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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Voting Results 2011

Morning's news found that Mainers are a pretty uninformed lot over all. I'm so unimpressed with us. It's going to be hard to get over it. I'm feeling about the same way I felt in '08 when I woke to what faced us for the next four years and I believe my feelings were far more justified than I could have ever imagined on that sad morning.

So what have we done? We've decided to hang onto same day voting registration, which means we have the most liberal voting registration in the county. Come one, come all, come vote today. No time to check your creds. We don't really care.

Locally, we've passed the same school budget that has been voted down three times prior because we're just too tired to hold the line anymore. We'll take that grant money— thank you very much— even though it will disappear in one year's time and then we'll just add the program to our burdgeoning list of money pit items so that the tax payers can fork it over once again. I know that good education, no, EXCELLENT education does not cost an arm and a leg. In fact, the best educators I know are the homeschooling parents and the private school educators who care about basic education and have no need of the latest "bells and whistles." We continue to toss extra monies at our public school system with precious few results, but can one say, "It's not about the money, people. It's about the teacher and the support behind him or her" ? That would be no.

And so I am riled up enough to clean that nasty sewing room of mine, which is saying a lot. If I  disappear for a month, you'll know where I am.


  1. Funny how after months of yammering on the local airwaves, things remain virtually the same after an election. What does it take to force action?

  2. As Teresa said things just remain the same. I haven't even looked at our results yet. Not much use really, probably get me riled up. I surely enjoyed your previous post. The photos are great and such a nice cozy looking place to live. I noted your gratitude list. Yes a privilege to vote.

  3. So Frustrating!!!!! At least one good thing will come of it....a clean sewing room!

  4. Sigh...these things are so frustrating!

    One point of good news a dear friend in California ran for his local city council and won!


  5. I totally understand and agree with your frustration....

    Our daughter has home schooled her 6 children..... 2 are now in college...No bells and whistles in their school room at their house, but a lot of learning going on.

    It had better not take you a month to clean that sewing room! LOL!

  6. I hear ya girl! You should try living in Arizona. Land of the Mafia and every thought liberal. Makes me sick!! Sometimes I hate what this country has become.

  7. (((Hugs)))Vee. Sorry that things didn't go the way you were hoping. :(

    I'm Canadian so therefore, didn't vote but I understand frustration. And, I understand what you're saying about the education system as well. There is just SO much waste.

    Take a picture of that sewing room. I won't believe it till I see it. *snickers*


  8. I totally understand how you feel. I am disgusted with our education system here in Missouri as well. I am having to "teach" my son in the evening what he isnt' being taught at public school! Oh how I wish I could home school my children. I do the same thing when I get upset...clean clean clean :)

  9. Hi Vee!

    I know how you feel! I just seems like the same old issues are just put in a jar, shaken up and tossed out on the table so many times that people finally give up and say, Yes, to whatever comes along - like sheep, so many just follow along for the slaughter!

    I totally agree with you on education! I've always said that if I had it to over again, I would homeschool my children!

    Good luck with the cleaning!


  10. I have great admiration for those that homeschool their children.
    And I understand your frustration! Sometimes I just want to scream "Wake up people!" But I know it wouldn't do any good, I'd probably just get locked up for disturbing the peace...LOL! If I can't convince my liberal aunt, who thinks the Tea Partiers are much worse than the Occupy Whatever movement, otherwise... then I give up...there's no hope! Yes, she's only one person, but there are so many like her that are so set in their ways that nothing will ever change their minds! It's sad.

  11. Girl, don't get me started! I was just saying last night to my husband that I'm glad I'm not in the classroom anymore. Don't take me wrong, I loved teaching and working with children, but I got so tired of the new teaching "ideas", (they were called programs) that were forced on teachers and having to use them whether they worked or not. Now all curriculum is geared to "tests" and the classroom day is regimented to guidelines. No extra teaching materials can be used to spir the imagination. Curriculum leaders are in your classroom throughout the day to make sure you are following guidelines. I have many, many great teaching friends retire in the last few years because they can't take it anymore. Sad isn't it. I could go on and on.

  12. Poor Vee
    I understand your frustration totally-just makes you want to scream!!
    Go tear into that room and work off your anger, but please don't leave us for a month. You would be taking a ray of sunshine out of our days. Now I'm not joking-you
    would be greatly missed!
    Im counting on seeing another post from you soon!

  13. Cleaning is the best way to get out frustration and accomplish lots along the way. My husband loves it when I get angry, because then the house looks perfect. Wishing you a great day. Unfortunately I never get passionate about politics anymore, but I remember what it felt like.


  14. Well at least your sewing room is getting cleaned!! : )

  15. The city had their election here, but nothing for us county folks. Yes, I was sorely upset in 2008 too and I underestimated the predicted damage. At the time, I posted a photo of a flag at half staff in front of the capital building and got blasted by a few not-so-kind folks who think I should have gone on a koolaid binge like them. Perhaps the hopey-changey thing has worked well for them. Somehow, I doubt it.

    I am constantly distressed about how uninformed folks are. Most don't even understand basic political issues, economics, civics, and capitalism. And if they hear something on NPR, they accept it as gospel.

  16. And I am proof positive that you don't have to spend a lot of money on education to be a financial success in your adult life.

  17. Well, at least you are turning your frustration into something useful!

  18. Good use of that extra frustration in getting your sewing room in order, happy cleaning!

  19. Well..thank you..as a homeschool parent, I quite agree :)--we didn't have any local elections here. Ya' know, Alabama is slow down here, LOLOLOL. (no not really--that was just some dry humor.) I just saw on the news that Birmingham just filed for Bankruptcy. $4 BILLION in debt. Good grief. I better get off that soap box. Blessings

  20. I am feeling the very same way....
    I am upset that everyone is picking on Mr. Cain...and even more upset that it MAY have been Perry campaign that started all this mess. I am just beside myself to think we COULD have 4 more years of what we've had this last 4 and I just don't know if I can take it. Mr. Sweet and I stay upset all the time but our kids tell us to settle down...everything will be ok. Well, I am not so sure.
    Think I'll just go to bed and watch Seinfeld....:))

  21. Nice post..thank you for sharing...i love it...God bless you

  22. I agree with you Vee. Politics are very frustrating these days. I was also somewhat disappointed in our election results. As far as the public school system is concerned, I really don't think it can be fixed. If I had to do it over I think I would homeschool.
    I hope you are having a good week otherwise.
    Take care my friend, Carol

  23. Mr OP and I were just talking about this same issue Monday night on our walk. We walk at our local school campus. There are so many things wrong, but at least we have the opportunity to voice our opinions and vote. 2012 is coming up fast.


  24. Didn't read blogs yesterday. But here I am today.

    My fair city went more Liberal toooooooo. WTF?!? Even with the fiasco, which the national '08 election has produced... Our citizens want to continue down this blazing road to Socialism and Liberal ideas?!?

    Even with Socialist Europe imploding before our eyes -- This country's citizens want to continue down this blazing road to Socialism and Liberal ideas???

    The majority WANT this????????????

    It continues to feel more and more and more like the last days of Rome.

    I am glad I am older. Logic says I will not have to see the worst of what seems to be coming.

    "A house that does not have one worn, comfy chair in it is soulless." ~May Sarton

  25. I hear you, Vee! How's the sewing room coming along? We are headed home soon...in time to vote in our local elections.