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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fake Out

Sometimes my family gives me a hard time. They wonder how I can possibly be blogging when I have nothing to share. Really. They don't get it. Everything at the Haven looks pretty ordinary to them and so they have told me that I'm great at faking people out.

This would be a good example.

My Frilly Daffodil

It's the only thing, besides grape hyacinths, blooming in my garden. Looks rather impressive, eh?

Nah, there it is in its humble setting. Nothing to stand up and cheer about.

And there are my fading orange tulips. I'm sharing them again because, even though they are fading, they've reached that level of luminosity that I love in tulip petals. It's a fragile stage. The one just before they fall from their stems.

So anyway, here you are still reading. Perhaps you thought that I had faked you out about celebrating my 1,000th post. No way! This is going to require a bit of trust on your part, though, as I am not revealing the prize. It's going to be something that will take a bit of snooping on my part (you know how I love that!) This is the deal: 1. You must be a blogger and have a blog where I can visit. That means your blog addy needs to be connected to your profile. 2. Please leave one comment explaining what you think makes a great giveaway right here on this post. (On the other hand, please do not comment if you don't want to participate.) 3. Please do not share my giveaway on your blog; I am not looking for increased traffic. This is only for those with blogs who wander in here and wish to have some fun. 4. I love my followers, though there is no need to become one to participate. 5. This post will remain open for one week closing at 7 p.m. on May 3. 

Create yourself a wonderful Tuesday...

Edited to Add: 5/03/2011 Comments are now closed. Winner to be announced tomorrow!


  1. ME Again

    I was already to shut down and finish getting ready for work, when I saw you posted again this am. I love the "fake out!" Yes, sometimes life seems better with "rose colored glasses" or photoshop/cropping. But its all the weeds and other things that makes it fun.

    Speaking of fun...I think that what makes a great giveaway. They're fun to enter and fun to win.

    Oh - now I'm headed to make myself bea-u-ti-ful dahling:)


  2. That flower deserves its day in the spotlight. It worked just as hard as a field full of daffodils to get itself all pretty. I'm glad you feature pretty things..........all pretty things.

    You blog beautifully. Keep it up....another 1,000 please......

  3. Our fortunate for us, that we see the beauty in the ordinary. I'm sure God smiles when we do that... Keep Blogging...we need more folks like you in this world, where bigger, better, louder usually gets top billing. P.S. I'm cut from that same cloth, so I understand. Turning ordinary into extraordinary.

  4. Just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to your next 1000 posts.

  5. Ah, that is what I do too. And yesterday, Becky got to see exactly HOW small and ordinary my home and garden are, but yet they are still enough to harbour the extra-ordinary at times. Sherry is right - we get to see splendour in the ordinary. 1000 posts - wonderful! How times flies by. You know, I think what draws me to the special blogging friends I have is exactly that - I am comfortable with ordinary people - who know how to be extraordinary friends!
    A giveaway? Well - what makes a great one? Hmmm. We are celebrating you and the words here at the haven, Vee. Perfect reason for celebration. If you are asking what it should actually be then something fun, or made by you, or representing the haven..... But that is irrelevant. We will just keep coming back!

  6. Your posts are never mundane. I enjoy reading them. What I find in a good giveaway is the thought put into them. Knowing that the giver is thinking of what their readers might enjoy having. Something simple to remind them of why they blog.

  7. Although I haven't been visiting your blog for very long...maybe a year????....I do so enjoy your posts, and hope for 1000 more!

    A giveaway is fun, but the best part, I think, is the generosity of spirit on the part of the blogger, a truly giving nature, and a need to connect with a reader...(esp. when, as you said, it's not being used to increase traffic)


  8. They just do not understand although my family are getting better:)
    I do sometimes participate in giveaways but not very often as I do not run them myself so maybe it is not fair to do so. It is not the gift, it is the thought and the taking part.

  9. Anything hand made by our Vee! Yes, that would be a great giveaway, a Tea Cozy, an apron, just anything...and faking us out? NEVER! You always entertain me!

  10. Your "fake out" with the daffodil is a great example of the gift that blogging has added to my life. It's seeing the beauty in ordinary things. Something I didn't do nearly enough of before I entered the world of blog.
    You always have something interesting to share and I hope you continue to share for a long time.
    As for giveaways, I think you already covered what I would have said. I prefer straightforward giveaways. All those rules for having to become a follower, post it on your blog, etc... a pet peeve of mine.
    I'm off to work on creating that wonderful Tuesday and hope that yors is wonderful as well.

  11. To me, this is what blogging is all about. Somehow, taking something small and blowing it into huge proportions! Otherwise, very few of us would have anything to blog about either!
    (trust me on that.)

    What I think makes a great giveaway ... baby, you're doing it!!! Not making me jump through stupid hoops to try and win! I hate having to post here, post on my blog, post on Facebook.. grab your button, give you $20... etc just to probably win that little box of Peeps in your last photo!
    Thank you! For making my life easier. :) I appreciate... :)


  12. I have enjoyed your blog forever it seems. I love that you see beauty in little things, like faded tulip petals. You make me stop and look around.

    I think the best giveaways are the ones that come from the heart...I love receiving handmade items.

  13. I love your set of rules Vee ...Sometimes I wonder why we have 200 plus comments when we give a cookbook away and otherwise 12. So .. I might just borrow your rules next time.
    Anyways ..I'd like a webcam to your Haven so I could pick something :)

    PS. .Don't we all macro the things in our life that are worth celebrating and allow the other parts to stay in the background? I read blogs to be encouraged and to encourage others.

  14. When I started blogging (less than a year ago) you were one of the first people I started reading! I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting time and again!

    I'm with those others who mentioned something handmade as being a lovely giveaway!

  15. Finding the beauty in the mundane routines of life is what attracts me to blogs like yours. Intentional living.
    Your giveaway rules are great - part of what makes a good giveaway is not clicking here and there, posting, commenting again, signing up, etc. Something handmade is always welcomed, or something that's been meaningful that you want to share.

  16. Humble? NO way! Even if it's standing there alone, well, BECAUSE it's standing there alone - It's all about the beauty of that one little daffodil!!!

    And your fading tulip, Vee, reminds me of my dear sweet MIL this morning. She's never been as dear and lovely as she is now in her own "fading". I think I'm gonna cry now...You spoke about the luminosity and fragility, and it instantly made me think of her.

    Giveaways are FUN! Count me in!

  17. What makes a great giveaway?

    A friendly, authentic, and interesting blog hostess, just like you! It's always interesting and welcoming here. Thank you for 1,000 interesting posts!

    Congratulations to you!

  18. Vee I'm sure people who read my blog think I have more than I have, when in truth my life and home are very simple and non glamourous. We have been fortunate in the last few years as my husband's job sends him to many locations and that I am able to tag along almost expense free. It has made my retirement a lot of fun!

    Just being your blog friend is a gift enough for me! I am happy to know you for many of your 1,000 posts!

  19. Congrats on 1000 posts. Wow! I must go see how many I have posted...since I pay no attention.

    I think bloggers all feel at times like fakes...since for the most part we 'zoom in' on that which is lovely, inspiring and encouraging. But then...are we not told to 'think on those things'?

    I've enjoyed visiting you at your haven over the years...and plan to keep coming back. As for give-away suggestions? Since Maine lobster is rather hard to transport...I'll settle for a taste of that maple syrup from your neighbour's tree. Grin. Actually, never mind...I'm planning to visit Maine in person one day...and we will have some lobster together...and a maple scone for good measure!

  20. I've thoroughly enjoyed your blog since I started visiting and I love your photos!

    Now, I don't wish to seem grasping, but if you're thinking of a giveaway, I've been dying for a tea cosy for ages!

    No pressure!!

  21. Dear Vee,

    It's all about how we frame things....... photos, thoughts, our lives. It the whole picture is not exactly dramatic or noteworthy then we should look closer at the details.

    Tell your family that we love to follow the goings-on in Maine, no matter how ordinary it may seem!!

    I am a blogger. I have a blog. I don't share without permission and I'm so happy that you've reached 1,000 posts.

    What makes this a great giveaway. The mystery! I love a good mystery and this allows me to make up my own story about what you're up to.

  22. Your daffodil photo is very pretty.
    A nice straight give away without having to do anything makes a good give away. Also I think something handmade is especially nice.

  23. Awww poor tulips, they were lovely well they lasted (taps playing). I enjoy your blog so much, I enjoy the fake outs too, just jerk me along, I'll love it.

    The best gift has been given. You gave us this opportunity to share our thoughts with each other and with you about a gift. The interaction we have through our comments and postings, what a gift!

  24. You have more in bloom in your yard than do I!! I always think I'm going to plant some bulbs...but never do. So, I do enjoy looking at the ones others share...and you are only the second blogger that I have seen share the beautiful ruffled daffodil...and it is gorgeous. Your tulips are also beautiful...especially so a they near the end of their blooming cycle.

    Congrats on reaching your blogging milestone! Wow..that's wonderful!

    A good giveaway to me...something simple and fun and is a reflection of the giver...and it should be cheap to mail! :)

    Best wishes for lots and lots more posts in the future! dana

  25. I love your honesty~ I would have been easy to fake out seeing as my yard is still looking as spring bare as yours apparently is.
    What makes a great giveaway? Well since you are 'crafty Vee' I would definitely have to say a hand-made by you giftie! And if that's what you decide to do...I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  26. Hi Vee.... I love coming to visit with you PRETTY routinely. I may miss a day or two but always catch up with the posts. You are one of my favorites to relax and visit with - which makes your blog so great!

    Give away? I would definitely agree something home made is the best!

  27. I always enjoy visiting you, Vee! You have a wonderful blog and you've shared your life with all of us! It's been a tough year for you and I know you've relied on your faith to keep going! Thanks for everything! And for a giveaway...I like a few little tokens of favorite things. It's fun to get a little package with 'girl stuff' OR...a big bucket of maple syrup! heeheehee! Hugs to you, my friend! ♥♥♥

  28. WOW! Now that I've read the other comments...mine sounds very very greedy! But I really thought it was funny at the time! Must be my strange sense of humor! HUGS! ♥♥♥

  29. Vee - I do not have a single flower in my yard but the snow was officially gone today and i wrote it on the calendar. The first spring flowers are so important and even one is lovely. I have only entered a couple of giveaways but I think it's lovely that people share small items with lucky winners from another corner of the world. Congratulations on your 1000th post. I've noticed that you are a very faithful blogging friend to a lot of us. I enjoy your blogs and am amazed at the sense of community that I find when I read other people's blogs. Keep smiling!

  30. I like blogging because I get to share how I see my home and life. The little details are wonderful.
    I will say, that pictures of my house look much larger than they really are. I think you'd be surprised if you were here, at the dining room and living room size. (I say this because you once said they were large)
    Anyway, you're still reading, right?? About not much. :-D

  31. You know, I often feel that way about blogging..that I have nothing to say..but like Aunt Amelia says..it's like sharing a cuppa coffee over the fence used to be..we talk about our days, share the happy and the sad..and are there for each other. I love my blog-neighbors. I get it. :-)

  32. Congratulations Vee, On your 1,000th post, I have been so busy that I have missed this post and your next two post.~ face red~.... I always enjoy anything that you have to say, you have blessed me more than you will ever know, You my dear friend were the first person to welcome me here in blogland, and You will never know how much that meant to me too. I cherish you.

    Anything you give will will be great.

  33. Congratulations!
    As to giveaways....for me it is the personality of it...the feature that makes it unique. the quality that links me to and reminds me of the kind/generous giver...the surprise of the unexpected...