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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another Cozy Morning...

wherein I mess up the photography and resort to Gradient 6 (Photoscape). My thought was to show the odd juxtaposition of winter outside and spring inside. A gal must keep hoping so I resort to these tactics believing they may trick my inner child: a sunshiny ribbon tossed around a lampshade, a parade of seed packet high wire acts, and those silly cups that will not be ladylike no matter what I do. If I take the photo from the opposite side, they stick their noses in the air and look away.

I have precious little for you today. My plans are to shove the Volkswagens around in the living room to do a bit of rearranging. I'm premedicating and trying to figure out how to get John out of here. He doesn't need to see these things until after the fact. He'd help, too, but he only wishes to help once. Sometimes these efforts take three or four tries. Not five, Lord, please not five.

John just came in here and so I had to float about in paragraph one for a bit. Can you believe that he was chewing me out? And what was the crime so grievous that it required this interruption? Just this: I threw the new dishtowel down to the laundry. Good heavens. Apparently, it's a never-ending source of irritation for him because his complaint began with, "You did it again!" Well shoot me.

And thus begins my day. You have a wonderful Saturday and if you'd like to share your last argument with your darling, dear, and beloved hubby, feel free or, if you'd prefer, share something you're doing to spring-it-up at your place.


  1. Ours is over 'gorilla glue'. It was banned to the garage, but I caught him using it inside again.
    That stuff runs, grows, consumes anything in its path.....need I say more?
    I told him that Norm Abram only uses wood glue. Still, he persists!
    God give me strength!

  2. Dishtowels are a source of irritation here in the South, too. I take mine and wipe up a spill or spot on the counter and my hubby says...I use that to dry my clean hands! I put out a fresh one every night after dinner so the 'used' one gets used. I always say, Well, if that's the worst thing I ever do...and keep on cleaning! I'm pretty much a cleanaholic! I need to put Valentines away today! heehee! ♥ Enjoy your day! ♥

  3. He said I was drifting into the oncoming traffic lane this am. I say I was NOT.
    But that was the only comment on my driving this am, so I was feeling pretty good! And I am a good driver, btw.

  4. Oh, it's a dull morning here with light snow and showers later on in the day. Hubby is at church for Easter band practice. My complaint? He bought some almonds last week at a famous bulk store. We usually only get plain almonds - no salt or seasoning (dietary restricions). He thought these sounded healthy so got them and they are seasoned with sea salt. Oh yeah. They are good. But he eats way too many. I nag him. I put them in a very small dish for his daily quota and he refills it. Once the bag is gone it'll be back to plain almonds! Not a big deal. I like them too. Enjoy the weekend! Hugs, Pam

  5. Ahhh, the seed packets are cooperating, in your decorating... But the *naughty* cups are not. Geeeeee, I'm glad someone else has such problems. -giggles-

    You know, how you'll fix something, to hang just-right... Walk away... And it twists... -chuckle- The uppity-ness of inanimate things!!!

    Gonna' have to *question your sanity,* with the plan to rearrange your huge furniture. Mmmmm, premedicating will only insure that you not feel the pain, which is trying to warn you, to stop. -sigh-

    But you know me, I'm not fully happy unless I have *something* to fret about. It's the DUTY of "Aunties," I guess. -grin- Good luck!!!

    "Always keep your home presentable, assuming you keep a home for purposes of presentation." ~Robert Brault

  6. You hubby is funny and that photo looks great no matter how you got it to that point. I will be learning how to use my new camera when I draw my last breath. My brain isn't what it used to be. My hubby and I like to say, "Two of us don't make one any more."

  7. Since I have no better half, I don't have the arguments there, however, my 20 year old grandson who lives with me makes up for that. His biggest complaint is I don't understand--last night it was about motorcycle exhausts. What's a grandma to do!

  8. Warren has been working so much lately we haven't really had time to have a disagreement. But I did have to get his attention to grab a kiss last evening....he's a bit distracted lately. lol

    The show opens this weekend so time is running out! He'll be ours again soon.

  9. Our biggest argument is usually over him using weed killer around my good plants and killing them as well as the weeds....lol

  10. I am delighted to know that I am not the only saintly wife that gets chewed out once in a while. My latest offense was that I use TWO coffee filters when I put the coffee on each morning. Mercy me, the world is coming to an end!

  11. What I NEED to be doing to spring it up is planting some flowers in my pots. It may have to wait til next weekend though. Right now I'm working on some overdue sewing projects.

    Some of our arguments are over time. I was not born with a good internal clock -- easy for me to lose track of time -- and my husband never gets that caught up in the moment :)

  12. It's amazing how those little irritations become big even after we have lived together for so many years. Some of ours are over not hearing each other correctly., LOL ! That sounds like "old folks" not us! I think you did great with your photo. I get the "picture" (no pun intended.) Have a nice weekend!

  13. I said that our wee apple tree needed some stronger support posts. He brought in the 'army'...and soon there were two massive pillars towering into the sky on either side of the apple tree. As he was about to leave with the tractor, I mentioned that he would be sawing off the tops of those pillars....right? 'No way'...was the response! The apple tree would grow at least that tall one day. I said they would be sawed off...they looked ridiculous. At the end of the day...they are each three feet shorter. I'm happy. On the farmyard...I don't have much say. In my garden...I like to.

  14. Can't think of any recent arguments because I'm too befuddled from trying to "springify" my blog. Three hours later and it still doesn't seem quite right. I used a Hot Bliggity Blog background but it seems to have a blue space at the top that shouldn't be there and I don't know how to get rid of it. Sometimes I think I should just leave well enough alone :).
    I noticed your seed packets right away and thought it was such a cute idea and very springy.
    I was wondering how you were able to move furniture with a tricky back, but it must have to do with the premedicating. I recall you telling me you have suffered with sciatica as have I. No fun.
    Hope we get to see the fruits of your labor.

  15. Husbands just don't get the whole furniture rearranging thing!

    To me it makes total sense to experiment because sometimes you hit the jackpot! That happened in my bedroom a couple of years ago. I put the bed on a wall that I had never tried in the thirty years that we have lived here. Eureka! It was the perfect solution!
    But if I move everything around, and then put it back, that's okay too, because I have learned something that won't work. Men seem to think of that as a waste of time and effort.

    In conclusion, I agree that it is much, much easier to premedicate and do it yourself. (Lucky me...I have two daughters still at home who get glints in their eyes when I suggest moving a piece of furniture. It absolutely must be a gender thing.)

    P.S. I smile every time you talk about "the Volkswagens"! :-D

  16. Ha! The Volkswagens! I remember!

    Ours is usually over towels & washcloths. I pick them up where he either hangs or leaves them wadded up. He wants to use them again & hollers "where's my towel???" I throw them in the washer.

    Your header and blog look fresh and springy, Vee. all green and yellow - I love it!

  17. Vee, I love the picture and by golly you did a wonderful job in capture spring on the inside and winter outside. I'm so glad that you shared your thoughts.

    By the way...love your header on your blog. It is beautiful!

    Last weekend, my husband and I planted primroses in our garden. I think they like their new home. They seem to be doing well.


  18. My hubby and I seldom ever argue, but I do have to remind Mr. Legs-Shorter-Than-Mine, that he needs to put the seat back after he's finished driving my car!

    I rarely ever rearrange my furniture. I move it out to clean under and around and then put it right back. I'm a rut type of person.

  19. Hi Vee!

    Oh my, I could go on and on about those silly little things that irritate my husband, (he's a perfectionist . . . shhhhhhh . . . he doesn't know it. . . ;0))

    Having him home all the time now is proving to be quite interesting - I love it, but at the same time, I'm used to my own space - so we are trying to work through all those little differences that drive each of us crazy at times!

    I love your window! It does look Springy to me, so cute!


  20. I think your photo is lovely!

    mmm our last argument? I really can't remember!!
    Not doing anything to spring up the place either. I'd better get busy doing something!

  21. Clutter - it's always about clutter here. I'm married to a collector. Not a collector of interesting/pretty/colourful stuff, but a collector of tools/paper/cardboard boxes(original containers!) and all sorts of just-in-case-they-might-come-in-handy things. I pray for patience!

  22. "Sure we can go to the second hand store for fun today, but I only have 10 dollars till payday in two weeks and we'll have to take the truck as gas is low in the suv."
    Oh ya, you are NOT alone missey.
    I love your photo up there. Seed packets and unladylike cups, love it!

  23. You've got me laughing Vee! Yours is a dishtowel, mine was a sticky buffet drawer in the dining room that I had Wes sand down yesterday. He'd sand then try it, still sticking. He'd sand some more then try it, can't get it to push in it's spot. He'd sand some more, still now right. Now this is a 4ft drawer in the bottom of my vintage buffet. It's been sticking horribly for... I don't know how many years now. I'd say "it's not right yet." He'd say "you can push it in with your knee!" I'd say "NOT MY knee!" Well He was quite disgruntled with me but now the drawer glides right in!!

    Love your spring inside...

    Hugs, sherry

  24. I think your photo is wonderful, you are quite creative, I would never even think to do anything like this. Spring is here...most days anyway...not much of a winter for us...gonna mean lots of bugs this summer
    Have a great weekend

  25. The yellow primroses on your windowsill are so pretty and spring-ish. I think that once March comes we're all desperate for spring and change. Moving furniture is something I love to do - husband not so much. I think it's a male/female thing.

    Last argument - hmmm, it's usually over something small - like not putting things away or cleaning up tools as they should be.

  26. My hubby and I don't argue much, I just tell him how it is and he listens. LOL! Okay, seriously, he gets aggravated at me when I forget to wash out a paint brush. He's painting the beadboard for the bath remodel and I've been helping at my elderly aunt's house. With a bad back, I'm tired and hurting when I get home and I forget it's MY job to clean up after HIS projects. So, (I'm borrowing your phrase) shoot me!

  27. Our last irritable moment was the other night when he came home tired and I started telling him about some of my phone calls for the blood donor list. In my mind, I was sharing the day. In his mind, I was complaining and if it upset me so much I could just give him the list and he'd get someone else to do it. - - I made him sit down so I could show him what I was talking about...told him that I enjoyed calling...and he was okay. Men think so weirdly! - - We went to the Tropical Fish Store today and the owners were telling us about their spat yesterday. He drove home in a bad storm and was super stressed when he drove in (6 hour drive). He had called to let her know that he was close to home. He was angry because she didn't turn the back light on for him. They were laughing today, but as with all spats, it was an irritation last night.

    Still, isn't it wonderful when we can laugh later? :)

  28. Just want to tell you that first picture was so pretty, sandie

  29. I rearranged my living room last week and we love it! Of course I did it while Tim was outside clearing more pasture! By time he came in it was done!

    We toss our dish towels over onto the basement stairs which where you have to go do do the laundry. It makes no sense to go all they way back to the master bathroom (Lindsay and Emily's bathroom) just to put the dirty towels in the laundry. It sometimes makes Tim crazy but he accepts it now for the most part!


  30. Beautiful photo- I can feel the warmth of your kitchen from way over here! We are having the 30 degree mornings followed by 70 degree afternoons- just perfect weather to make my allergies flare. SIGH! Last argument with the DH? How much water to add to his oatmeal. :)

  31. I've brought spring to my house early -- at least the snow today mocked me. But I'm glad! The tulips and bunnies and jelly beans just make me smile and pretend it's a crisp Spring day.

  32. Vee, a 31 year "issue" we have is the proper way to scramble eggs. Apparently, I'm the worst because I leave so much egg in the pan. And then there's the one about what a real cry is. His tears sit only on the rim of his eyes (not real) and mine roll down my cheeks (a real cry). We laugh aboutboth of these, however!

  33. Lol, for better or worse. I don't even listen anymore. It starts with"who did......". Well, there's only 2 of us, figure it out genius!

  34. Last argument? This morning. What's all that jumble at the bottom of your wardrobe is how it began.


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