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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eighty Years Ago

Eighty years ago, November 3, 1931, my grandparents were married in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Of all the wonderful photos in my possession, I have not been able to find my grandmother's wedding photos. They show a bride dressed in the style of the day with a close-fitting cap and long veil and a wedding gown described as dual-level with the front at her knees and extending down gradually to full-length on the sides and back.

Several weeks ago, I won a giveaway at Karen's A Scrapbook of Inspiration. The offer was to create a piece of fabric via Spoonflower. If you've never visited Karen's blog, you really must brew a cup of tea and make a piece of toast with jam, and treat yourself to an event. I mean this most seriously. Nothing like it exists in Blogdom. If you enjoy magic, Narnia magic as Brenda would say, you'll enjoy Karen's Scrapbook. Needless to say, I was thrilled to win!

Working with Karen was delightful. She was so patient with me as I changed my mind and fiddle-flipped around. When we both had the piece just as we wanted, I asked her to add something more and she did. Without. saying. a. word. (She might've been saying a word on her end, but never to me. ☺) Thank you, Karen, for helping me to create something so meaningful to me and my family. It blessed me so very much.

Sometimes I get so ahead of myself...beep-beep-backing-up...this is the gift as I first found it sitting in the chair on the deck just outside my door.

Notice the foreshadowing on the package...

The exquisite card and gift

Sweet details

The fabric

based on these images sent

The final product~a gift for my sister's birthday

The pillow tells a story, which probably would only have meaning for family members. (I could be begged to tell more being the loquacious gal I am. < insert cheeky grin >) I have enough fabric to make more pillows and will get to my own pillow at some point. I also want to share the frame that I found recently at TJMaxx. It had the year "1931" on it and so I knew where I was going to save some of the ephemera I've always held dear...my grandfather's business card and an envelope in lovely script written to my grandmother. The fabric and the frame came together in the same week...a God-wink I believe.

Not all of us are blessed with "things" that help us to remember so I am grateful to be blessed with such treasures. Most of all, I am blessed and grateful that my grandparents married all those years ago because three years and three days later, my beautiful mother was born.

Thank you for hanging in there and reading to the end; I promise shorter posts for the remainder of the week.

Edited to Add on April 12, 2013

This wedding description is from a yellowed newspaper clipping re-found just this morning and typed up to document here. It is interesting and even amusing to read. It is also lengthy. I feel as if I could have been there.

Wedding a Pretty
Nuptial Event

     Popular Moncton Young Lady, Miss Irene Delahunt, became the bride of  John W. Parker of Brownville, Me.
     The residence of Mr. and Mrs Fred R. Delahunt, 52 Enterprise Street (unreadable) ...ding last evening when their only daughter, Miss Irene C. Delahunt, became the bride of Mr. John W. Parker, of Brownville, Me. The ceremony at eight o'clock was peformed in the presence of a large number of guests by Rev. Neil Herman, former pastor of the First Baptist Church here, who came especially from Halifax to officiate at the nuptial event.
     The ceremony took place in the drawing room beneath a beautifully decorated arch of evergreens and Japanese Jack o' Lantern flowers of orange shade while large baskets of orange and yellow mums flanked the arch on each side. The staircase was also executed in similar attractive decorations and a feature of the bridal procession was the aisle formed by eight girl friends of the bride with wide white satin ribbon, on which were fastened colorful bouquets of evergreen and Jack o'Lantern flowers. As the ceremony commenced, they circled in on the bridal party forming a crescent (unreadable) each side of the arch.
     The bride was charming in a beautiful gown of white satin, fashioned along Princess lines, and wore a bridal veil and a cap of Point d'Esprit lace, with the conventional orange blossoms. She carried a large shower bouquet of pink roses and lilies of the valley and was given in marriage by her father, entering the room to the strains of Lohengrin played by Miss Constance Cowan, while the latter young lady also sang very sweetly "Oh Promise Me," during the signing of the register. As the minister completed the ceremony the bride was showered with rose petals from a white satin bell which was suspended from the centre of the arch. Little Sheila Keating, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Keating, was the only attendant making a very winsome flower girl in her pretty dress of pink organdie.
     Following the tieing of the nuptial knot, the bridal party and guests repaired to the dining room where a delicious luncheon was served by the girl friends of the bride, Miss Marjorie Keith serving at the bride's table. Here again the decorations were attractively arranged, the color scheme being orange and yellow, with roses and 'mums predominating, while the buffet was banked with evergreens and baby mums. Centering the table was a huge three tier wedding cake, adorned on top with a miniature bride and groom standing beneath a floral arch. White satin ribbons were festooned from the electrolier to the four corners of the room and to the dining table. Rev. Mr. Herman made a brief but very pleasing address in which he extended congratulations to the newly wedded couple and wished them every happiness and prosperity on their voyage through life.
     After receiving the congratulations and best wishes of the guests the happy couple followed by a large number of relatives and friends motored to the C.N.R. depot where, amidst showers of confetti and best wishes, Mr. and Mrs. Parker left on the Maritime Express on their honeymoon trip Western Canada and the Pacific Coast. On their return, they will take up residence at Brownville, Maine, where the groom is a well known locomative engineer on the Canadian Pacific Railway. For traveling, the bride was attired in a smart dress of black and white, with hat to correspond and wore a white fur.
     The bride was for some years past a popular member of the district office of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. here, and the popularity she enjoyed was attested to in the large array of beautiful and handsome presents she received, including silver, cut glass, gold, cheques, china, chests of silver, oil paintings, linen, and many other fancy and useful articles. The bride was also the guest at several showers given in her honor prior to the nuptial event. The groom's gift to the bride was a substantial cheque. Both bride and groom also received many congratulatory telegrams from different places in Canada and the U.S.A. last evening.
     Among guests from out of town present at the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. William Beaumont of Boston; Mrs. Parker and daughter, Inez, of Salisbury; Mrs. Chas. Delahunt and Mr. Lloyd Delahunt, Charlottetown.
Just for the record, I've never found the silver, gold, chests of silver or oil paintings. Ha!

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  1. What a beautiful way to share photos and memories. These precious items are no longer hidden away, but are out for you and your family to enjoy all of the time.

    Vee, you're always busy doing such wonderful things. Thank you for sharing this...an opportunity to create our own treasures!

    I'll be back later to visit Karen's blog.

  2. How wonderfully special, Vee! I love the way that you have chosen to preserve and share your family memories. I know that your dear sister will treasure the pillow. You are definitely blessed to have these mementos of your past to treasure now and to share with the future.

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  3. This is my tactful way of saying "you must share the story"! :) Also, I'd love to be able to read what the letter says. (I'm so nosy!) The pillow is beautiful and such a keepsake piece. What a thoughtful gift to give!

  4. Yep sounds like a God wink to me too. I love what you've decided to do. I'm hopeful that you find the missing photos. My grandparents didn't have wedding days - both sets basically eloped. But they all had a love that lasted a lifetime:)

    I like to pour a cup of coffee before I read your blog:)

    Enjoy your day!

  5. What a wonderful way to preserve memories!

  6. Fantastic, Vee - what a beautiful cushion! Your sister will treasure it, I am sure.

    When I was teaching at the first school after Geoff died, we had the kind of printer which prints designs onto fabric, and before I left, I made some, with Geoff's photos with the children on, and then used it to make into memory quilts for the 3 children. I loved that!

  7. First of all...I rather of like loquaciousness (as long as the speaker is saying something and not nothing, and thankfully, you are the former ;-). So I thank you for sharing the details of this post, and I do hope that you will tell the rest of the story.

    What a delightful gift...full of memories and family history and personal touch! Beautiful! (And please share any future projects using this special fabric...)

    I am enjoying this "Giving Thanks" series! (If I had not just come off of a month-long series--my first!--I'd jump right in.)

  8. "First of all...I rather like loquaciousness"...without the random "of" inserted. (The grammar police will come and get me if I don't correct that.)

  9. absolutely wonderful! I would be thrilled to receive this, your sister is a blessed girl!

    Go ahead, tell us the rest of the story, loquacious you!


  10. Your fabric is amazing! Karen did a wonderful job creating it...she can do anything with fabric! How special to have this to share with family members! I would have cried. Hugs! ♥

  11. Karen is so wonderfully talented! I love her. Your fabric is wonderful and your sister will enjoy this gift so much. What a great idea Vee!

  12. Oh Vee! What a treasure! I love your heart for your family.

    I am going to visit this website soon!

    Doing this party for my mother in law I have become aware of how special something like this would be to her and the whole family...more ideas are now swirling in my head!


  13. This is just beautiful, Vee. I am about to cry just looking at all these memories - makes me think of my own grandparents and mother. My mom was an only child. This is just... I am speechless. Your sis will love this, I love it, too. I'll have to check into this myself. What a lovely gift and an inspired idea!

  14. Vee,

    Your post is beautiful, and your pillow looks gorgeous. Thank you for your kind words. I loved working with you on your design. You made it so easy, and working on something so important made me feel your joy.

    I am going to link up to your post for Pink Saturday. Your sister is going to be tickled pink when she receives this pillow. I love your last words about your beautiful mother being born. You are filled with so much love.

    Have a beautiful day.


  15. What a special one of a kind gift!! This is absolutely AMAZING!!

  16. This is such a beautiful post, Vee. The pillow is so lovely and I'm sure your sister will love it. I will be back to check out the link to Karen's site.
    Btw, be as loquacious as you'd like...I think the longer posts suit you! You have a gift with words.
    Have a great day!

  17. Vee ..so beautiful and such inspiration. I think that pillow is just perfect. big sigh ..I should do this too.

  18. Hi Vee!

    Your sister is one lucky lady! What a beautiful, heartfelt gift! How wonderful to design your own fabric - what a splendid idea!

    Your grandmother's wedding dress sounds beautiful, I hope you find the picture soon so that you can share it with us!

    I was not blessed with many family treasures, so I really enjoy looking at what others have - I would love to hear your stories, I know that they would be so fun and interesting, and told in such a way that only you can tell them!


  19. That is a really cool idea! Something that could be put together for an anniversary gift while a couple are still young...and can pass it down through the family! Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece!

  20. Oh! Vee, I am sitting here admiring this so much and thinking of what a wonderful heirloom to be past from one generation to another. I am trying to imagine the joy your sister will feel when she receives such a treasure. How are you going to top this?? You never cease to amaze me! What long post? I didn't read a long post! ~smile~
    Karen is so talented and inspirational, i enjoy her blog.
    Enjoy your day.

  21. I'm all a-swoon with this lovely post. Your fabric made into the pillow makes such a sweet tribute. I must have a second cup and some pumpkin bread and go over and check out that site.

  22. Vee
    This will definitely become a heirloom. You better have another one made!!
    Your pillow is an imaginative way of displaying your memories. A beautiful resting place for them.
    You are very blessed to have the collection that you do. Someone in my family has taken my childhood photos along with most of my parents, so now I have nothing to pass on to my children. My heart is broken and I feel like pieces of my life have been torn from me.
    It especially hurts because they could easily have had them copied for all of us children to enjoy, but instead have chosen to hoard for themselves.
    Sorry, I didn't mean to cry on your shoulder! Your post just brought it all to the surface again.
    Take care-Kimberly

  23. That's lovely Vee, thanks for sharing.

  24. This is just awesome. I have been on her site and inspired. I told my husband there was some way of printing on fabric and I wanted to learn how. I haven't visited in awhile, but must go back...it is soooooooooo interesting to me.

    This is just precious...a real treasure...heirloom.

  25. This certainly is a treasure. I just found your blog while trolling. Enjoyed your pictures and insights. Will visit often.

  26. I think that you feel for your family and history what I feel for mine - intense love and gratitude.

    What a beautiful way to remember your grandparents - your sister will treasure the pillow. I hope it isn't long before yours is out for you to enjoy.

  27. Oh I love that pillow Vee! What a great idea. Of course, Moncton is an awesome city to be born, raised and married in. Well, I was born and raised there but married in Mactaquac. It's so cool that we have that city in common. I love that you found the photo frame to go with the theme. Your blog wasn't too long at all! What a special gift! Hugs, Pam

  28. I follow karen's blog too. She's so very talented, but most of all I love her inspirations and her big heart.

    I'm so impressed that you have so many wonderful keepsakes from your grandparents....what a blessing that is!

    Karen's gift to you is wonderful, and what you've done with the fabric is priceless.......so beautiful.

    Reading your blog always leaves me with a smile on my face.....thank you.

  29. Girl, that's the sweetest tribute to your lovely grandparents. What a treasured heirloom to pass on to the next generation.

    I love the idea and don't ya love those God winks???

    God bless ya and have an extraordinary day sweetie!!! :o)

  30. What a clever idea!
    And such a lovely thanks post.

  31. What a precious keepsake. I am so glad that YOU won that giveaway!

  32. how perfectly wonderful...love this!! xo terri

  33. What a special keepsake! And what a great idea...a scrapbooked pillow. Beautiful job...Karen and Vee!

  34. What precious memorabilia- you are blessed indeed!I have very few from my ancestors- but I do treasure the few letters I have the most.

  35. Wow, what a great post and story. I popped over to Karen's blog at the point (beginning of blog) where you provided the link. I got so in awe over there, I almost forgot to come back. I'm glad I did, seeing that beautiful pillow, amazing and such a keepsake.

  36. Too long?....never! This is the sort of post that I like and always wish would go on a little longer. I hope you find the photos of your grandparents' wedding.
    I have quite a lot of family in Moncton - I haven't been there for two years, but we keep in touch.

  37. Such an incredible way to store up those memories and at the same time, to share them with others in a visual way. Love the way it turned out. I see the generational blessings in your family and appreciate how you so lovingly honor your dear grandmother and mother.

  38. Vee, such a beautiful keepsake! Now of course I want tea, toast and jam and to stop by Karen's blog! Very inspiring in both beauty and creativity!

  39. How lucky you were to win this and then to use it in such a wise way to make something deeply meaningful for you and your family.....Your sister will be thrilled. And I hope you will allow yourself to be persuaded to share that story with us!

  40. o, that is a gorgeous keepsake, Vee.
    I am on my way to visit Karen...just as soon as my tea is brewed and my toast is golden. :))

  41. Such a beautiful treasure and a great way to visually share such a sweet memory!

  42. I have not visited Karen before, so I can see I must do that soon. This pillow is a most beautiful keepsake and sure beats keeping all of those treasures in a drawer or attic. I have no doubt that your sister will be thrilled to receive it.
    I also can't believe how perfect the frame is with 1931 on it.
    Lovely post and now I feel we do need to hear more about this story.

  43. Vee - the heirloom you've created is a story just asking to be told. Thanks for sharing the finished product with us. It's so true that some family treasures have meaning and give substance to the oral family history our relatives have shared with us over the years. Sometimes a person needs to write these stories down so that they'll not be forgotten. The farmer reminded me of this a few weeks ago and I will try to start a family history journal now that the torch has been passed to me as the oldest "child"...

  44. I'm just catching up, Vee, and these last few posts I've missed are so sweet and uplifting. I've read all that I missed, and enjoyed every single word. Just a friend chatting about what life holds for her at the moment, family ties, and the things that move her on. I like it. It's what makes me stick with the blogging thing! Thanks Again!

  45. What a lovely personal give away piece to win, Vee! Karen's photo fabric tranfer work is exquisite! You are indeed lucky to have so much memorabilia from your grandparents. This is a treasure!

  46. Yes so blessed. Loved seeing the memorabilia.
    Your Mother was born 2 days before Alan who is 80 tomorrow.