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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Crochet Skills AND a Question

What Went Wrong

So I've been growing in crochet skills by such leaps and bounds that I decided to whip up Alicia's Tiramisu Blanket with my leftover yarn from the little wreath.  I love her blog Posie Gets Cozy. I visit nearly every single day; I never say a peep; I'm that much in awe of what she does.  I just tried the button on her sidebar for the free directions and it isn't working (maybe it isn't working; it doesn't seem to be working; I dare not make any big pronouncements about blogging issues anymore).  I went the circuitous route and Googled finding it *here.*

It soon became evident that something was going terribly awry. Awry.Terribly. I had paid no attention to yarn weight and hook size; nevertheless, I didn't want to start all over. I'm so immature that way. I have very few bad memories of my mother, but one is that she always, without fail, made me start over a project gone wrong. I'd clutch the whatever to my chest yelling, "Nooooooo" and she'd wrest it from me and take it back to the last good stitch. My thinking was so what if I'm wearing a crocheted vest that is a size 22 on the top and a size 6 on the bottom. What's your point? Hers was no daughter of mine is going to create such an inferior piece of work.

Anyway, the short of it is that I decided to finish up at the end of the row, practice the edging, and make someone else suffer with the results.

Don't let those pitiful looks make you think that she doesn't love it. ☺



For some time now, I've been wanting to write a private journal for my family. It would involve family matters and things only a family would be interested in.


I don't want to have that blog be attached on either end to my current profile. How do I get around that? Must I create an entirely new identity? New email?

Thank you for any advice you can give.

A happy Tuesday to you all...


  1. Oh Vee that is darling. I think she loves it. As far as your question. If I were doing it I would start a new blog. Do not put a profile on it. Make it an complete new identity and close the comment section. Do not put up a followers section. Do you have family you want to read and comment on it? if so limit the persons who can comment. Now someone else may tell you different. If I was going to do that, this is the way I would do it. Even if someone reads it, they will not know who it is.
    Good luck.

  2. Well, I think she looks gorgeous! A queen among dogs!

    I would start a new blog with new everything and make it private. I suppose you can start another one with your existing profile and make it private too, so only family can be invited to read it, but I am not sure. The easier route for me would be all new. Because then it wouldn't be listed under your "other" blogs. And i agree, not follower thingys etc. The only way to keep it for just family is to make it private though, as far as I know.

    Good grief, I am rabitting on in circles here. Have I told you how much I love your comments, by thte way? You do make me grin, my friend!

  3. I love that collar.....serindipity.

    I think you have to have a new email to do what you want to do Vee....not sure though.

  4. Peggy is right, start a private blog ... Molly is quite the model & looks stunning in her new attire. Good job ..Mother would have done the same to us girls ... ugh!

    TTFN ~

    NEW GIVEAWAY on 4/6

  5. It's beautiful on Molly! I, like you, don't want to start over when I make a mistake. I'm working on a hexagon afghan and have gotten quite a way when I realized while adding the next row of hexagons that one of them in the previous row had too many sides. I made it work and no one notices. Ha!

  6. Molly looks precious!!!

    A separate blog? Yes, you have to 'start from scratch' so to speak. I've done it.

    It can be 'a pain,' to have to switch back and forth, though. If you aren't VERY careful, you will THINK you are posting "here-as-Vee," and you will be "posting-there-as-Mom", for instance. :-(((((((

    I am not good at it! I admit it. But that doesn't mean, you can't do it. :-)

    Good luck. Try. What have you got to lose? :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  7. I think you can make another Blogger blog completely private but you could also make your second blog on something like Typepad or Xanga.

    I learned when making small quilts about having to follow the directions. For instance, there is a reason cotton fabric works better than polyester! :)

  8. Love the collar on Molly, now aren't you glad that your mother made you start over. lol
    I am in the process of starting a daily journal, and I started from scratch, though mine is not private, I haven't made my mind up about that yet. I say go for it, as you will be giving your family a wonderful gift.
    Enjoy your day.

  9. Molly looks adorable in the beautiful new collar you stitched. Lovely!

    I was quite relating to your experience of learning how to crochet from your mom. It brought back memories for me as well.

    And --- if you find out the answer to your question about starting a new blog without being attached to your profile, let me know. The only thing I have come up with in my blogging years is to make it a private, by invitation blog only.

    Happy day to you!

  10. PS: You can create a new blog using the same account you have now and adjust the settings so that it doesn't show up on your listing of blogs. It would not be easy for readers to "find" that way. There's a setting on blogger to do this. Then, simply make your blog private and send out invites to family.

  11. I also hate taking things apart and my mother sounds just like yours! Adapting what you've done to another purpose is a graceful way to end a project.
    I think Posy Gets Cozy might be the first blog I read, and like you, I read faithfully and never comment. Everyone else seems to say what needs to be said.

    I won't comment on the new blog thing because I think you've got your answers already.

  12. The new private blog which is unseen at all is easy peasy. In your edit profile ..simply unclick the blog you do not want to be visible on your profile. I am not sure if that is what you mean but from what I can tell you want it completely invisible. . .for only family to read. You would give them permissions in the permission slot.

    Love the collar. ..I see no mistake. My mom was the very same. .she'd start unravelling. .and I'd be groaning.

  13. You really inspire me to pick back up the needles...your dog looks precious in her new necklace.

  14. Molly looks adorable! It looks as if the "collar" was made especially for her. If you tell her how pretty she is, she'll love it. They seem to understand. She's such a beautiful little girl.

    My blog is private, by invitation only. It's only about us and our lives in the north where even our family won't come to visit. I often think that it's too much about us, but it's the only life I have and the best way to share with them.

    I wish I knew how to answer the questions you have about starting a new blog, but it seems that I go to you with all of my questions. I wish you lots of fun with the new blog and hope your family enjoys it as much as you will enjoy sharing this journal with them.

  15. Molly looks adorable in her new collar. I never got past crocheting a single chain and quit. Yep, I'm a quitter when I get frustrated trying to figure out what to do next or when I make a mistake. I'm not sure about the blogging issue. I'd probably start all new with a different email. Good luck!

  16. Molly looks so sweet in her new collar. I think all that tearing out and starting over is what kept me away from sewing and knitting. I guess I lack the required patience.

  17. Molly is so cute and looks so dressed up and ready to go to town in her new crochet collar! There are no mistakes ..just happy learning experiences :)

    I want to make a blog for my grandsons to view as they get older and make it full of fun things for them to see plus family news. If you find out how to do it on blogger, and not have it show up on your profile, can you let me know? Thanks!

  18. Oh Vee, Molly's little collar is adorable. She is so cute. I think you could turn that little mistake into a very sell-able item. People would buy that! Honestly, think about it!
    As far as the private blog, I know it can be done, I just never researched how. It's a great idea for family, though. Once you figure it out, write a post and teach us all.

  19. I think your question has been answered about the blog so I'll just say Adorable Collar on Molly :)

  20. You could always just start a new blog but just mark it private. Each blog you have, can be set differently. The private one can just be for people you invite to it. It's all in the settings.

  21. Oh my she is quite the stunning lady. I must say I took offense:) at your referring to the inability to start a project over as immature! Immature? Why, I always thought of myself as a creative problem solver... you said immature. You obviously know what I am talking about as your problem was solved quite creatively, in fact you could probably sell your original pattern. Now it's not just 'creative' problem solving, it's 'profitable' problem solving! Immature. (pout)!
    Blessings, Debbie (smile)

  22. I'm thinking Molly looks more than pleased to be modeling your recent crochet project. Love it! I printed off the Tiramisu Blanket Pattern. Who knows...it might come in handy one day.

  23. Glad you have some answers to your question..... I sure wouldn't know.

    Molly looks adorable with her beautiful collar around her neck....she looks very regal.

    Love your Easter decorations.... I missed that one on Sunday and Monday.

  24. I am SOOOO loving that collar! It's perfect in every way..and the model? Oh la la!

    I really really like that.I mean it. You could sell those..and I feel just the same way you do about ripping out and starting over..blech!

    Anyway..I am no blogging expert..however..I did start a second blog for me to write to my brother..and I've kept it private. No one knows. No one but me sees it.

    I just names it defferently (obviously) and it's still there..
    Good luck!

  25. I adore that fabulous dog collar! Gracious, it's so fancy! The colors go perfect for her too, LOL!

    I don't think you can start a private blog and not have it show on your current profile. So I recommend that you start another profile. If you have to get another e-mail address, that would be OK. Just a little more work to check notices.

  26. Awwww....Molly is so beautiful in her sweet necklace/collar. I just know she wanted that all along.
    Thanks for the smile.

    Wish I knew the answers to your question about a private blog...it kills me to be in the dark about anything...lol.

  27. OOOh, Molly is so cute in her new, precious collar. You are really good at crocheting.
    My mother did the same thing with me. She could sew like no bodies business and wanted me to be good, too. I just wasn't...she had so much talent..cooking, painting, sewing,..anything she wanted to do, she did it and did it well. Bless her heart, she would start to teach me something and I was so awful at it, she would take over. Sooo, I never learned to sew, crochet, cook well, never, ever tried painting. AND..I can't sing but, look out, cause I sure can dance. :)))
    As for answering your question..I have not a CLUE.

  28. Molly is darling...good job on the collar!

  29. Oh that is so adorable puppy dog and all! Glad you figured out the private blog thing. Fun to do...if your family participates...Chris and I try but the kids tend to ignore us...little stinkers :)


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