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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thank You!

So we have reached the final day of November and this year's Giving Thanks Challenge. I want to especially thank all who've visited me via Leah at South Breeze Farm and I also want to thank Leah for hosting this year. It's a labor of love! God has been so good to all of us. It has been a blessing each day to think about those things for which I have been grateful in 2011. Some of you keep a gratitude journal all year through! Amazing!

And it is also for you, my regular reader, for whom I am so very grateful. Whether you join me in the morning with your mug of coffee in hand or later in the afternoon with your tea, I feel blessed and honored to know that you are there. Sometimes you even leave a comment, which still delights me after four plus years of blogging. If you've never commented *cough* *cough* *sputter* *sputter,* I'd sure love to hear from you.  Would you do me a favor today? Would you let me know how long you've been reading along here? (No, I am not going to be adding advertising. That's not why I want to know. = )

For those who have commented through thick and thin nearly every day of this blog's existence, I thank you most especially. You are the faithful and the few and I dearly love you and look forward to our visits. Okay, enough of the mushy stuff because if I don't stop I'm going to need my tissue box and it's lost in all this Christmas stuff.

Suzanne of At Home With the Farmer's Wife recently added a bit to her post on The Emergency Room Scarf. I've been kinda waiting to see what she might say; but she and her crochet hook have gone missing she says that I may have figured it out. Since I like how my scarfs/scarves (???) turned neck warmers turned out, even though they don't look just exactly like Suzanne's, I'm going to show them off. I've really enjoyed working on them in the evenings; therefore, a lot of gals in my family can just count on a neck warmer for Christmas.

Oh I do love that Gradient 6 in PhotoScape. Sigh. See what I mean as I model my white, made from baby yarn, neck warmer.

Sooc at the left and Gradient 6 on the right. At this rate, I may be able to avoid plastic surgery after all.

John is working on the front side of the house, the north side, the main side, the street side, the last side. Yippee!! Thank you, Lord, for all the good weather. Even when we've had two snowstorms with over a foot of snow each time, it's melted off within days. The temps are in the high 50sF today.

There are long gaps without much if any insulation all around the windows and front door. John is taking care of that as I type.

Ongoing progress in the decorating department. I've nearly decided not to get out the ornaments for the tree. Nearly. Maybe. Who knows? Instead, I've been decorating it with everything except the kitchen sink.

Gradient 6...gotta love it! (Yes, that's the grands' teddy bear.)

Feeling a bit topsy-turvy with my new posting schedule. If I do another post right behind this one and save it for tomorrow morning, I might get myself righted around.

A wonderful afternoon and evening to you!


  1. Hello. I am here, as I have been since the beginning.... it seems as though we have been friends forever! I love the scarves. I thought my glasses were dirty! And hooray for the weather, the husband, the siding and the tree!

  2. O how I love the way your photos show up! I guess that's the gradient you mentioned...have been enjoying my dear Vee's blog since the beginning...you are a treasure to me, and you encourage me...hope we'll be reading each other's thoughts for a long time to come!
    Sandi (at Holding Patterns and now One Cat Shy of Crazy)
    see, you caused that second blog thing!!!

  3. I like the photos with the faded edges! And you look very sweet...and maybe just a little mischievous! Let's see...I've been reading your blog for so long that I can't ever remember NOT reading it! heehee! years and years! lol I love your humor and love of life! I feel like if we lived next door to each other, we would be best of friends! Of course I realize I would have to write everything down...you wouldn't be able to understand a word I say...or drawl! Warm Southern Hugs! Diane

  4. Writing a little note before these doggies get their wish granted to go outside....I wouldn't miss visiting here. It is a favorite stop....You are a favorite friend.

  5. I do like how that Gradient feature works. I do my editing in Picassa so I'll have to check if they have such a feature.
    I think I discovered your blog in 2008. I always enjoy my visits to your haven and I love to read the comments you leave for me and also the ones you leave for others. You truly have a way with words and your comments always make me think you have a gift for hearing what others have said, not to mention I enjoy your sense of humor.

  6. It has been a blessing for me this November remember to be thankful for all the big and small things. I have been following for awhile. Your tree might just be the better with no traditional ornaments.

  7. I have been a regular just this year, but I am here to stay! I found a kindred spirit when I found your "haven"...

    John is quite the man...he is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel I guess!

    I like your neck warmers, and your gradient 6 and your tree! Show us more!


  8. I think I have been here forever Vee....I love visiting you. I have you on my google reader, so whenever I see a new post pop up, I come over!

  9. I have been following you since I started my own blog a little over a year ago. I don't know if I found you on my own or if my sister suggested I follow you. I've always enjoyed your posts and whats going on in your neck of the woods.

  10. I don't know how long I've been enjoying my visits to your blog. A couple of years, maybe?

    But I always love reading what you're up to and enjoy your comments back as well.

    About the home on the beach. I took a really close look at the photo and I remember seeing a lamp shade in the window, so I'm thinking that must be what the white hoodied person is. You think?

  11. The Full Christmas Blog Look is here! Ohhhh I just love your warm, deep pink background. :-)

    How long have I been visiting the Haven? Oh wow, I can't put a number of years on it. You know it's been through different blog *transformations* for me...... Was "Smilensigh" the first (my) blog, when I began coming here? I have lost count. It's been a WHILE though. :-)

    Oh thank you for saying you are not contemplating adding advertising. I know, it's each one's choice. But sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, advertising slows down blog load time sooooooooo much. On top of all the things which bloggers like to have on their Sidebars anyway. -sigh-

    I don't like advertising and I don't like Word Verification. :-) But you know that. :-)

    Hooray for John being on the last leg of this huge redoing-the-house-siding project. Wonderful that the weather is holding. It's kinda' unseasonal but if it's good for projects, wonnnnnnnnnnderful!!!

    Ahhhhhhhh zeeeeeeeeeee treeeeeeeeee... I have the ornaments out, and in a bag, right in front of the tree. And we continue to *stare each other down* on who will BEGIN? -giggles-

    Gentle hugs,
    "Something about an old-fashioned Christmas is hard to forget."
    ~~Hugh Downs

  12. I suppose I'm one of the new kids on the block. I had seen your comments on a few blogs that I read, but I just came to visit your Haven in October! However, I found it such a lovely and welcoming place to visit that I waltzed right in and sat down and here I am still!

    I simply must learn to knit this winter! Another bloggy friend (Debbie, at No Spring Chicken) shares such delicious-looking knitted treasures, as do you, that I am itching to try it myself. I have trouble with fine stitching by lamplight, however. Is knitting easier on the eyes? If not, I may have to wait until my homeschool career is finished to pick up the knitting needles, because I simply do not have time for it during the day. Too busy with school (and blogging).

    I'm looking forward to more peeks at your Christmas decorating!

  13. I haven't been here long, probably just with the Giving Thanks Challenge, but I'm here to stay!

  14. I've been reading your blog almost as long as we've both been blogging, Vee. It's been fun getting to know you and your family along the way! I know I'll be looking forward to all your future posts.

    The neck warmers came out so well! I bought a few of those from an ETSY seller a couple of years ago to wear when I am walking in the wintrer and I love them.

    I like your soft edged photos! I would post more photos of myself if I could use that technique :)

  15. Gosh Vee,

    We have been blog friends for a long time! I started to blog mid-2007 and I think I found you or you found me late 2007 or early 2008 (?)So, my answer as best as I can remember is four years! Four blissful years of blog fun together!

    I have to tell you that I look forward to your each and every post. I adore your wit and the ideas and thoughts you share. And those recipes - YUM!!! and the homey touches you put into your every day. It is a cup of comfort to come here. Thank you for being one of my blessings.

  16. I have following you for some time but cannot come up with a date. I first started to visit when you mom and gran were with you. I remember how amazed I was at how you got so much done with those two loved ones to care for. Love the neck warmers. I am going out to look for some patterns.

  17. I started reading your blog right after your sister moved out, I remember you mentioning that early on. I've read every post since then, but I don't comment very often. Obviously, I love your blog - I just tend to read quickly and move along!

  18. Giving the photo of the beach house a second really good look, I can see that it is indeed a woman there, elbows on the bar and she and her good blogging buddy share a laugh over something totally unrelated to blogging.

  19. I've been visiting with you here since November of 2007.
    I couldn't remember exactly when i started but i did remember i commented about mashed potatoes. I did a search for mashed potatoes and found it.
    I've enjoyed reading and commenting ever since.
    I was so happy that we got to meet in person too. : )
    Thanks too for all the comments you have left on my blog over the years.
    So glad we are friends.

  20. Vee
    I've been visiting you since I've been blogging-5 months. And enjoyed every post!
    Your neck warmers are just perfect for when those cold winds start blowing. Would it hide a double chin? Just wondering.
    Great that John is able to get out and work on the house. I know how a fellow likes to get the house all battened down before ol' man winter shows up for good.

  21. Love the post, still loving your new haircut, love the neck warmer, aren't they the neatest...wore mine today and it kept me so warm. Love your header too, I did something similar at my breakfast window but mine is not as pretty as yours. ~smile~ So glad John is able to finish the siding.
    I too have been so thankful for Leah's GTC, I have learned so much about myself this month, and enjoyed reading others as well.
    Enjoyed catching your post for yesterday, a very serene scene.

  22. Friends and blogging.... what a blessing! I always look forward to visiting with you!

  23. First of all, if you see on Site Meter that I've been on this page a long time...I fell asleep with the laptop on my lap in the recliner! And, no, it's not because your post put me to sleep. LOL! I've enjoyed each and every visit to your Haven and look forward to many more visits! You have a gift for writing such wonderful posts and I've been visiting here a long time, but can't remember exactly how long. I was visiting before I actually came out of hiding to comment. :D
    I'm so thankful that there is a Haven for Vee! Take care.
    PS Gradient 6 is one of my favorites, too!

  24. I have been with you almost from the start. I began blogging in the late summer of 2007 and discovered Vee's Haven shortly thereafter...and have returned almost daily ever since. And if it's OK with you...I'll keep coming back. Besides your friendship...and all the comments you have left me over the years...I treasure the 'Judy's Kitchen' tea towel (hand-made by Vee) that is hanging in my kitchen at the moment...and the fun pin-cushion sitting next to my sewing machine. You are a wonderful bloggy buddy...and I hope you don't lay down your pen anytime soon.

  25. Vee,

    I could probably use a neck warmer down here! I can't remember when I started following but maybe about a year and a half ago??? But I am certainly glad I do.

    I bet you will be so glad when John finishes (he will be too I am sure) and you will be buttoned up for the winter. And I love your header.


  26. What is John going to be doing inside when the weather doesn't permit his outdoor fun? What a beautiful transformation John has done!

    I'm going to have to check out gradient 6 - I like that a lot!!

    I know that I started reading your blog before (and I know this title isn't right), Is this the one? I loved and still love that post. It's bookmarked separately on my home computer. I was reading your blog before that, didn't comment for a long time, but over the years I look forward to our morning "chats" and sharing the ups and downs of life.

  27. I have been following you for a year now. I always come away either challenged to try something new, convicted, encouraged or all of the above.

    It has been a joy this year to learn from a more seasoned blogger. Your comments at my place have always been encouraging also..thanks.

    All of your projects are just great...working hands are happy hands.


  28. I've been visiting for maybe a month or little more now ... I'm new to this blogging thing. I really enjoy your blog - your words are full of love & wisdom, and you are simply encouraging! And your pics are amazing, at times I find myself moved in my heart, as if I were part of your pic, and therefore life! I'm enjoying getting to know you, Vee, and I look forward to future posts!

    In Him~

  29. I haven't the foggiest idea how long I have been here. Let me just say..you make me smile, sometimes you make me cry, sometimes you make me laugh, sometimes you make me spit out my coffee cause I am laughing so much. (all good, my friend, all good.)--keep up the posting, I'll be here. Blessings

  30. I'm certainly not the most regular follower and I don't always comment but I think it might be a year now?

  31. Dear Vee,

    I'm not sure about this......Sometime in the first year after my husband died, in the fall of 2007. I probably found a comment from you on Brenda's coffee tea books and me blog, I discovered your blog and have enjoyed it ever since. I do appreciate your sharing your life in a blog, and find it inspiring. Thank you!

  32. I don't really remember when I wandered in here! Or HOW, for that matter! I clicked here, there, and WHAM, next thing you know I landed here and kept coming back. I think I have been visiting you for 2 years now.

    John sure is working hard! And don't fret about not putting out all the decorations, LOL.

  33. I'm sorry to have gone missing but the Other Mother has been back in the Emergency Room again!!! Not so long this time to produce a scarf or neckwarmer, but long enough just the same. Whew, I'm getting worn out.

    You and John are such a team - making good progress on the nuts and bolts of the house and also the petticoats, if you know what I mean.

    I'll be posting another crochet update as soon as I catch my breath. Thanks so much for crocheting along and for being a good friend.


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