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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Now That Was Fun!

Thank you so much for making the first Note Card Party so.much.fun. Let's do it again! I'll have a new button made up in plenty of time for April 18, 2012, which is the third Wednesday of the month. Remember, you have an additional month to post pictures that may be used for the party. Only four! F.o.u.r. FOUR. Just four. Mark your calendar. You guys are the best! One gal said, "You have the best friends." Why, yes, I do! (If you have any feedback on this event, please feel free to mention it in comments or email me.)


Today is the fourth and final day of temps in the 70s and 80s. My little Mr. Snowman on his head will be leaving asap because this is the last of the snow as of 7 this morning. It's all gone now.

Oddly enough, we may have another snowstorm in the middle of next week. Crazy weather!

Enjoy your spring day...


  1. Hooray for a first fun Party! :-)

    "I have made it a rule never to smoke more than one cigar at a time..."
    ~Mark Twain

  2. That was a blast!
    I kept tweaking my post because I wrote it in such a hurry yesterday. LOL

  3. You know I already told you but I am going to say it again, "That was so fun!"

    Thanks for hosting it...now I must use my new camera to get some good photos...


  4. I'll be home then and will participate, for sure. In the meantime, it was fun to look at all those wonderful photos.

  5. I completely agree. It was really fun meeting new friends and gaining so much wonderful inspiration. I thought it was interesting to see all of the different themes too.
    I must say I had never thought of turning any of my photos into note cards, but now I'm thinking I may give it a try. I like to send my sister something via snail mail every other week and am always looking for pretty cards and you know I don't want them to come from China ;-).
    Thank you for hosting this fun event. I look forward to the next one.
    As much as I hate to see your snowman go, I'm sure you are ready for springtime weather.

  6. Vee,

    That was a fun party! Cool, I already have another set all picked out and ready for next time! Thank you so much hosting.

  7. You really DO have the best friends...like me! haha! And I enjoyed the party and visited sweet blogs that I had never been to before! I saw so many pretty notecards! We should go into business! Thanks for the fun! I'll work on mine for next month! Big hugs!!! ♥♥♥

  8. Let me try this again. I have no idea where my comment disappeared to.

    Great note card photos...all around!

    Glad you enjoyed some unseasonably warm spring weather over there. We have had below normal temperatures every single day in March to this point. Today is sunny and looking beautiful...but feeling COLD.

  9. Thank you, Vee, for hosting a great party. I think everyone enjoyed going through their posts to choose favorite photos. All of the participants have been so thoughtful to visit and comment. Wishing you a nice afternoon.

  10. Glad you had a fun party. This weather is really keeping us all on our toes!

  11. Vee, I was on my way to e-mailing you to tell you how WONDERFUL your notecard party was for me!

    I think it was my absolute favourite blog party that I've ever participated in.

    And maybe it was because your suggestion (rule) to visit at least 10 other bloggers in the party had so many of us visiting brand new friends.

    What a TREAT that was -- to feast on the banquets of beauty that everyone shared.

    For me, maybe another reason it was so plainly, wonderfully satisfying was because it was using something we already had, turning it into not just a new posting, but dreaming of a possibility of making them into 'real' notecards.

    The creative in me jumped at the idea.

    I am SO glad for your idea... and yes... please continue.

  12. Vee it was great. Glad you put this post up as I was going to e-mail you. I buy blank cards from Stratmore and can use watercolor or acrylics but I have also used photos.I you would like the painting for Easter I would love to send it to you. I did the basics in 2008 and just finished it up. I made cards but have the original and there are so many pieces I have done just laying around. If you like you can e-mail me your address.

  13. Oh I enjoyed the note card party too. : )
    It was fun seeing all the different themes people chose.
    I've never gotten so many comments before!

  14. I didn't do the party, but I enjoyed seeing the post cards.


  15. It was a wonderful party Vee and you were the perfect hostess! Thank you for having the party.

  16. That was a whole lot of fun! And YES, you have some really nice bloggy friends! I won't be able to participate in the next one. I'll be gone then and won't be blogging during my trip. Not going to anywhere exotic. Seeing my mom in Indiana, visiting a blogging friend in Cincinnati, and then going to the thoroughbred races in Lexington.

  17. 70's & 80's...oh how nice that would be! It is chilly and damp here in Washington...typical! ;)
    Hoping for some warmth & sunshine soon so I can start gardening!


  18. Your note card party was a fun time, Vee! I am looking forward to the next one, and I enjoyed seeing all the wonderful photos of the talented ladies out there. I also enjoyed meeting new blogging friends. It really is a great idea. xo

  19. I loved seeing the variety of Note Card themes chosen and meeting new bloggers. There are so many creative people in blogland and it takes a party like yours to introduce us to them. Thanks again Vee! i'll be back next month!

  20. Our spring was rain and snow last weekend and I loved it all. Snow being in the northern part of Scottsdale. The climbing begins very fast going north.

  21. Vee,
    The party indeed was fun! I found a lot of new blogs to enjoy.

  22. Vee, that was an awesome and fun party! What a success it was! You had a lot of participants and everyone visited and enjoyed the beautiful photo cards that were shared. I'll look forward to the next party in April. Yes, it's been gorgeous here - 27 C again today. Unheard of. I don't want to look at the long range with the snow forecasted. This is like summer for us! Thanks for hosting this wonderful meme. Hugs, Pamela

  23. Yes, that was so much fun and I'm so glad you invited me! I had so much fun I had to enter my second blog in the pool, lol!

  24. Hi Vee,
    Sorry I missed the note card party. Remind me next time! I love the picture of the dish in the dishpan.
    Enjoy the warm weather, it sure is crazy! It's almost 80 degrees here!

    Don't put your boots away yet.

  25. Woohoo, I had to drop down basement level to attend the party. Girl, your pictures were stunnin'!!!

    God bless ya and have yourself an awesome day sweetie!!! :o)

  26. I've already gushed in the past post to the point of nausea I'm sure. I'm sincere, though,in saying that this was really fun. I know there were some I missed. That's the only part I'm sorry about. I tried to visit as many as I could because it was just so interesting to see the different things.

  27. It was fun! I just got started going through links today and can't wait to sit with the lap-top and enjoy more. Thanks for hosting, Vee!

  28. Indeed It was a fun day, Vee, one of the best I have had in a while. I am looking forward to the next party. You absolutely have some wonderful friends and I enjoyed meeting them.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  29. Sorry I missed it but I had fun seeing some of the posts that were linked! The only photos I've taken the time to look at are those of my new grandson lately :)

  30. It was great fun, this linky party...a stunning success from my perpective! Thank you so much for hosting it. An ingenious idea, I think.

    That said, I'm not sure if I'll be able to participate in the next edition. My husband will be on vacation and we are finally going to paint those kitchen cabinets! Yahoo!! (Yahoo to the painting project...not that I won't be able to join the party. But you knew that. ;-)

    I have been watching your little snowman up in the corner. Happy spring! (Even if winter returns for a final appearance, it really is spring now!)

  31. OK. I am ashamed.

    I did more than four.

    It will never EVER happen again.

    How embarassing, I have no shame and no ability to make decisions.

    It is so sad.

    Loved the idea/linky party - can't believe how talented everyone is, wow - great people, and a great hostess - thanks so much!!

  32. Hi Vee,

    What nice things you received in the mail today! Those vintage postcards are so neat, and your DREAM plaque is so creative. It looks just perfect on your wall!

    Thanks so much for being a follower on my blog, and I'm now following your blog, as well. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor


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