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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mittens Lost and Found, Et Cetera

Don't you love cozy mornings by the tree? We do! Just prior to this photo, I had been sipping my coffee and working on the scarf mentioned in yesterday's post. Even Molly and Fioré show up for morning devotions. Molly's not always alert, but she's there listening to John's rumbly voice as he reads Our Daily Bread. Doesn't Fioré look particularly angelic? =)

Everything at our haven is in a state of not quite accomplished. The tree is up and needing more decorating. That tree is what made me brave life and limb on Black Friday. It's a slim, pre-lit tree, which doesn't impress me that much. There aren't enough lights, but the weary among us are quite happy with the status quo. The grands gave John and me a bit of a hard time with our *wee table tree last year.* The former tree is very tired, after nearly 25 years, and so it was time to upgrade. I get the distinct sense that this new tree is not much of an upgrade. It is quite high at 9 feet above the floor, enough to impress the grandsons.

While tidying up the laundry room this morning, I found the box of old mittens. Some pairs and lots of singles. I never could toss all the little ones that my children wore. Some are my nieces' mittens; one pair is Nan's; another pair is mine from college days. They have lots of stories to tell I'm sure. My mother single-handedly kept her grands in mittens, at first knitting them herself and then buying them at church bazaars. She would say that she couldn't do any better and the price was right. 

This morning, I began to think what I might do with them. There are mitten drives these days, of course, though my mitten stash is too near and dear to my heart to let go. I'll purchase a pair of mittens for the drive. Since I was already crocheting, I simply crocheted them onto a chain and strung them in the bay window. It's not done...perhaps some greenery to add. Anyway, you know that I'll show you again when it is done.

Oh, do look and see what has happened to the foot of snow that arrived last Wednesday.

Nearly gone! Those two tracks there on the hill that look like a driveway are the snow trail the kids made last Thursday for their sleds. Crazy weather and we are not complaining.

Just as I was finishing up with the mitten garland, I heard John's tread upon the stairs. Except the footsteps stopped at the door and I heard a knock. When I opened the door, there stood a man with his arms crooked and two wreaths hanging from each. He told me that I was the first to answer the door this morning. He said that his mother was making wreaths to sell so that she could buy her grandchildren Christmas gifts. He explained that the wreaths were very fresh as they had just been tipping Sunday afternoon and his mother had made ten wreaths yesterday.

They were indeed fresh and wonderfully fragrant and I could not have done any better and the price was right so I purchased one to hang upon my door. (It's not "done" either, but I'll show you once it is.)

"Merry Christmas! God bless you!" the man called as he walked back down my drive to his car.

Merry Christmas I called back and to your mother, too.

Have you shared Christmas greetings yet? It doth warm the heart and cheer the soul! 


  1. Hi Vee,
    What a great idea for using your precious mittens!

    I am sorry your new tree isn't quite up to snuff, but I know you'll transform it into something wonderful.

    I'm feeling the warmth of the Holidays too..

  2. My tree is yet to go up. I have a rather ominous suspicion that it won't fit in the place it has always been because of the advent of the sofas. Hmmm. Maybe I will try tomorrow.

    I love the mitten garland and your wreath looks splendid on your door. How nice you had the chance to buy a beautiful fresh one! And help a Grandmother buy presents too.

    I just love sitting in the lights of the tree in the mornings. Afternoons and evenings too. In fact just leave me there. Just the rumbly voice missing here, but I could listen to the devotions on the radio, of course!

  3. Your decorations are gorgeous and the pic of the tree looks so cosy.

  4. Hi Vee,
    Thank you for the visit..it meant the world to me...
    I have not yet wished anyone a Merry Christmas, so let me wish the first Merry Christmas to you! and God Bless.
    Your home is looking very festive to me. I haven't began to decorate. The mittens are just an adorable idea I love it!.
    Have a very sweet day, Big hugs Elizabeth

  5. I love what you have done with your mittens....

    Today I was out and about running errands and it was snowing. Just flurries, but it seemed everyone was smiling and happy....it made my Christmas heart smile too.

  6. I am so glad I took the time to read this post. Cool idea for the mittens!
    I love the story about the wreath salesman. Merry Christmas, indeed.

  7. 9ft! That should impress those boys!

    I love what you did with the mittens...it's a great way to display those treasured memories of your Mom.

    What a precious story about the wreath also! Glad you got one.


  8. Vee,
    You have indeed been busy! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving too!
    Your tree makes the room so cozy, as do the afghans and the cat and dog. Lovely.
    I must learn how to do mosaics. Must do it. Right now I have no header because...I've reached my quota of pictures? We'll see what happens when I try to post...
    Have a terrific week!

  9. Vee,
    The tree is in the stand1 We decided to get a fresh one this year. I think my vacuum will smell like pine for a year. I had forgotten how the needles drop. And I need some more lights. But when it is all done, the early morning time with the tree is my favorite.

    I love your garland of mittens. Just lovely.


  10. The mittens hung in the window are adorable. I am still trying to come up with a few ideas for our windows! :)


  11. Vee,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have left comments before just under my name of Kay Guest. Now, that I have my own blog, perhaps I will not be so shy to leave comments!
    Love your idea of the mittens on a crochet chain. The wreath on your front door is beautiful. I usually make one myself for my door.
    Merry Christmas!

  12. Love your new header (forgot to mention that yesterday), love your new tree (perfect), love your mitten garland (great idea), and love your new wreath! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Now, let's bring back the snow!! Blessings to you. Pamela

  13. Vee:

    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Yours is just DARLING. I love the mittens crocheted and hanging, as well as the branch with the cookie cutters. HOW CREATIVE ARE YOU, GIRL! I'm linking to your blog right this minute!


  14. I think that it is so clever of you to make a mitten chain. It gets me thinking what I might use for decorations.

  15. I LOVE your mitten garland!

    I bought a fresh 25 foot garland this afternoon at Sam's. I would have preferred to buy a freshly made wreath delivered right to my door as you did!

    I love mornings in December. We have our devotions in the den in front of the fireplace. It has been cold enough for a fire even here in Texas!!

    Merry Christmas!

  16. The mitten garland is precious!!! Such a great idea. I haven't started Christmas decor yet, but very soon! I love lights, so that is always what goes up first. We cut our own tree from our ranch, so that won't go up until later, but I put out everything else. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your decor.


  17. Great idea with the mittens!!
    I haven't done anything for Christmas yet. I have to wait until Dec.
    I would have bought a wreath too. : )

  18. I love the wreath! And the mitten garland is a very cute idea! Maybe now that we live in Florida, I could make one! ♥

  19. We retired our heavy worn out tree last year and replaced it with a pre-lit skinny tall tree. It went up the day before Thanksgiving, and I have sure enjoyed watching the lights in the early morning.
    I love your wreath- such a sweet blessing to that grandmom who wanted extra money to buy Christmas.

  20. Hi Vee,

    WOW!! I loved opening your blog just now ... mind if tomorrow morning I come back just to sit with my coffee and stare at your pics! How warm and comforting it is here! The pic that comes up when your blog is opened ... is this a header? I just love, love, LOVE this pic the best! I want to stand at that window and peer out (maybe to see turkey vultures! LOL!!), and the mittens! Oh my goodness, what a super-fun idea! Thank you for the blessing I received simply from visiting you here this evening!!


  21. Love the mittens garland, Vee. Haven't been out but will be sharing Merry Christmas when I do. Oh, all that beautiful snow is G O N E!! Love that wreath, so inviting.

    All done decorating here ... so enjoying my pinks everywhere. Got all the parcels wrapped & labeled for shipping yesterday & today.

    Now getting ready for the Antietam Battlefield Illumination this Saturday. I cook for 100 people all by myself.

    Have a great week.
    TTFN ~

  22. What a lovely post! Love your photos and the wreath story. The wreath is gorgeous and the mitten garland is a wonderful idea! I have a skinny tree and like it very well, so does Stormy. :D

  23. Oh I love that mitten garland. No decorating here yet. .but soon. The tree will be cut down on Thursday. I think! So far it is just Christmas baking here.

  24. Hey Vee - don't know if anybody's suggested it yet, But...

    How would your mittens look on the tree? You said you needed more decorations! It'll either look great of it'll look silly. But it sounded like an idea to try!

    I think it's neat that you've kept them all these years - we don't really do mittens down here - if we need anything it's usually gloves. More than likely, they're usually not needed unless we get a rare snow...

    How cool was that about that fellow selling the wreaths??? It reminded me of an old-fashioned Christmas! I love it! Wish somebody would come to my house with something like that!

  25. And mittens on your wreath! Why, mittens everywhere!


  26. I love the wreath...and the wreath story...and may th grandmother find the funds to buy gifts for her grands.

    And the lost mitten garland...great idea.

    We read from the 'daily bread' on a daily basis as well...though we have no cats and dogs nearby. It makes a nice picture...gathering around the tree for devotions!

  27. Oh Vee such charming things going on in your home, from mitten garlands to fresh wreaths, what a mood you are setting. I am excited about my new tree. I think I have down graded, from real to fake, but this one is a keeper. It was up in three minutes. No fluffing or fuss. That made all the fakeness of the fake tree not so hard to swallow. We went for a slim 7.5 footer.

  28. That was so nice of you to answer the door and purchase a lovely wreath for your home! I am sure you helped a wonderful person by showing kindness. More of us should do the same! I love that you have kept all those mittens thru the years. Another idea would be to attached each on a quilt square and make a beautiful mitten quilt/throw to bring out each year. Love them as a garland too! Have a wonderful day!

  29. Vee
    My DH & I also read Our Daily Bread, plus The Upper Room, for our morning devotions. Neat to think a friend so far away is reading and pondering the same scriptures and praying.
    I love your wreath. That was a blessing to the dear lady & you too. Perfect timing.
    I can't imagine a 9' tree. We have done the table tree the last few years too. But since we are home this year and have children coming, we will go scanvengering for a tree in the woods here.
    Your mitten garland is a wonderful idea. Especially because of the
    story behind each mitten. You were smart to hold on to items you have that are reminders of those who have come before us. I have a few special things, but not nearly as much as you.
    I'm too wordy today! Have a good one-Kimberly

  30. No tree for us this year; this playful cat of ours would break all my ornaments.

    I collect nativity sets, so I have them sitting around with some greenery and candles.

    I love how you've displayed the mittens!!!
    Sweet story about the wreath...very pretty too! I love it when people help one another.

    Your kitty and puppy look so serene and pretty!

  31. Vee, your post is delightful. You are very blessed indeed. I feel at home when I visit your blog.

    I adore your mitten garland. Your den looks so inviting with the tree, the dog, and your sweet cat. Nothing better than having morning devotional.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting. I am humbled by you following my blog.

    You are richly blessed.

  32. Love the mitten garland! Vee-please visit me over at my new site: Simply Linda http://imthebusymom.blogspot.com

    Have a great day!

  33. I just loved reading your post today. Your haven sounds so warm and inviting. I love your idea of stringing your mittens. Every day warm memories will flood your home. Your tree looks beautiful and I love your header! Happy Advent! Many blessings to you and your family ♥

  34. Oh wow, you're getting ahead of me here. -giggles- A new posting pattern hu? Trying to mess-with-the-"Olden"-lady hu??? ,-)

    Yeah, we put up our wee little tree again, and will "get grief" for it, again. But we arrrrrrrrrrre "Olden" and so we have an excuse. :-)

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    "Something about an old-fashioned Christmas
    is hard to forget."
    ~~Hugh Downs

  35. Your wreath is beautiful, and I love your mitten garland! We still haven't put our tree up -- maybe this weekend.

  36. What a wonderful post sweet Vee, you made me feel as though I was cozied up by the fire enjoying your home with you!! And the mitten garland is such a wonderful idea!!! I should make one with my little mitten tutorial mittens...well, we'll see, I already have a long to-do list! Hoping you are doing so good and staying warm, hugs and love, Dawn


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