff going on around your neck of the woods. Please keep us updated on more happenings, with the rock-throwing-affair-having-husband-married-to-an-heiress! You got us interested! Now, we want to know updates!!!

    This stuff is better than the Gossip Rags in the supermarket! And better than soap operas. It's real! And local! Wheeeeeeee...


  8. We had tornado sirens go off after dark last night. Lots of flooding and wind damage but we were safe. Christopher got caught in town driving when the sirens went off, he was close to the parking garage where he planned to park... ducked in there just fine.

    I was watching the morning news from the state capital this morning. I told my hubby that I remember when you hardly ever heard of crime there but now there is a murder or attempted murder every day!

  9. Woke up to 24 degrees this morning, BUT SUNNY, in our neck of the woods. Snows melting, finally.

    Hubby and I take turns making the coffee every morning, served in bed. The news gets turned on, and I get on-line. Funny how we all have our own routines...

    No crime here, maybe an occasional dog barking or someone speeding on hwy 1, LOL, such a different world here, than what we've been use to in Cali. LOVE the change!!!

    Have a great day!!!

  10. Things are pretty quiet here on the Island compared to life round your way. Gray skies. Still waiting for warmer weather.

    Oh, I mixed up some hot cross buns and they are rising while I study.

    That's about it from here.

  11. Me and Ken get up at the same time. He goes to work and I go off on my walk. : )
    I smiled at your yarn in the green depression glass. Great idea. : )

  12. I found your blog through another blogger ~ cannot for the life of me remember who! Just wanted to tell you I updated the Editor feature of Blogger ... problems seem to have disappeared. Have a great day.

  13. LOL! Love this post, Vee. Sounds like the perfect start to an interesting day!!!

  14. Mr Comforts gets up first and makes the coffee here too.

    Ok, our neck of the woods news...evidence (drugs, money etc) has turned up missing from the Asheville Police department evidnece room. The officer in charged was put on paid leave. The chief of police just "retired" and an investigation is continuing. It seems they are going to have to release drug dealers and a rapist, because without evidence there is no trial.

  15. What a beautiful start to your day. Sounds cozy and domestic, just the kind of days I like, too. Your news is a bit more exciting in your town than mine. The only news here is talk of the weather. I think they're calling for rain from now through next Tuesday.

  16. News here in NE Oklahoma is bad and sad. Bad is we haven't seen rain in forever, and with winds, grass fires are out of control, and then sad, is yesterday an autistic 4 year old child, was found in duck pond expired. So so sad. Looking for better news today. And husband gets up way before me, he even leaves before I get up :o)

  17. We are having that kind of weather too which, I'm not really minding as I had tons of housework to catch up on today. I wouldn't have wanted to stay inside had it been warm and sunny!

    Well, I haven't got the paper yet so, I can't tell you any "crazy news" from my corner. I'm sure that there is some though.

    Look at you and your yarn. How smart are you??


  18. Molly looks adorable as she's snoozing on the arm of the chair.

    Would you read the paper to us every morning? I like your version of it much better than reading it myself! John selects the bests ones to share with you.

  19. When I pulled up the national radar, I saw that you were having precipatation, wasn't sure if it was rain or snow. Spring will be along your way soon. Love the depression glass, I have some tucked away somewhere too.

    News? It's never good. It's Spring Break for all schools this week down this way. There was a car crash at 12:30am with five teenagers involved from ages 15 - 18. A 15 year old female died. The remaining four teenagers were airlifted to the closest hospital. They have not yet said if alcohol was involved, they did say speeding was. It was a very hilly, two way traffic road in a rural area (farm area). The car containing the teenagers was the only car involved. They've determined the driver lost control and hit a tree, no one in the car was wearing seatbelts.

  20. John sounds like a very kind and considerate husband, Vee!

    We get a free local ads newspaper every week that I call the "gossip rag" as it has the police blotter in it and lists all the local calls the police have made. Some strange doings and somen scary ones!

    I went to Sesame Street Live show and a trip to the Easter Bunny at the mall is on the agenda for tonight :)

  21. For a moment I thought John was reading to you from our local newspaper. We are all certainly living in crazy times,.
    Like you I am blessed to be served my first cup of coffee by dh.
    Hope your weather will soon break for good.
    Pretty green depression juicer,, cute idea.

  22. Hmmm, crazy news in my corner, a guy decided to rob a local sandwich shop while one his lunch break, he concealed his face with a ski mask but was pretty easy to identify as he was wearing his McDonald's employee uniform with name tag attached! How is that for crazy?

    Stay cozy!

  23. Oh Vee, I just love you ~ I love your posts, your dry sense of humor and just YOU!!!! Thank you always for sharing your life, happenings and celebrations. Isn't it wonderful that we enjoy seeing how each other's day went? Your local news is crazy but hey, whose isn't??? Here in Atlanta we have such awful things going on each and every day!!!
    I'm so in love with your depression glass yarn dispenser!!!! What a cool idea girl!!!! Sending you hugs and love, Dawn

  24. Well, here in Arkansas this week a woman escaped her home where she had been tied to a chair for 4 or 5 days by her husband who poured boiling water over her head and feet and threatened to kill their 9 yr. old son --she escaped when he took the child to school.
    A man in the southern part of the state ran over his two daughters (an 18 mo. old and 4 yr. old), killing them both and injured his ex-girlfriend. He was stopped during this terrible rampage by the ex-s dad who shot him in the knee. Too bad he didn't aim better I say!!!
    Seems like evil is amping up, doesn't it?
    On the bright side, we are looking forward to the joy of Easter that gives us such hope and promise!

    I'm coveting that green depression glass--wish we lived closer so you could teach me to knit!

  25. It was 94 degrees here today and very humid... and still no rain.

    Your news was crazy enough for all of us..... but I do LOVE your juicer depression glass.... and what a good way to use it.

  26. We the most aggravating and unsettling thing around here right now is the weather. Really bad storm last night, trees down. No electric off thank goodness but most folks did not sleep well. I went to local new art gallery for first time today. It is so beautiful there. I got invited to join the group. Don't think so. No more societies or club for me. I like my own time too much. HH does our coffee the night before and it is set to come on at 7;30. I love to hear it perking and the smell will get me up anytime. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  27. That chair looks mighty comfy and inviting! I would have stayed in it all day!

  28. Hi Vee!

    What a fun post! I love hearing how others start their morning . . . and what the interesting news is on the other side of the country . . . I love blogging!

    My husband gets up at 4:30 a.m. He goes to work very early. I stay in bed and don't get up until about 7:30. I can't wait until he gets to stay home and make my favorite cuppa for me . . . we're counting down the days!

    The interesting news in my neck of woods . . . unusual break-in's, pot holes, and bad landscapers trimming trees for the electric company - ruining peoples trees, maybe mine!!

    Love your crochet, and your comfy chair!


  29. I think you heard the news form our corner.

    I like the idea of sipping coffee...crocheting in a comfy chair...while having the morning paper read aloud. That sounds like a good way to start the day.

  30. Well now that is a case for Murder She Wrote, or almost murder! I love what you wrote about the coffee going on, and your poodle happy to see you scurrying around. I could almost hear the ticking of a clock in the background against the silence of the morning. Such a lovely setting, you crocheting and John reading to you. You two are so blessed.

  31. Loved the reasoning of the husband with the rocks - what do people think?

    The juicer looks soo cute - great idea!


  32. If you omit the part about John sort of making his side of the bed and substitute blogging for crocheting, you would have described a typical morning in our house. I often think it's routine and boring, but compared to what's going on in some households (evidenced by your local news), I'll settle for the mundane. I'm glad to know my husband isn't the only one that reads the paper to me. This morning we shook things up a bit and I read sports headlines to him from the internet. We took a break from the crime and checked in on our beloved Red Wings winning their game last night. Go Wings!!
    Love your pretty pink header, Vee.

  33. Isn't it lovely to have a husband who starts the coffee and to be greeted by your pets? When we open the garage door in the morning it is like a stampede of cats. Seems like more than four!

  34. OH ..loved the last shot! So Clever.

  35. Your mornings sound wonderful. Your chair is most inviting. And the little green creamer has a new purpose...life is good.

  36. That's a great idea! I bought my daughter a yarn pottery bowl on etsy for Christmas this year. It has a slot cutout in the side to hold the yarn.


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