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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Do you receive the *Dover Sampler* every week? I keep a folder of sweet Dover graphics and have been saving this one for just such a day.

We are planning a quiet day with more rest than a person ought to be allowed. I will be baking some soda bread and making some delicious potato soup. What fun to celebrate a remarkable people and a beautiful country!

Blessings to you...


  1. That is a sweet picture. St. Pat's is the only missionary holiday my husband reminds me. I should get in an Irish mode and do some cooking if my thumb will go along with me and behave. Have a good weekend and enjoy a restful day.

  2. That is a great way to celebrate!
    Maybe I'll try my hand at some soda bread too! I'll have to look up a recipe.

    Enjoy your day!


  3. Good morning! Your day sounds just perfect (and yummy too!) ENJOY!

  4. Sweet St. Patrick's Day graphic. :-)

    Glad you have a peaceful and lovely day planned.

    Somehow, I just can't get into St. Patrick's Day. I'm Irish, my maternal grandfather was born in Ireland... But...

    Perhaps I feel about this Holiday, a lot like many feel about Christmas. That it has been kind of high-jacked.

    Seems sellers have made it all about selling green hats, selling Corned Beef Dinners, selling Irish Beer, selling the need to go out and eat and drink to excess.

    No of course, not all do that. Of course not. But just like Christmas, there is enough of the down-side-stuff, to taint.

    On a recent St. Patrick's Day night revels in our city, a murder was committed even. Yikes! That's enough to taint a Holiday, for me.

    Everyone else, ENJOY! :-))))))))

    "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?"
    ~Satchel Paige

  5. Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I hope you enjoy this wonderfuland fun filled day. God bless you and your family ♥ p.s. I love carriage doors too but I cannot afford them either. Sigh... I'll just have to keep looking at them in all those beautiful magazines we all read.

  6. Happy St. Paddy's Day to you and John. Potato soup sounds so good. xo

  7. How sweet! I love those old graphics like that. Jim made some soda bread yesterday and we had a taste last night. God bless the Irish who helped to build this great country! I am 50%, thanks to my mom who is 100%.

  8. Happy St. Patrick's Day Vee! I love your special graphic for today.

    We are going to friends house for a St. Patrick's dinner...he is Nordic and she is from Guatemala, so this should be interesting....

  9. That's a sweet greeting. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

  10. I love the graphic and I had forgotten all about the holiday. I'm really getting forgetful. I've been so busy doing laundry, packing, and trying to remember all of the last minutes details that I forgot to wear green. Your dinner sounds great!

  11. Dear Vee, would you believe I have a pot of potato soup on the stove, as we speak.
    We, too, are taking it easy today. Mr. Sweet isn't feeling well...chest congestion...and we are watching movies.

    I love the graphic....have a happy day.

  12. You know, no-one in the UK seems to celebrate St Patrick's Day. There is no mention of it, no green things around and most certainly no stuff you can buy. Maybe it is an American thing? And Irish. Hmmm. My mother-in-law was Irish and she never celebrated it to my knowledge! Which all seems a little weird in a way. But your soda bread and potato soup sounds really good!

  13. A lovely graphic, Happy St Patrick's day to you also.

  14. Hi Vee, Love the graphic. I won't be having the soda bread(gluten intolerant)but will have Corned beef and Cabbage. Have a delightful weekend.

  15. Vee, I think of Sam every day. How is he doing? Did they give him crutches or a walker?

  16. Potato soup sounds so good. That is one of my favorite kinds of soup. And a peaceful day sounds like a treat...especially after the week you had!

    We are having our Irish dinner tomorrow when my daughter and her family come. We don't really "celebrate" St. Patrick's Day...just nod to my husband's (and therefore my children's) Scotch/Irish ancestry. And brisket is on sale in March! :)

  17. Hi Vee!

    Well, I did not receive the Dover Sampler . . . but I will from now on! I love all of your graphics. Mine is similar today, so we must be thinking on the same line... :0)

    My mother used to always make a special St. Patrick's Day meal - I never do, but yours sounds delicious!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  18. It's been quite some time since I did anything to celebrate St Patrick's Day - probably since the kids were small.
    Maybe next year....

  19. A very HAPPY St. Paddy's Day to you as well. I'll be thinking about you on Monday night, the premire of DWTS. I won't pick a favorite until I see them all dance.

  20. Dear Vee,

    Just catching up with you.

    Difficult people?? Ah, who knows a difficult person?

    sending love across the miles,

    S (missing MAINE horribly)

  21. What a sweet graphic!

    I do receive the Dover Samplers but rarely do anything with them.

  22. Hi Vee

    Gald to hear that the second surgery was a success in the end. I have a traumatic cateract and they won't operate until it's ripe - whatever that means.

    Thanks for the Dover link!



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