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Friday, March 16, 2012

Five Decorating Ideas

1. Hide the tv  (You know how much I've complained about the tv showing. I'm trying to figure out how I can employ this method.)

2. Label Those Jars (This is great and she even provides the downloads for free!)

3. Make Your Own Carriage Doors (Nope, I do not care for my garage doors. I wanted carriage doors. The budget did not allow. This would be a great, and cheap, compromise.)

4. Photography Tip (Always looking for the simple things I can do to take a better photo.)

5. Mantel Makeover (Love everything, even the spray painting, except the chalkboard. Having taught for all those years, there's little about big chalkboards that I appreciate.)

Now here's my bonus offering... I am always trying to add "presence." That's because I tend to drift off to lots of little things with my decorating. Hence the changes to my refrigerator.

The picnic basket and trays...

and the picture attached by magnets to the front of the refrigerator. I like to keep the front cleared of magnets and stuff, though I find it much too stark. Why not try using something with more presence? It could be a framed piece...anything really that isn't too heavy to be held up by magnets. I'm using seven magnets on this 8 by 18 inch frame. (Edited to Add: For those not wishing to use magnets or not able to use magnets,  Command Strips would probably do the job.)

A wonderful weekend to you...


  1. Good morning! Nice ideas you've posted. And I like the picnic basket. That's a nice place for it.

  2. Thank you for sharing all of these great ideas. I had to chuckle when I read what the one blogger said about telling her husband they needed a TV for the bedroom and when you tell a man to buy a TV, it means the biggest one he can find. That still makes me laugh. It's so true!

    What a great idea you had, too! Hey, I've got some extra magnets. I'm going to look for something to dress up my refrigerator...if I can give up those year old Valentines fromt he grandkids.

  3. Vee
    Great ideas! I'm especially interested in how one hides a big-screen TV. And I like the idea of
    hanging your handiwork on the frig.
    I don't like my frig to be cluttered either!
    I've been trying to remember to tell you how sweet your childhood photo is-love those ringlets!

  4. What I love about a list of Decorating Ideas is.... Seeing how different we are. :-) Well, I suppose that should read... Seeing how diff I AM, from the List maker. :-)

    I am not bothered by the Off-TV.

    But I do not like to see a big tv, over a fireplace. That bugs me. I'd never do it.

    But our own tv, where it sits, on or off, it just doesn't bother me.

    "It's spring fever....
    You don't quite know what it is you DO want,
    but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!"

    ~Mark Twain

  5. Such wonderful ideas! I don't care for the tv showing either. I have a cabinet with doors to hide ours. I love your framed picture on the refrigerator. So pretty. I would love to have a scripture framed.

    Hope you have a very happy weekend ad I hope that sweet grand baby of yours is doing well after his accident!

  6. You are always full of good ideas! Love the old picnic basket.

    How's Sam doing?

  7. Good ideas, indeed! I love your saying on the fridge. My fridge is TOTALLY covered. Perhaps less would be more.......for me that's hard to do.

    The TV doesn't bother me - as long as it's OFF!!

  8. I really like the photo tips. What a difference a little thing can make.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Great ideas! Love the picnic basket, I just bought a lovely large one. It is holding...can you guess?...art supplies!

    Confession, I am vintage picnic basket hoarder, I am up to 6 no! 7 at last count. Yogi bear would be sorely disappointed if he stole one of mine, they are all in use as storage containers, that is unless he had a mad urge make some art, read the Bible(my Bible study materials are kept in a picnic basket, portable and handy for where ever I choose to study), have a large supply of vintage linens on hand to wipe his crumbs on, or play with toys, in any of those cases he would be good!

    Anyway, enough of my silly ramble, have a great weekend sweet friend!

  10. Thanks for the ideas. Gotta get me a chalkboard for my kitchen makeover.

  11. Great ideas, all! I have a stainless steel fridge, so will have to find another way to add 'presence ' to the kitchen - just because I love this idea.

  12. Love that carriage door idea and the photography tips. That framed piece on the refrigerator is nice. Have a wonderful weekend Vee!

  13. Hmmm...thinking very tiny suction cup might make hanging stuff on stainless appliances possible.

    I so appreciate reading about another good photo tip blog.

    I hide my tv by putting a book in front of my face. Works every time. I'd love to go to a store where they sell big tvs and ask guys for ideas on how to hide tvs. I am thinking they would have a reaction similar to the reaction one would get by asking women for ideas on how to make their diamonds look smaller...hee hee...

  14. Love seeing others ideas! Thanks for sharing. You always have something interesting going on over here...love it!

  15. About the TV ... I finally had to ask myself, "Just who am I trying to hide the TV from?" If I had to watch a TV that was above a mantle, I'd soon get a severe crick in my neck!

  16. Good morning! I can never stand a TV showing either for some reason, haha. We have a HUGE entertainment unit that houses ours with doors that close. Whenever my hubby mentions getting a EVEN bigger flat screen to hang on the wall I have a fit, haha. However would I hide it? Love the rest of your ideas. Have a good week-end! HUGS

  17. These sound like some wonderful ideas...thanks for posting the links Vee!

  18. Vee, What great sites to visit. The photography site and the mantel makeover are great stops.
    You are always finding something new and cheery for us...thanks.

  19. A TV doesn't bother me until someone turns it on! I'd rather be having conversation or be on the computer or reading a book. Once in a while, I enjoy watching a movie. In most of the homes I've been in, the TV is usually in a prominent place. One of my friends has converted a small bedroom into a TV watching room and refuses to have one elsewhere in the house.
    Great ideas, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Vee,

    I just sat down after a day of running and read your post.

    Thanks for all the great links and inspiration! I liked everything I saw and am tucking a few ideas into the back of my mind for future use!

    I also liked your idea of using a small framed item on the fridge.


  21. Hi Vee!

    What wonderful ideas - I especially love the mantel make-over, I need it badly! The top of your fridge looks so pretty with that beautiful basket on top, makes me want to go on a picnic! I'm not a fan of magnets and such on my fridge either, but I always end up with someones drawing stuck to the front... :0) I love the simplicity of your cute sign.


  22. What fun to check out these links and pick up some great tips. My favorites are the mantel and the photography tips.
    Your picnic basket is great and I love where you are displaying it. As for the picture on the fridge with magnets ... brilliant.

  23. Vee, I am glad that your grandson is doing better. I spent the last two days in the hospital too. My daughter, who is expecting was in a car accident Wednesday. A school van ran a stop sign and hit the passenger seat where she was sitting. Fortunately, she was scheduled for an ultrasound at another hospital yesterday. So, we were able to see that the baby looked good. She is having a boy! She is so thrilled, and this is my first grandchild so I am thrilled too.

    I love new decorating ideas, so I'll be using some of these for sure.

    I am posting about your notecard party on my Pink Saturday post for today and tomorrow.

    Have a beautiful weekend.


  24. I enjoyed looking at all the crafty tips, Vee. but I especially enjoyed the phoytography tip site

    I have a zillion magnets holding things all over my refrigerator ... I need to streamline it one of these days.

  25. I have my blue picnic basket on my fridge...and no magnets and only ONE photo of a grandson on my fridge door.
    Just a personal preference that I don't like much on the door.

    I've been pulling my silver hair out by the roots trying to decide on JUST FOUR favorite photos. Wow...harder than I ever thought. I think of one, pull it up, get it in my draft, have all four, think I am ready to schedule this post and then, think of another photo...and on and on and on. whew....

  26. ...I only have 5 hairs left on my skinny head now so I AM STOPPING THINKING of any more photos for your party.

  27. Wonderful ideas! I love the carriage door transformation -- I have 70's mirrored closet doors that are very similar and so one gives me hope for a better look someday. As for the blackboard, at least it has more charm than a whiteboard!

  28. Loved the photography tip, in fact I liked the photo blog so much I added it to my favorites. Hope you have a great weekend...is it warming up there yet?

  29. Thanks for the links, Vee.. and the picnic basket, ... I like... a whole lot!! Enjoy your weekend.
    Hope all are feeling better!! I am recommending lots of rest for all too!!

  30. Oh bummer. (Insert mini temper tantrum...or at least a little whine.)

    It is LATE, and I cannot follow those links tonight. But you can bet I'll be back over the weekend to check out every single one. I LOVE decorating tips!!

  31. What a lovely decorating idea for the fridge! LOL, I know that some industrious gals have quilted a sleeve cover to pop over their TVs for camoflauge. That might work for you!

  32. Hi Vee, I'm up early this a.m. and thought I would read some of your older posts since I am a new follower. I love your art on the frig. I don't keep lots of stuff on my frig either but I did recently order a watercolor print from a blogger in Germany. I put it in a clear acrylic magnetic frame on the frig and it brightens my day!


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