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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Flat Princess Among Other Things

The Flat Princess came to me from Penny at The Comforts of Home. She arrived in my corner of New England on the 21st of October atop a couple of magazines. I could tell that she'd had a topsy-turvy trip and soon had her settled down with tea and a good read just as I so enjoy. A month's stay was not quite what I had in mind and, fact is, I have felt quite guilty about the way The Flat Princess has been treated while with me. I had hoped to have a lot of sweet photos of the iconic views of local scenes such as the P*ortland H*ead L*ight and L.*L. B*ean and perhaps even the W*hite M*ountains of NH. It was not to be, except via bad photoshopping. The little princess basically hung out with me drinking a lot of tea, a lot of tea. She did enjoy a concert one day, but basically she was just invisible. Would you be interested in having her visit your corner? I'll send her anywhere. She's a quiet and very well behaved princess. The first person who mentions in comments that you'd like her to visit has the honor.

sitting on a tea cup

Last week the power company came to make the switch. And just yesterday, John finished the last stragglers. Yes, he did get the upper and lower levels reinsulated and sided on the right side of the photo. What crazy architecture this little haven has! I am not responsible for the raised roof side, but I do appreciate it when I'm in those rooms. Just the front and the garage to do now.

I love the look without all those wires all over the place. Hope that you can figure out the befores and the afters as I forgot to note them.


Now my progress, which is laughable.

Focusing on what was accomplished:

1. dog groomed
2. window painted
3. winter basket made
4. small pantry doors covered
5. silver polished including candlesticks and casserole holder

Five out of eighteen can't be all bad. = )

Now it's cleaning and doing some cooking tomorrow. Finally. And shopping. And decorating.

Don't forget, if you want The Flat Princess, and are the first to say so, she's all yours!


  1. Please have the Princess visit me. We may be doing some traveling in the near future and I can take her along!

  2. This is so cute. My grandson took Mr. Bendy on his vacation to the Grand Canyon this summer and took pictures of him everywhere. If The Flat Princess would like to visit Central Ohio, I would be very happy to host her.

  3. Vee, you were busy making mosaics, too! I'm with you...love the look without the wires. John's a keeper!! Your Christmas basket is so pretty. Molly is quite fetching ~ such a pretty girl. Isn't it funny how these little 4-legged furbabies seem to understand that they look better? Shiraz loves to be told how pretty she is after being groomed.

    Love your posts and always look forward to my morning visits.

  4. Hurray, for buried wires! Ours are buried, too, and I like it that way!

    They Flat Princess is likely enjoying her restful trip - it is so hard to be a Princess you know - always in the public eye and hounded by those dreaded paparazzi! You've allowed her the first chance to really just be herself in ages, I'm sure!

    Love your basket, the pantry door covers, Molly (I wish we would have met her!)and your beautiful window!

    That John is one handy man...you're blessed as am I!


  5. Well done on the list! All I got done yesterday was half of the dried fruit I need chopped for fruit cakes, which are, obviously, very late being made...ah, well, it'll all get done sooner or later.

    have a great day

  6. You have a winter basket? You are so far ahead of me it's pathetic. I don't think your little companion would have much fun here as I'm going to be making numerous trips from the first floor to the third floor attic for Christmas decor. I will need to rest for some time afterwards to recuperate to where I can arrange said decor.
    However, if you would like to come with her, I think I could use your energy and talent to get this done!
    What say you? :D

  7. I know the Flat Princess must have enjoyed her time with you. She seems to love to travel to different places....

    Hay, 5 things crossed off your to do list is a great accomplishment!!

    John is a good one, for sure!

  8. How fun with flat princess.

    Your done projects...that is the way to make a list...list what got done!
    Looks like you polished that silver. My candlesticks are shining on the table now.

    Yes he is a hero...yea for him. Having a handy man is a true blessing...enjoy and cheer him on.

  9. I love to-do lists...and I absolutely love checking things off those to-do lists. But your list yesterday made me tremble; it looked so daunting! I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with my own to-do's...and then out the door I went, with my mom and two of my daughters, to meet my aunt and sister at a town an hour away, for a day of lunch and shopping and gift exchange. Help!

    While I was gone, however, I was able to push that to-do list (mine and yours ;-) to the back of my consciousness, and had a lovely time.

    So this morning I read of your accomplishments...and am encouraged! Wow...you got a lot done yesterday! Hats off (Pilgrim hats, perhaps?) to you for your diligence. Love your basket...and those pantry doors...and that painted window! As I am planning a painting project as soon as the holidays are over, I am noticing such things as paint colors (even more than usual!).

    Now...on to my to-do list. In my favor, I have a resident 18-year-old who is extremely helpful...and a 10-year-old who wants to be extremely helpful but is a dawdler like her mama. Between the three of us, we should be able to put a dent in it.

  10. How fun! I would have loved to entertain the Flat Princess here. We had Flat Stanley visit us a while back. He is quite an entertaining chap.

    I love all of the progress you guys are miking around your place. It makes it feel almost new doesn't it? It truly pays to have a handy man around the house! =)

    I hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are looking forward to quality family time that doesn't involve a rush or travel.


  11. Wow, Vee, you're really going down that list, girl. Good job! Mom's having Thanksgiving, so I really don't have to do much around here. Must get my pansies planted, however. And a few bulbs out, and the house cleaned for kids coming, and the roast cooked today, and still trying to find a home for the cat my Josh left behind, and, and, and....

  12. Oh yes - the house looks great and John is MY hero, too! Do you hire him out?

  13. Well done on getting some of the things off your list. We still have half of this old house to re-side. Half is horizontal and half is vertical...oye!
    Your house is looking good.
    About that flat princess, I'm glad someone claimed her right off. I'm busy with a 3 dimensional princess!

  14. Vee,
    The Flat Princess is priceless! I would like a leisurely month with much relaxing and tea drinking!
    The projects you have gotten done are quite substantial!

  15. John just keeps going and going on the house - like the Energizer Bunny. It's looking so great, much better without all the wires. And I like the color.

    I would have loved a visit from the Flat Princess, maybe another time. She sounds like the perfect guest, quiet and undemanding, except for all those cups of tea.

    Now that she's moving on, I'm sure you'll continue ticking items off your list in no time!

    It's fun that we thought of the same sort of line on our Sunday posts this week. (And I still haven't polished that heap of silver on my counter top.)

  16. I so enjoy your pictures! I love how you arrange them. a special program? Looks like you are getting you list wittled away...Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. My cousins and I have an old cork bottle stopper that we named "El Corko" that we would pass around to each other. Whoever was going on a trip would take him along and take pictures of him admiring the sights and then we'd share the pictures online. What a hoot. I have no idea where he is now and who has him. Happy Thanksgiving.

  18. I'm sure the princess adored sipping tea with you. The mosaic is very cute, as is the one featuring your hero. He has earned that title, to be sure. Your view is looking even nicer now that the wires are out of sight.
    Sounds like you are making a good dent in your to do list. Everything is looking spiffy.

  19. What a cute idea. The flat princess is quite adorable. Your house is beautiful. Isn't it nice to have such a handy hubby? Yes, I'm working on my to do list too. I love your mention of not eating the Thanksgiving groceries LOL I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgivng! Many blessings to you and yours :>)

  20. Looks like your place was just the best for a Princess to enjoy!!!

    Great job on the house sweetie!

    God bless and have a marvelous Thanksgiving.

    Please drop by if ya get a chance, I'm havin' a giveaway! Woohoo!!! :o)

  21. It looks to me like you are making good progress. :)

    The flat princess reminded me of the beanie baby (bird?) that visited a large group of online friends for years.

    It came with a picture book which had pictures of it and the friend whom it was staying with at the time.

    I have the little guy and the photo book here and it is filled with pictures from America and Canada. Our Canadian friend passed away after a long battle with cancer last year so it is particularly touching.

    It was such a nice way to bring our long time online community together.

  22. Oh, the underground utilities is soooo much better! Even when we had the country cottage that sat off the road 350 feet, we had underground utilities. It cost extra, but oh I would have hated having utility poles marching across the acreage!

    You're making good progress on those chores! I guess we better get cracking ourselves on doing a little decorating. Emphasis on "little".

  23. I have never heard of the Flat Princess but she sounds like a lot of fun. I'm glad you got your wires underground before the snow comes and that your to do list is getting shorter. I'll wish you a blessed thanksgiving holiday now in case I don't get back here before then. Happy Thanksgiving from your Canadian neighbour! Blessings and hugs, Pam

  24. Wish she was with me right now, enjoying the sunshine and ocean for Thanksgiving! She is adorable. Glad you received her. I am also glad you got some things done on the list. I always feel like even one thing done is a job accomplished! Happy Thanksgiving.

  25. Vee
    I'm so glad someone else is taking the Flat Princess, she looks far too sophiticated and swank for me!
    I love the basket you made-is that bittersweet inside it?
    Is that the route New England is taking with their hydro lines-burying them? It makes sense considering the many power outages you have.
    Well, I think I've bombared you with enough questions. Sorry! I'm just too darn nosey for my own good
    I'll check back tomorrow!
    your way.

  26. I wish the power lines I look at daily could go down-under! Down-under would likely prevent some of our power outages as well. Enjoy your new and un-cluttered landscape. (Another reason to be thankful!)

    I'm sure the traveling princess quite enjoyed her month of down time...sipping tea and hanging out in New England. Was she in on your hair-cutting experience last week? Does she have her own blog? I think she might have some tales of her own to tell!

  27. Your home looks so pretty now...I wish our power lines could be put underground or at least minimalized. I had to laugh when I recently saw a historic cottage in NH from the 1600's with a cable dish on the roof :)

    My daughter is home this week and we have been getting a lot of wedding plans accomplished, which explains my absence. Glad to have a lot finished, but much more to go!

  28. Yeah, progress is a good thing, you'll get there, I have no doubt. I agree, house looks much better without the wires dangling about, congrats, another chore accomplished! Keep going, one at a time, good luck!

  29. I'm always too late for a visit! But I'm still trying! Love the fun! ♥

  30. The Diane that commented first doesn't have a profile to visit! So I can't go follow the Flat Princess around! lol ♥

  31. Looks like you have accomplished a lot Vee. I know you will be glad when it is all finished.

  32. Oh shucks, I would have LOVED to have had the flat princess. Maybe someday, that is if I can catch up to her!!

    Your home looks fabulous, as always!



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