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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Fun Easter

Did you have a lovely Easter? We certainly did, though it was much different in many ways. Last year, both my grandmother and my mother were still with us. Last year, my sister and brother-in-law were still living in state and, last year, my hometown niece wasn't working Sundays. Though we may have limped along a bit, still we celebrated the day.

My daughter was the only guest at our table besides the "Unseen Guest" who is always with us. She requested lasagna, which made for an interesting Easter dinner. I'm not sure that I've ever had lasagna for Easter before.

Darling daughter had planned lots of activities for the boys who joined us later in the afternoon, along with their parents, of course. She planned a treasure hunt using pictures for the clues. It was a very good idea for children who aren't yet readers.

The first clue

Finding the second clue

They'll be finding the next at the chippy fence

Needless to say, the grands both loved it!

One of my favorites was a rousing game of tag where we were split into two teams—blue and orange. Each person had to tuck a length of streamer into his/her waistband allowing a bit of it to drag on the ground. Then we were off trying to step on the opposing team's tails. Lots of fun, though still nice and safe with no shoving and pushing and, if the tail was stepped on (I lost mine early), it caused no stumbling.

Orange tails

Blue tails waiting for the game to begin
All that salt on the ground? John was also cleaning up from our egg in a spoon race.


I'll be visiting your corners before the day is out. Have a wonderful Monday...


  1. Now that I proved what a silly kid I still am, at heart... With that "Wheeeee I'm first" thing...

    Down to business. I saw your perky new Spring like blog look yesterday, but couldn't comment till today. Hoooooray!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! You knew I would, didn't you?

    -giggles- I can just hear you chuckling to yourself, while making it.... Thinking; "Just wait till Auntie sees this!" :-)

    And after THAT important "noticing," I will skip right over all the fun which must have been had... To... Look at that gorgeous tiny tight bum on your Darling Daughter!

    Come on! At our age, who doesn't notice such lovliness? REMEMBERING when we had one of those, tooooooo!
    -sigh- Memories of our past *glories*! :-)

    Yes, you Darling Daughter is wonderful with playing with kids. Lucky nephews she has. Makes me wonder if she is a Kindergarten teacher... :-)

    ♥ ~ ♥

  2. What a fun way to celebrate with the grands. I smiled as I read that you had lasagna. That was one of the things I suggested to my MIL. That and Roast Beef. She chose the beef. It was sooo good!!

    I have to remember the step on the tail game. The kids 9and adults) at church would have a blast with that!

  3. Children make the holidays so amazing. Although we live very far from our grandchildren, just receiving their excited phone calls to express their thanks for the boxes of goodies we sent made our day extra special.

    What an absolutely clever idea for a treasure hunt. Thank you for letting us share in your fun!

  4. WHat a great idea for the little ones to have a easter egg hunt! My mom used to do that sort of thing for us when me and my brother and sister were young! We turned it around on her a few years ago at Christmas and made her a "hunt" to go find her Christmas present!!!

    Looks like such fun, and I love your "tail game", too and I agree with AA - I miss those days of firm toned body parts!!!

    A wonderful Easter sounds to me like! And I like your new banner, too. I love tulips! Have a wonderful spring week!

  5. Sounds like your Easter was lovely, and I am sure that your Mom and Gran were right along side the Unseen Guest...so sure of it I'd lay odds were I a betting woman...love daughter's way of using the pics as clues...wish I'd been that smart at her age!
    I have Arianna for the week and am so excited for her to be here! Off to the yard to water the flowers, she loves helping out in the gardens!
    Hugs a bunch


  6. Now that looks like a fun time. Your daughter had a great idea with the picture Easter egg hunt and the tail tag must have been fun for all.
    Although your Easter gathering was much different from last year, you seemed to do a wonderful job of finding joy and creating new memories.

  7. Love that treasure hunt idea using photos! Kuddos to daughter!
    I'm glad you had a good day...

  8. Treasure hunts...and tail tag. Great ideas to file for the future! It looks like you all had a fun time. Who knows, maybe lasagna at Easter will become a tradition for you.

  9. Looks like you and your family had a wonderful time! Lasagna sounds good. We had Mexican food at a restaurant with our son near Kansas City. It was very good. Love your new header and blog look.

  10. That does look like such fun! It's also a time to remember years past! Hugs! ♥

  11. Sounds like a fun time with some pretty good ideas there. Like the picture clues!

  12. It sounds like a wonderful Easter Vee. IT was just Mr. Comforts and me this year. We had a nice day, working in the garden and eating a ham dinner.

  13. Glad you had a good day. I am sending hugs to you and your Family...m..

  14. Happy Monday Vee, your Easter looked like great fun for everyone, love the photo clues. Big hugs, Margie.

  15. What a great idea with the pictures for an Easter egg hunt. Loved the game of tag too, looks like everyone had a blast. I love pasta, I've had lasagna for Thanksgiving dinner, once.

  16. Looks like a fun time! I like the games - great ideas.

  17. Sounds like a fun day with the family...and kids in boots--what could be more cute?

  18. Oh, what fun you had! I love the photo treasure hunt and the games --- great family memories made.

    Happy (belated) Easter!

  19. It looks like a wonderful Easter, Vee! It's funny because this was the first Esster I have not had lasagna...lol! It's a traditional Italian/American Easter dinner primo, followed by lamb or ham and trimmings. Since we were at my son's house this holiday, and he and his wife are on "after baby" diets, they asked me to prepare lighter fare, so I made spinach ravioli instead. We also had roast beef, asparagus and sauteed mushrooms. It was hard to leave my grandsons this morning to fly back to NYC. You are so fortunate you can spend lots of time with your darling grands!

  20. what an inventive scavenger hunt! i love
    it and will store away the thought for my
    someday grands.

    happy easter!

  21. Vee,

    Love the new look!!! We had spaghetti with sauce for Easter dinner! We are having a more traditional dinner with friends this weekend.

    I love the treasure hunt idea. I shall have to file that away!

    Have a wonderful week.


  22. Good Morning Vee

    Just popping by early before heading to work. Love the idea of games for Easter - wish we had some small one to do them with. I'm going to steal the tail tag game for our family reunion - the kids will love it.

    I know that this must have been a rough holiday...wishing you great memories.


  23. We had a very quiet Easter, apart from joining our wonderful neighbours for Easter Sunday Lunch. Lovely to see photos of you with your family.

  24. LindyLouMac~No, no photos of me here. I'm the gal behind the camera whenever possible. :D


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