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Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day!

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Left to Right; Top to Bottom

When life gives you a lemon (photos 1–3), set the table, make breakfast, nibble on your bacon, grin at the cook, share the bounty by feeding the less fortunate, relax, finish your breakfast, and send appropriate greetings.

Just thought I'd share our first meal at the new table. It washed up like a dream.

Happy April Fool's Day! How many got the same "joke" that we did?

Edited to Add: I think I learned something new this morning. If I use the largest picture option, I can't click on it to enlarge the photo; if I use a smaller size option, I can.
This mosaic will enlarge


  1. LOVE the photos! And doesn't that table look beautiful? I am so glad it cleaned up well too!
    We are supposed to have 20C weather today. We do not. I zapped inside faster than you can imagine when I ventured out. For hot coffee and a blanket. No snow, but freezing wind. So Happy April Fool's Day to you both too!

  2. The table is beautiful and the view outside is, too. Everything looks so cozy and it looks as if you've chosen "Friendly Village" dishes to set the table for the first time. I love the way you've captured the comforts of home.

  3. So of course I had to click...just to see if it was a trick! Why did I not think about April Fool's theme for my post today? It totally slipped my mind.

    It looks like you are all safe and cozy in the haven...while the 'spring blizzard' brews outside. Enjoy the lovely new tabletop!

  4. Vee,

    I want to come an live at your house. Everything about it says cozy, filled with love, and overflowing with blessings. You really know how to make a house a home. I always feel like I have come home when I visit here. Your hospitality is genuine and gracious. I love the cozy comfort feel I have during my visits. Thank you for a soft place to land! Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. No snow here, but an overcast and dreary looking day. Calling for thunderstorms over the weekend. Why is it always on the weekends? Your house looks so cozy and inviting. The table looks lovely and the food looks yummy. Happy April!

  6. I didn't even think about April Fool's Day until I started reading blogs. Rats. I could have packed a cardboard sandwich in my husband's lunch!
    Snow - now that's a trick! Will it be gone by tomorrow, do you think?

    No, probably not. It looks like you are making the best of it, staying cozy indoors and eating BACON - one of my weaknesses!

  7. Did you get fooled by the calendar? Snow in April? That is not nice. Blogger played a joke on me this morning and removed my comments .. .Judy told on Blogger though . ..so it's all good.

  8. You make snow in April look like a good thing. This mosaic screams warm & cozy and it's making me hungry too. I can almost smell the bacon.
    Looks like a wonderful way to christen the new table.

  9. So........ Why not put just the largest size IN your post, ALL the time?

    As long as you make your own photo, to not exceed 640, it will fit on most any screen, yes?

    I make all my pics to be no larger than 640 now.

    But I use the New Editor Blogger thing, to make the pic SHOW UP in my post, as large as I like it.

    And personally, I like to show big enough pics, so that no one has to click-on-them, to see them better. This is MY personal choice, for when I'm reading blogs. So, I go with that. :-)

    Same as, I do not usually answer a question asked [in my comments] of me. I go to the one-who-asked's blog and answer her question, in her OWN blog comments.

    Because I don't return to a blog's comments, which I have already read. Nor do I return to those comments, if I have asked a question there. I hope the person will come to my blog, and answer my question, in MY comments. :-)

    Lots of individual choice. I used to fret about it. Now I don't. I just do things, "my way." And worry less. :-)

    I posted the April Fool's Day "joke" in my neck of the woods. I hope you are getting the same.


  10. Mmmm, I got the "same" Joke as you did, snow. But NOT the big storm which was forecast. And it's already turned to rain, and any accumulation is gone.

    That's why I wished you got the same Joke, as I did. :-)

  11. We had a freeze and snow warnings last night here in NC! But we didn't get either, thank goodness. Today the sun is shining, though it is still in the 40's.

    Your table looks wonderful Vee. Love the mosaic.

  12. The snow must makes your home and lovely table all the more cozy. : )

  13. Blogger just played a April Fool joke on me and "ate" my previous comment to you ....grrr

    I see thta Mother nature played a joke on New England with all that snow today! We had lost of rain.

    The view from your window is so pretty, and your table looks so inviting!

  14. I absolutely love the whole collage thing. A sunny, lovely morning with appropriate instructions. But I won't be showing my family this one. french toast, AND bacon and eggs?

  15. Mother Nature was is a joking mood but not funny! Glad you made the the most of it and had a great breakfast.

    Happy April!

  16. I heard the snowstorm that hit your area has been referred to as the April Fools Storm. I doubt anyone there is laughing about it. It sure has been a long winter there. Your banner pictures blend so perfectly to tell a story. Your bay window view is so beautiful.

  17. The mosaic is so peaceful Vee, I enjoyed each photo. We were by passed on the April Fool's joke, sorry you got it. But the scenery is so serene. Your home is so cozy and inviting. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Snow on April fool's day?! But it looks like fun inside! Glad you are enjoying the "new" table!

  19. I still see white outside your windows. We have had some warmer weather so the snow is melting but not fast enough here. We have huge puddles on the driveway and the grass is starting to emerge in circular shapes around the buildings. I love your mosaic - a cozy breakfast on a chilly spring day. I'm crossing my fingers that it warms up for you soon!

  20. Everything is so very beautiful!!!!! Have a great week-end...m

  21. Aaaah the sense of humor of old Mother Nature. We got four inches of white stuff. But it was quite warm as I looked out at the Winter wonderland. As I brushed the snow off my car I noticed it was great Snowman making snow.

    Your table is beautiful, and I am loving that banner valance I see. I am heading up North on Monday, hoping for nice weather. It will be pretty though seeing snow on the mountain tops along the drive.

    Have a beautiful week Vee.


  22. More snow! Oh dear! Wishing you bright, sunny, APRIL days soon!

    Your mosaic is beautiful and I love your table! It matches mine, except my tabletop, which needs redone, hasn't been. It surely reflects the marks of many family meals.

    Hoping you get sunshine and melting tomorrow.

  23. Lovely pictures. Even if it is lotsa snow.
    The table looks great!


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