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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Different Perspective

And I'm speaking literally.

The projects continue outside and inside. Sometimes the projects are interrupted by another's agenda. Like yesterday when I saw my neighbor enter the garage door and so went to ask him if I could help. What did he want? He wanted to clear the leaves from the front lawn for us, but there was that dastardly pile of snow.

Thus ended my indoor project for the day as I soon found myself chipping away at snow and ice. Then I found myself dog sitting Shadow while my neighbor mulched leaves. It was the least I could do and everything looks so neat and tidy now.

Because I was hanging out with Shadow, I was able to take some photos of our home from a different perspective. I got to see what my neighbor sees. I'm so happy that his view is slowly improving.

Notice all the color that still remains toward the ravine?  We've had a wonderful extended autumn, if one doesn't mind an unexpected snowstorm and more muted colors than usual.

And if the foliage disappoints, one can always look up to those crystal clear blue, blue skies.

Thanks, Shadow, for getting me out of the house!

Today it's off to vote and finish that project.

A happy Tuesday to you...


  1. What fun it is to see your home with all the new siding and windows. The bay window is beautiful and I love the 3 long windows. Which room are they in?

    Your autumn is lingering and I hope your spring is early. Thanks for sharing your walk and thanks to Shadow for helping! (Shadow has the sweetest, kindest face.)

  2. I commented to the hubs yesterday on the bluest blue of the sky, just gorgeous. November is, so far, turning into a lovely month...

    Things look lovely and tidy with that very attractive property your neighbor looks onto :)

    and I agree, that pooch has the sweetest face.

    have a blessed Tuesday

  3. Sounds like another productive day for you - even though it wasn't on your list. Good for you for being flexible!

  4. How nice to have that job done. Warren has rigged up a leaf sucker, mulcher and catcher. I hear we are going to do one last round with it that will involve everyone....pulling leaves from all of the spaces around the house and deck.

    Everything looks so neat and tidy at your place.

  5. The light is getting brighter and brighter, Vee, I am so glad you all are almost finished. Everything looks great.

    So glad Shadow was able to keep you company as you enjoyed the beautiful autumn day, We too are having an extended fall, and am so thankful for that too. BTW Shadow is adorable, and what a nice neighbor you have too!!
    Enjoy your day.

  6. Oh, I love how neat and tidy it looks. We have leaves to deal with today. I think I am just going to mulch them with the mower.

    Yesterday Tim took down 4 trees that were damaged in the storm. All the kids helped with chopping stacking, hauling, etc.

    After shopping, I cut back my front garden. I love putting the garden to bed for the winter. More to do today!


  7. Your land is beautiful Vee! What a gorgeous view you must have out those windows.

  8. It is a joy to see projects moving on and things looking more as you hope to see them........I love the view toward your ravine. In this picture it's so airy and mellow at the same time.

  9. I love what your friend said to you in comfort and support of your grieving. I so believe that to be true. I sobbed terribly at the losses of our parents and then in the next moment smiled through my tears at the hope.

    About today's post. I love seeing the neighbors view to. ..thank you Shadow for making that happen.
    I love that pile of leaves...oh to jump in it.

    And. .thanks for letting me know about my blog updating. I think it must have something to do with resetting my template fresh and having the navbar again. We might need to do another experiment. :)

  10. It looks like you are getting everything in order for the season ahead. I love your lawn. I would be trying to play frisbee with Shadow! ♥

  11. Wish everyone in the whole world would occasionally step back and note what their neighbors see.

    Maybe we could get congress to declare one day a year "National Go Outside and Look At Your Property To See What Your Neighbor Sees" day.

    (followed by National Fix Your Messy Property Day"!)

  12. Hi Vee,
    I agree with the previous commenter, she has a great idea!

    Shadow looks like a sweet friend. Bet you two had some fun!
    Your property is looking good and how lucky you are to have beautiful trees near.

    A big THANK YOU for posting my button, sure hope lots of people show up!

  13. I also agree that looking at your own property from a neighbor's perspective can be an eye opener. When we lived in the suburbs, the view from my neighbor's master bedroom was of our garbage cans! We built an arbor over them.

    Vee, your home is lovely from ALL perspectives!

  14. Your home is really looking spiffy, Vee! I think that Shadow is enjoying the fruits of your labors, too, from the look on his sweet face!
    No blue skies here lately. We're getting some much needed rain, though!
    Hope your day is a good one!

  15. Hi Vee,

    You motivate me, honestly you do. It is nice to see the blue sky today. Shadow looks like a sweetie.

    Have a beautiful day.


  16. A very nice perspective. Now that's the kind of pet I could live with...one that just visits now and again!
    Have fun with your project. I'm dropping off our ballots this morning.

  17. I love that clean, fresh lawn look in the fall. And how fun to spend time with Shadow while the work is being done. Happy autumn (pre-winter is past!). Enjoy a great day!

  18. Lovely post and a beautiful perspective!!
    Love your Shadow! I had one....my oldest daughter has her now.

  19. Very pretty view. I love your dog.
    It is very nice to visit with you and see what you see.

  20. Your home is in a beautiful setting with all the trees, and the ravine at the back. It's interesting to look at your home from someone else's perspective, isn't it?

    This past summer we were invited to our neighbour's home across the street and I was struck by how different our home looked from that angle.

    I hope you get to your list of things to accomplish today. Maybe the Lord knew you needed a different sort of day yesterday.

  21. Ahhh, to have those leaves mulched and gone... I need to get on that project. It will have to wait until weekend. As when I get home from work there is only about an hour of day light left... Beautiful place!

  22. Sometimes those days we get side tracked turn out better than we thought the day would. : )

  23. It's always nice to get a fresh perspective of our homes and yards from the neighbor's vantage point. Yours is looking very neat and tidy. The trees and ravine are just lovely.

  24. Unplanned days are many times the best...
    Your home looks great.....y'all should be so proud of all the improvements you've made.
    Love, love the big trees and the ravine....you live in a beautiful area!

  25. What a wonderful neighbor!! Different perspectives can be beautiful! Your outside view is just lovely. It has been a nice autumn. The south (at least our area) is not used to such vivid color as we have had this year. It's been enjoyable. It's funny how you guys dread the snow we and totally look forward to it!

    Enjoy returning to your own agenda,

  26. It's nice to get out of the house while the weather is still mild. We will be in the house for a long time once the frigid winter arrives. I can't believe it was 70 degrees here today!

    Shadow is a handsome looking dog. Is he a black lab? I've always been more of a cat person, but all my friends, and my son, have dogs so they are winning me over :)

    Your house looks so pretty sititng near that grove of trees and pines.

  27. You have a beautiful yard Vee! I love the photo of the bare trees and branches reaching to that beautiful blue sky. You have a very good neighbour :)

  28. Vee
    That is one large yard and one big pile of leaves. Good thing the g'kids aren't there, those leaves could've ended up all over the place again!
    I noticed the ladder against your dormer. Are you doing work on it too? Does one ever get done with projects? I know I never do!

  29. I have always thought of your home as being in the true sense a "home" and I am right (just ask Mr. B, I'm "right" a lot!)And Shadow enhances it and your life, I'm certain! By the way..I so loved your Sunday post. My thoughts and love are with you...

  30. Well hello there Shadow!
    Vee, you have such a beautiful yard, and all those trees!

  31. Your neighbors have a good view. Fall is showing us its last hurrahs of color. Thanks for sharing

  32. Hi Vee!

    Your home is just beautiful! I just love the photo of the sky with the bare branches - so pretty!!


  33. A job well done! And Shadow is a beauty of a dog!

  34. Shadow says, "you're welcome!" And you needed that different perspective for a little variety!

  35. Look at that wooded area...and all the open space you have between you and your neighbor! Your little cottage is nestled in a beautiful place. I can almost smell the cool air and damp leaves - not to mention Shadow's steamy dog breath as he prances around you! An afternoon worth enjoying!

  36. This is just beautiful...fall looks so different in different areas of the world...what a creative God we serve.

  37. Now that's a lot of leaves! How nice to have th neighbour lend a hand...and Shadow to keep you company.

    It's all looking quite spiffy over there!

  38. Everything looks so neat and nice. You have a beautiful home, Vee...:)