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Friday, November 11, 2011

Brrrr...It's a Novembery Day

Dull November brings the blast,
Then the leaves are whirling fast.
~Sara Coleridge

Hear those skittering leaves and the gentle howl of the wind?

We've been enjoying a busy Novembery day. John has been working outside and has now come inside...more on that in a bit.

This morning, he put the new siding on the cheekwall outside my sewing room. While I puttered in my warm and cozy room, he was outside in the wind and cold.

When I went outside to see what he'd been doing, I saw this little leaf in the puddle. Looks as if it has been there too long and is becoming a frog!

It even looks cold, doesn't it?

John's Afternoon Project

I am loving my new window and will show it again once the moldings are on.

Hope that you are having a pleasant Veterans Day and I hope that you've had the opportunity to thank a veteran. If one lives at your house, would you thank him or her for me?


  1. The video perfectly captures the sounds that wind creates. I love four seasons and the marvels of each.

    What will John do to keep busy during the winter months? It seems that he's happiest when busy.

    New windows make such a difference.

    Oh, and I will give your message to Keith.

  2. Very Novembery indeed! It rained here all night and morning and now it's just cloudy and cold. Murray is putting bats of insulation in the attic space! Fun job. I had to take everything out of the closet so he can climb up through the hole! That closet has a lot of my Christmas decor and the kids toys and books and photo albums all on large shelves!! You should see the bedroom now. I hope John gets the siding on so your house will be wrapped in warmth for the winter. Hugs, Pam

  3. Vee
    Sounds wintery alright! Yes, I'm most happy that I am of the more 'delicate' sex whenever I'm inside drinking my tea, while my husband is outside working on a project!
    And I go gaga over paned windows. I know their a 'pain' to wash, but their worth it I think.They have so much more character than ordinary windows.

  4. Even here in Phoenix, it is acting like November--cloudy and cool. Your house is lookin good.

  5. Very dull, grey and rainy here in Wales but mild for the time of year. Your house does look good.

  6. Love your new window. Cold and windy here today too.
    I'll thank Ken for you. : )

  7. One lives in my house...and has a purple heart! I'll give him a Yankee dime! Love your new window! Keep it closed...it's cool today! ♥ We are back in Florida and it is in the 60s..which is cool for here! ♥

  8. John does beautiful work!

    It was certainly a blustery day here, too. I ran out to take photos of the trees before all the leaves were gone.

    Lots of Vets in my family and I'm very gratful for the service of each one.

  9. Today began sunny and bright and quickly turned blustery. Wild hordes of leaves whipped across the roads and the trees shed branches to add to the mess. Novemberish, indeed!

    I'm thankful for those who served our country (countries) and for husbands like John (and my Tim) who work so hard for their families. Mine is installing a new garage door opener just now.

  10. A beautiful day here today. I spent most of the day with loving daughter, Stacy Leigh, and then the rest of the day Christmas shopping for stocking stuffers....Body Works is a fantastic place for that. :)
    I tried out so many scents, I smell sooo good...kinda confused, maybe...but GOOD. :))
    Mr. Sweet is out of town and I am trying to decide what to have for dinner...all alone....by myself...dinner for ONE....every now and then, I love it.! :))

  11. I just said to Terry when he came in for coffee that I was loving this storm. He had his hot cup of coffee. .put on dry socks and got ready to go back out.
    I said. ..OH. .I just realized. .I am a fair weather storm loving girl. He so agreed. I love them from the inside.

  12. Beautiful pics.....LOVE that 'frog' leaf!!

    I gave LD a hug for you!! He was in the Army.....

  13. It is looking very Novembery at your house, especially the photo of the tree. John's hard work is paying off as everything looks so nice.
    I think you have the right idea to stay in the cozy sewing room.
    Your new kitchen window looks really pretty.
    We are currently watching Michigan State play North Carolina in basketball aboard an aircraft carrier. A really neat tribute to our veterans, I think.

  14. Our weather today was too nasty to work outside. I love the look of your new window. Looking forward to more photos! Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Vee, sounds sorta like that here, too, only our wind is blowing out of the south today and we're supposed to have low to mid 70's tomorrow. I can tell it's fall around here - the nights are getting chilly.

    I like your new kitchen window. You'll really enjoy looking out while in the kitchen. Bless John! He's so handy - wish I could borrow him for a bit! I've got several honey-do projects that my honey don't do!

  16. It sure looks like winter is approaching in your part of the USA.....
    Your house is looking so good!!! John is something else..... and that's a good thing!

  17. It does look cold there Vee! It is very chilly here too. I finally got my dark wax, so I can finish my hutch. My sweet husband is a veteran of Viet Nam. And yes, I did thank him.....

  18. I'll pass along your thanks to my original Flyboy - Mr OP:)

    John sure does seem to be keeping himself busy - you're blessed.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  19. I know cold, blustery weather is coming here, too, but I can wait! Your new window looks great, your John has been a busy guy.
    My hubby is a Vietnam veteran and I did thank him!
    Have a great weekend!

  20. It has been like that at our place today, too! Tim was busy helping a friend with some trees, that meant more wood for us! So great. He said Rachel was a big help to him - she is quite the girl. Kyle and Sarah with him too.

    I ran around to get groceries and take the other girlies to work...the younger girls went to a birthday party in the afternoon and then back out for me to get the girls from work.

    I'm tired!

    The house is looking great!


  21. My word, he is a handy man. Nothing beats the ability to make things happen with your own two hands.

    A wonderful leaf photo, but then again, all your photos are nice. It looks very pretty (and cold) where you live. Getting frosty here too.

    xo Terri

  22. Everything is looking great..what accomplishments.

    I would enjoy seeing a true fall once in my life, we do have leaves fall, but not much color or coolness.

  23. Everything is looking great Vee, as one who went through remodeling, I know of the anxiousness of wanting a finished project. Like I said that light is getting brighter and brighter! ~smile~

    Enjoyed the photos,our leaves are falling as fast as dh can get them raked.

    I so appreciate our veterans too!.
    Enjoy your day,

  24. A window over the sink...divine!
    Yes, it sure was a Novembery day! The kitten spent the morning chattering excitedly at the blowing leaves he could see through the windows. Silly kitten.


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