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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Grands Are Great!

Last Sunday, when I wasn't sure how I'd make it through the day because I was feeling so low,  I learned something quite wonderful — re-learned something quite wonderful. Grandchildren are sent just when you need them most!

My son made a wreath holder, my daughter purchased a wreath, I made an arrangement, the grandsons brought their bikes and we struck off for the cemetery.

Where I learned that activity and fresh air are antidotes for the gloomies. (I also noted that the bike seats on those grands' bikes need to be raised already. They are growing like weeds.)

When bike riding ended, we sat on a granite wall and talked for a while. Then the eldest grand said, "Let's go to Nonni's!" Oh dear. I remembered that there were ladders up, inside and outside, paint cans, nails, a regular fright show so I suggested another day. This did not compute with grands at all. I explained. Still no understanding. More explaining. Finally, Sam said, "So you don't have time for me today, Nonni?" Nearly broke my heart in two. And, though his father intervened reminding him that we'd spent a nice long time already, the gloomies settled in. 

In the end, a party was planned, which is when I re-learned another important thing. Make plans! Plans are good.

The party is today. I'm prepared more or less. Must do an apple cider run and a doughnut run. This will be one of those growing posts. When I have more pictures, I'll be popping them in.

A happy Saturday to you...

Such fun; such silliness!

It was a happy day!


  1. You're right - exercise, children and making plans are great antidotes for the gloomies! I'll be back to see how the party unfolds.

  2. Oh, I just love a party! Especially if it involves jumping in piles of leaves! Cider & doughnuts, too? Count me in!

    May you have a NO Gloomies Day. :)

  3. Oh, this sounds like great fun...for you and for them! Apple cider and doughnuts on a November day, jumping into a pile of leaves...sigh... I am certain that they will have forgotten the disappointment of last week after one jump!

    On last Sunday's post, "Comfort"...
    Your words were so very moving. The verse from scripture...perfect. Lea's prayer...beautiful. Your friend's words of wisdom...full of truth. Your own attitude about dealing with grief...inspiring.

    Blessings to you on this joyful day!

  4. You were fragile, last Sunday.

    Glad the Grands lifted you up. Sorry they also could get you down.

    Glad for the plans made. And for a lovely day (Sat.), to do them on. :-)

    Gentle hugs,
    "Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration."
    ~Charles Dickens

  5. Vee,
    Have a lovely day with the grands. It is cool enough here for cider and donuts!

  6. Oh my gosh, I leaf jumping party!!! I wanna come! Will someone be able to help pull me up from the ground, LOL?

    The grands AND YOU will have such fun!

  7. Grands are great! I keep telling my kids that. I have the gray hair to make me look like a grandma and would love to be able to have them while I can still get up and move around. Dreaming......

  8. I enjoyed reading this delightful post today. My grands live a couple of states away so I don't get to see them that often. I am looking forward to seeing them at Thanksgiving. They live closer than they use to so I'm very thankful for that.

    You're blessed.

  9. i'm terribly sorry for the gloomies to be
    camping out at your place. it seems they
    will not be allowed to linger, though!

    you are so right, making plans, exercising,
    and hanging out with grands (i have only
    experienced that part through "emily's"
    children) will make those gloomies fly

    and, of course, God's sweet Spirit.

  10. A leave jumping party sounds perfect to move away the gloomies! Hope your day is filled with fun Vee.

  11. What a lovely post. I agree, grandchildren are the antidote to anything negative, add fresh air and exciting plans, what more does one need?

  12. I know just how you feel about those wonderful little ones and their pure love .
    Blessing, Dottie

  13. Vee,
    Yes, littles are lots of fun! As are your plans!

  14. Ah, grandchildren are the greatest...Two of mine who live out of town are here for the weekend with their Mom and I'm enjoying it to no end...The other two who are very close live where their cousins are staying for this visit.....What a lovely idea to jump in the leaves and have cider and donuts!

  15. How fun! A leaf jumping party with donuts and cider. Oh the grands will have a wonderful time and the grandparents will enjoy cheering them on. I hope you have a blast Vee! Hugs, Pamela

  16. If only I had known earlier.. I would have come to jump in your leaves!

    What wonderful grandparents you are! :)


  17. This definitely sounds like fun! Wish I could join in ... but I'll just wait and enjoy your photos. Hope you have a lovely weekend Vee!

  18. Sounds like just the right antidote for the gloomies!

    Enjoy today - Kyle has been enjoying the pile of leaves in the front yard...and the apple cider in the fridge. It would be fun to see your grands and Kyle play together some day!


  19. Grandchildren are the best. They don't care that you have wrinkles, or walk funny, they just love you.

  20. Gloomies tend to make their rounds. I'm glad you banished them with the grands and fresh air. And oh, the fun of a jumping-in-the-leaves-party! I want to come, too!

  21. Hi Vee!

    Grands can always cheer you up and make you smile... :0)

    I'm so glad that your gloomy day turned into a day of remembrance love!

    The party sounds like a lot of fun - yummy to the donuts and cider!


  22. Great post, I agree with you, love those grandkids. So they call you Nonni! That is cute. Glad they helped take away the gloom.

  23. Great photos and yes grands are the best.
    I got so spend some time with two of mine today too. : )

  24. I can't think of a lovelier way to spend the afternoon.

  25. Oh Vee.... some of my sweetest fall memories .... are ... of our children jumping and wallowing in the leaves.
    God is good!

    Your grands are so adorable..... I love their comments......

  26. And so I've returned to see how your day turned out. Looks as if the party was perfect!

  27. Sometimes I think the Grands are wiser than we are. Looks like the whole family had fun.

  28. Ahhhh, the grands...isn't silliness wonderful?

    I am especially loving getting to work with my 4 year old...he is a hoot. He loves to "help" with everything and when I go anywhere he says, "I missed you Amma.

    Ok, I am on my sweet hubby's computer, but it is from me.

    Love to you,


  29. Hi Vee, I started to comment earlier but got called away from the computer. If you see I was on here for a long time, that is why!
    You are a wonderful Nonni! Your cute little grands look like they are having a fun day. Simple pleasures and loving family makes any day a good day!

  30. So Much fun for the grandkids. It takes me back to the time we lived surrounded by 36 mature fruit trees. Your grandchildren look so happy Vee!

  31. It seems to me that generations past usually prescribed "fresh air and exercise" for just about any ailment...seems they are right once again!

    And you know I agree with you about the Grands...just doesn't get any better....

    And I loved the video and your, to my ears, "accent" I hear "Cratahh" :-)

    Have a blessed week ahead

  32. So glad these dear little grands of yours helped to lift the gloomies. I think you came up with a brilliant idea to invite them to a leaf jumping party. What a fun grandma you are!
    The pictures of the day are just precious, as is the video. Love it!

  33. Vee
    I can tell the grand children had a ball! I love your Nonnie name. Is that an eastern thing or a Vee thing?
    You are right, those little ones can sure lift our spirits. I know mine always do.
    You have a lovely family, Vee.
    God Bless you all.

  34. Hi Vee! Your little boys are just precious! I'll bet they had fun in the leaves and I'll also bet they lifted your gloomies! When I'm feeling that way, I gotta get outside in the sunshine! Hope those little ones chased those gloomies away. Love the hats - specially the sock monkey. I'm really into sock monkeys...

  35. Oh Grands are so good for the soul!! God really has blessed us 50 somethings with this joy! I love the photos ...well done Nonni!

  36. Such a fun leaf jumping party! The very best kind! See how blessed you are to have your grandsons live nearby? :)