A Haven for Vee

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks Challenge List~2011

1. For the special ones God sends
2. For good weather
3. For grandparents who loved each other
4. For pleasant, quiet, do-nothing days
5. For the old stories
6. For Him, our Refuge and Shield
7. For a blogging-free day ;>
8. For a new view
9. For the privilege to vote even when...
10. For the wonders of the night sky
11. For our veterans
12. For grandchildren
13. For tasting and seeing for myself
14. For the colors of November
15. For fun
16. For honesty
17. For any hair at all
18. For my husband's sense of humor
19. For a weekend of possibilities
20. For His sacrifice
21. For anticipation
22. For progress
23. For the sense of smell =)
24. For the "new" normal
25. For turkey sandwiches
26. For Christmas lights on the darkest days
27. For sleepovers
28. For rest
29. For pets
30. For you

Saving my 2011 Giving Thanks Challenge List for my own recollection. Comments are closed.