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Friday, November 18, 2011

A Bad, Very Bad, Haircut ( Scene II )

Do you mind a reprise? One way to find out, I suppose. Stay tuned, I am going to show you a front and back view of the offending haircut. I'll toss in a photo of the second cut and a before and after comparison. You know how much I love those.

Brief summary of events... The day before yesterday I had my hair cut. If you don't agree with my assessment that it was awful, nay disgusting, I'll eat an entire bag of M&Ms! Yesterday, I had "the fix" done at three in the afternoon. I can tell from some of your comments — Barb, yours was priceless and had me in tears laughing—that you understand. Oh to be understood. It's one of the great joys of blogging.

Like so many of you, I shut down when my hair isn't cut properly or doesn't look good. I could not go do my errands or go shopping for Thanksgiving. I was simply too upset. Wait until you see how upset. Perhaps you should fix yourself a cup of coffee first...

Now I feel that I must warn you so that you can remove small children and pets from the room. The following picture is mildly somewhat deeply disturbing.

Man! I knew that I was upset, but that's wild! Those eyes. Those horrible eyes. Are they open or closed? They're both! < insert a shiver > Almost takes one's mind off the hair, doesn't it?!

Front ~ Before

Phew! That's better. Gotta protect the innocents.

Back ~ Before

Here's the current haircut.

Looking a Bit Better I think

So now the before and after.

Before and After

John just marched in and asked me why I had a photo of M*uammar G*addfi here. 


Have a fun day!


  1. John is a wicked man! LOL!

    I really don't think the first one is all that horrible, though the photograph of it is terror inducing!

    The second is much, much better! It is very attractive on you, though I know you didn't want it that short.
    You can go shopping and run errands now with confidence!


  2. Well, I happen to think you look beautiful in your stylish shades there...they look hand designed! As for the haircut...it looks better than my last one! Going to go visiting all my pals today...I hate face book campaign may well be on the way!
    love ya Vee!~!

  3. Er, yes. The "after" is a vast improvement. I understand hair events. Women tend to know exactly what other women feel when the hair situation goes pear shaped. And I understand! But I really like the after one - you look good, Vee. Very good. Now you go and get that shopping done and show it off to all.

    Thankfully, my visit to the hairdresser was uneventful. She just had to lop a few inches off and restore order. Now what I really need is a daily visit, wearing those shades of yours, at dawn, to have her sort it out every morning, because try as I might, I cannot reproduce the look each day. Sigh. Oh well. As my sister says - no-one is looking at us!

  4. Beautiful save!
    I love the end result and you can grow it longer again if you want to.

    I may have mentioned the time I came home from the hairdresser and Warren literally fell down on the bed with laughter. Not a shining moment. Needless to say I went back and had it fixed. LOL

    Go strut your beautiful stuff and get those groceries!


  5. Laughing at John (at least he has a sense of humor), he is so bad, isn't he?:)--the second one looks better, so sorry about your hair. Blessings

  6. Love the second haircut. It looks so much more like the picture and you look as if you're much, much happier.

    Now, though, I realize that my hair looks more like your first cut. You mean not everyone washes, dries, curls and them turns their head upside down, runs their fingers through it and gives it a shake?!!! I need to find a squirrel!!

  7. Like the 'do re-done. That makes the 'do a "did" I think.

    BTW...self portrait taking: Camera on a tripod or level surface, set on a timer. May take a couple of shots to figure out where to aim it so you can sit down or stand or what ever and get yourself in the frame.

    Those unearthly beautiful models are usually photographed about 50 yards away from the camera to negate camera lens warp effect that cause noses to lengthen, eyes to bulge and cheeks to puff. They shoot at a distance then crop in.

    Personally, I prefer to call NASA and have my face photos be via satellite. That distance totally works for me.

  8. Your newest hair cut looks wonderful on your Vee!
    p.s. I am leaving in an hour to get mine cut and even though yesterday I said I really trusted my stylist....now I am a bit nervous...lol.

  9. Your hair has great bounce and curl! The second cut is definitely better for your type of hair. I don't think it could look like the photo you took in. That hair looks like mine...straight with a little body. But you could go blond! heeheehee! Hugs to you...hope today is mucho better! ♥

  10. First, you have BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!!

    But that first hairdresser SHOULD have told you, that she could NOT give you the "look" which you showed her. (See pic in here...)

    Not without straightening your hair.

    Nor could you have maintained that look, without straightening your hair at home.


    You have BEAUTIFUL hair! With lovely thickness and tendency to softly curl. BEAUTIFUL hair. Wouldn't it be good, to have a style, meant for it?

    And for this, it would be helpful to have a hairdresser who will work with you, to find such a style, which you like, and you can maintain?

    Repeat, you have the beautiful kind of hair that many women pine for. Me included. I never had it, nor will I ever have it. -grumble, grumble, grumble-

    And it makes me so *pouty,* to have you over there, complaining about your wonderful, beautiful, thick, some-curl, grand hair. Be grateful. Be grateful. Embrace your natural hair.

    -chuckle- Are you ready to throttle me yet, Dear One? I know. We get straight... We want curl. We get curl... We want straight. 'Tis life. :-)))))))

    Oh John, You are so cute/funny. What did she have a pic of Omar Kadaffie up there for? -giggggles-

    Gentle hugs,
    "May your stuffing be tasty
    May your turkey plump,
    May your potatoes and gravy
    Have nary a lump.
    May your yams be delicious
    And your pies take the prize,
    And may your Thanksgiving dinner
    Stay off your thighs!"

    ~~~Author Unknown

  11. Looks like you used that "Bed Head" product in the before ;)

    I like the new and improved cut - the soft curls are wonderful!


    Happy Shopping!

  12. Vee,

    I expected cut #1 too look like a weed whacker got a hold of you, not so, pretty cute but I have to say I like result #2 the best, very flattering cut and cute to boot! Now trot out after those turkey and trimmings!

    Happy weekend dear friend!

  13. For some reason..... I'm having trouble leaving a comment...ok, here goes, I'm going to try again.

    I can always depend on you to give me a good morning chuckle..... thank you!!!

    The second hair cut looks beautiful...... you really have pretty hair color and curl...... wish I had some curl.

    Have a great day!!

  14. I love the second cut! It suits you very well.
    I love John too. That guys hilarious. :P


  15. OMGosh, you are a hoot and John has a wicked sense of humor..giggle.
    Looking forward to seeing what happens at the hairdresser this morning.

  16. Vee, I'm trying - really hard....really trying to encourage a welling-up of sympathy but it's hard. You see, you have curly hair and I don't. We could be friends, even good friends, but you'd always have that curly hair and I'd always have lank, straight hair. I'd sympathise with your hair cut disaster but secretly thing 'yeah, but you've got curly hair'.
    It's not nice - I know!...but there it is. Even a bad hair cut looks better on a curly head!

  17. I have to concur with Miss Sandy who was expecting much worse from haircut #1. That said, I can still find sympathy because, unfortunately, we gals are extremely affected by what happens on top of our heads!

    Haircut #2, however, is the better of the two (in my own opinion). You look lovely! (And much happier! ~smile~)

  18. Oh Vee!!! Poor you. Hair is sooo stressful, esp if, like me, you have very straight very fine hair and not much of it....needless to say I succumb to the torture known as the perm every 3 months.....

    I like the new cut, it's soft and very pretty, ....and now take some deep cleansing breaths and begin the recovery process :)


  19. I think the hair on our head plays such an important role in how we feel about ourselves and is way overplayed, BUT, I'm just as guilty about my hair. My problem is I like the cuts but I can't for the life of me style it like my stylist. Never looks as good when I do it. Oh well. I think the second cut looks much better.

  20. She redeemed herself...the hair stylist! It looks lovely. So hold your head high...and have a fabulous day!

    And I must agree with Pondside...a bad haircut on a head of curls is hardly noticeable.

  21. You're beautiful girl!!!! I love the new and improved hair-do!!! How in the world did you take that photo Vee? It's wild!! I'm so glad you're pleased now, never, I mean NEVER mess with a girl's hair...we will hunt you down like a dirty dog!!! Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  22. soooo spooky....we were commenting on each other's blog at the same time!!!! xxoo

  23. love the new improved do! I bet it's a little shorter than John thought it would be but it looks great...

  24. Now Vee, you know I love you dearly. I am such a simple person I see nothing wrong with your hair cut as pictured here. You were playing around with your puter, I know you. I would love you if you were bald. But all kidding aside get that hair just the way you want it gal.

  25. Were you all teary-eyed in that first photo? Honestly, Vee, it wasn't all that bad! I do think I like the new and improved look better, tho. You look really cute and holiday-ready!

    I got my holiday haircut the other day and asked hubby how he liked it. He replied that it always looks the same to him. I don't know if that's bad or good!

    Have a good weekend.

  26. Vee I am in tears of laughter! You've just made my day with this post. I started singing at Claudia's and now laughing here. Got to love it! I know exactly what you mean by a bad haircut. My friend always tries to cheer me up, saying, but it looks good . . . I just give her "that look" and she stops trying to make it better. I told my grands recently I wanted to have my hair cut really short and spiked on top. I thought my eleven-year-old granddaughter was going into convulsions! She begged with a lot of drama, "Oh, pleeeeeze don't do that Grand. It looks good like it is." So, I guess the spikes are out; at least for now.

  27. If anyone else were home they would have come running at the great cackle of laughter that occurred while I read this post.

    I will concur, the second cut looks MUCH better. With or Without the shades.

    And that John - wicked sense of humour.

    My haircut occurred without incident. But the lights in her salon are definitely geared to showing grey. I had to stop at the drug store for a box of colour on the way home.

  28. the new style looks very nice! glad it all worked out in the end. sorry it was a stressful few days!

  29. Love the update on the hair story Vee. Your hair looks wonderful...you're so funny with the shades over your eyes..and John is a hoot, must be so much fun with him.

    Have a great weekend!!

  30. Has blogger gone wild? Your whole blog looks different to me -- there is a lot of black space around your borders I never saw before?

    I had a post up about the wharf in Santa Barbara before the new one I just did about the mission, that never showed up on anyone's readers. It was so weird!

    Anyway, I love your sense of humor and your new haircut very much! It is perect for your soft wavy hair. If I went short this is the style I would want. I'm glad a good rescue wa made!

  31. I love your sense of humor and your new haircut very much! It is perect for your soft wavy hair. If I went short this is the style I would want. I'm glad a good rescue wa made!

  32. Glad to hear you are now happy with your hair. I think it looks very nice.
    You do not look happy in that first picture!!

  33. I read your first post before I went to get my hair cut and fixed. I can so relate to this experience. My hair is going through so kind of weird moment and I can't do a thing with it. It was a challenge to fix it last month. I decided I wasn't going through that again and went back to the hair dresser for a better cut.

  34. Yes, Omar, the second cut is an improvement. More than that-it's a cute do!
    You had me laughing out load with
    those bulgey, blurry eyes. My husband wanted to know what I was laughing at. I think he's getting used to me saying'Oh, it's just something funny Vee wrote"!
    Well, alls well that ends well.
    And your a lucky lady to have a
    husband with such a great sense of humour!

  35. Oh, my - you do make me laugh! The first cut doesn't appear bad, but only you know that for sure. I like how the saga has ended. Will you keep playing with it at home, trying different styling techniques?

  36. Oh Vee, you had me laughing so hard, to tears!! The dark glasses - priceless! John's comment almost had me almost peeing myself . Love the new/fixed hairdo. Thanks, I needed that laugh, never a dull moment with you!

  37. Hi Vee!

    Oh dear, I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants!!! You crack me up Vee!!

    I have to say that the second haircut was a huge improvement - but no matter what you are beautiful! Doesn't it feel so much better to have a haircut that you aren't afraid to go out in public in?!

    I love it!

    Hugs to you and M*uammar G*addfi,

  38. Vee:

    I think you look terrific, I really do!! The haircut looks adorable.

    Isn't it true though, 'a woman's hair is her crowning glory'??

    Oh if you could only know some of the stories of what my hair and I have been through ... you would laugh and LOVE all that you have gone through. I mean I have had some SERIOUS hair issues, bad cuts, bad perms, bad color, the whole gamut! And yet, here we both are, and life goes on, and our hair seems to work out just fine anyway.

    I had a good chuckle over this.


  39. Was the hairdresser blind? Your neighbor should have warned you that she was! (Oh that wasn't nice was it) However, she didn't even try to start shaping your hair into the look of the picture. Good thing you're pretty Vee!

    Hugs, Sherry

  40. Oh my word. Just now getting in on the fun! I am laughing out loud, Vee, at John's comment. Whooooooo! That is F.U.N.N.Y.!!!
    Ion't care who'yuare! (do you understand Texan -- actually that'un is purty far out there...)

    Now, on to the haircut. Yes, the second one is def more complimentary. It's just downright cute, Vee! Don't know what your stylist was thinkin' on the first one.

    Even the Bible says that a woman's hair is her crowning glory or some such. You got your crown back, girl!

    Me thinks John made quite a ruckus on your blog with his crack... I'm still laughing out loud!

  41. Just went back and read the previous post and comments. I have tears in my eyes, Vee, wish you could see me. Tony is looking at me like I'm crazy. ahahahaha-heehehehehehehe!

    "A roving herd of squirrels" indeed! hahaha! I'm not laughing at your hair, my friend, only your crackerjack husband! You two just made my day!

    Your first cut was not that bad, but the pictures with your unhappy face and the glasses just about made me lose it! Oh my word, ... i've got to go get a Kleenex...

  42. Your John is a funny man, ROFL!!! The first haircut attempt did NOT suit you at all. The second attempt looks lovely. Oh, the trauma that us women must go through...

  43. What a difference a stylist makes! Is the second haircut with someone different than the first stylist? You don't look so "awful" in the first one --- you look pleasant and sweet. But in the second style --- the new and improved --- you look classic and very chic. I love the new "short" you. Hopefully hubby does too, as it looks beautiful on you. You look beautiful and young! Hoping for a happy hair day!

    PS: It is snowing here! Just a random bit of information. LOL!

  44. I'm shaking with laughter! Vee, you are nuts! Your newER haircut is gorgeous and is just meant for you!! Adorable. The previous one is not bad either, but doesn't give credit to your youthfulness - which now is so evident! Gorgeous!
    I needed that humor today!!!! Love ya!

  45. haahahhaaa...Now, Vee, I think your hair looks cute..what I can see of it. Next time have JOHN take the photos..front, sides and back. :)

    I got mine cut the same day as you...new hairdresser and now she is my No. 1 hero...she did a great job...a tiny bit shorter than I normally wear it but it's ok...


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