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Monday, March 19, 2012

Just a Quick Chat

Blogging friends are the best...they want to know things like how John is doing after cataract surgery and how my grandson Sam is doing after breaking his leg.

First up...Sam. Saw him last night and he was gimping along like a trouper on his little walker sized just for him. He'd spent the most wonderful afternoon outside in the Adirondack chair watching his mom set up her garden and plant her snow peas. Talk about the life! He told me that he didn't know that it could be in the 70s in winter. So cute. I hadn't ever thought of it that way before. He was not terribly impressed with me as I had not brought pizza for supper. Well some fine day, I'll have to surprise him.

John's second surgery did not go as smoothly as the first. Did you know that we have nationwide shortages of many medications? Yes, we do, and John found out about that first hand. Let's just say that if he had a third eye, he'd probably not return for any more surgery until the proper medications are available once again. He did have the same wonderful results, however, so that is a very good thing.

~I'm trying to decide if I can get used to him without glasses.☺~

It's been so delightful here that even I have been out and about today. I've raked both leaves and mud and John and I have taken a walk...a short walk, but still Dr. Oz says it's good for starters. We have to start slow with my back still wonky.

Oh, and before I forget to mention it. My header is a blatant rip-off of something I saw at Melissa's Inspired Room. I think. I've been looking for it and can't find it. So, if you know whom I stole this from, please say. I have got to learn to send myself an email or something.

Hope that you are all going crazy looking for four photos to include in a note card set for Wednesday's party. It is much more difficult than I thought! =D


  1. So happy Sam is doing well. He will get antsy though, poor little guy!
    No pizza? That's the pits! Is it time to plant snow peas? I always wanted to try and grow them!
    Glad John doesn't have a third eye! :)
    My friend was to have cataract surgery Wed. She went for her prelim blood work, and the doc called and told her to get to the ER, that her blood count was very low.
    They ran all kinds of tests, and today she had surgery for colon cancer. She had blood work done 3 months ago and was fine. Very scary! I am praying she will survive.

  2. I'm so glad both of your "boys" are recovering well!

  3. So glad that Sam is getting along with his kid sized walker, I had no idea they even made them?
    Who would believe that in this country and this century there would be a shortage of any medication?!

    P.S. I think John looks very distinguished in glasses :)

  4. Poor John, not getting the medicines that he needs! Yes, there have been a lot of shortages lately, with drug manufacturers merging, new regulatory requirements, etc. Jim couldn't get a shingle shot for well over a year! One could not get the vaccine anywhere! And we live in a big metropolitan area (more than a quarter of a million people). The FDA keeps a running list on their web site of shortages. But patients are now being forced to ask doctors before hand to make sure that the necessary medicines are available! Bless his heart. And I think he looks quite handsome either way - with or without glasses, LOL.

    Thank goodness your grandson is getting along OK with his fracture. Kids bounce back from mishaps rather quickly!

  5. Glad to hear Sam and John are doing ok despite medication shortages. We need to be careful on putting the pinch on drug manufacturing. It costs an amazing amount of money to develop a drug and we tend to complain too much on what drugs cost...It also costs a lot of money for drugs to sit on the shelf so pharmacies do Just in time ordering for certain drugs.

  6. Happy to know that Sam and John are on the mend. Your header is wonderful and I don't remember seeing anything like it through blogland....

    I have my 4 pictures post all ready to go! Which is unusual for me...

  7. My Dad has to have cataract surgery in April. Hope they have the medication shortage figured out by then! They think he will not have to wear glasses except for reading. He will be 85 next month and is wondering what that will be like!
    Best get well wishes for Sam and John.

  8. I'm happy to hear that Sam is doing well and able to walk a little while he heals. Definitely bring pizza next visit, Vee! :)

    John looks wonderful without glasses and I'm sure he enjoys opening his eyes in the morning and seeing well without them. It is such a bonus to cataract surgery these days that they can replace the clouded lens with a corrective one.

    Yes, there were drug shortages my whole nursing career ...it can be a sad, and sometimes scary, state of affairs.

    We returned home from Colorado this evening and I have a zillion things to catch up on. I will definitely try to have my four photos up in a post on Wednesday! :)

  9. I would never have thought there would be a shortage of medicine! That is scary. Sight is such a precious thing.....happy his surgery was successful.

    I must admit - I like him WITH the glasses. But I'm sure you will keep him with or without!

  10. I am so sorry that John's second surgery was not a good thing...Mac had his done last year and while he still has to wear glasses, he can see to read now and putter on his garden tools. Give our best to John and a big old hug to Sam!! And get that boy a pizza!!

  11. I'm glad to hear that Sam is managing with his walker. Poor little guy! And poor John having to put up with pain after his surgery due to lack of meds! That is crazy! I meant to say the other day that I like your header. And yes, I have 10 photos picked out for my cards - not 4! I have to whittle that list down. Are the pics supposed to be plain or fancy (edited)? Just wondering. Enjoy the summer weather!

  12. How in the world did I miss the party post announcement? Only 4 photos, ack, hard decision. I will try and get cracking to play along. I only have five years of photos to go through, no big deal ;c)

    John looks cute with or without the glasses,(not flirting just observing) glad he and Sam are doing well.

  13. As a very near-sighted person, I think it would be wonderful to wake up and be able to see without glasses. Enjoy it, John! I'm glad your little grandson is doing well. And grandmas with pizzas are always a good thing ;)

    I have not done anything like this notecard party but I will try to do it!

  14. I'm sorry to hear that your hubby's second surgery was harder to bear. I hope that the results are worth the pain he experienced. Good luck with your daily walks. It's really important to keep moving and I once heard that every half hour of tv has 10 minutes of commercials so even if you watch an hour and a half of tv each day and just walk around the room during commercials you'd be walking for half an hour a day.

  15. Thinking and praying for them today, thanks for the update. I also had heard about the shortage of certain meds. Go figure!!! What's next??
    I always enjoy your headers,

    So glad to see you all are getting a glimpse of spring, in the mosaic. My daffodils have come and gone.


  16. Good to know your patients are healing well. I knew there were a number of medication shortages but didn't realize cataract patients were among those impacted. Goodness, we take so much for granted!

  17. Happy to hear that both patients are progressing! Poor John to have had to suffer a medicine shortage this time though...oh my! Can one know these things before they happen?

    I agree with Sue. Your headers are always charming!

    I have selected several photos but have by no means decided that they are the "best." As I said before, I am not a stellar photographer...so I will just plunge in and play the game and enjoy seeing what others have chosen. It will be lots of fun!

  18. I'm so glad to hear that everyone is recovering out your way!
    I'm a little worried about what pictures to use, as I am away from home this week and don't have a lot stored on this little notebook.....

  19. It sounds like Sam is doing really great!!! And, I, for one, am so glad John does NOT have a third eye! And I'm also glad he's healing quickly as well....you crack me up Vee!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  20. It's so good to hear your 'boys' are doing well.

    Who would think there would be a shortage of meds...amazing.

  21. Your header is simply gorgeous!

    I must be searching for my four favorite photos....That will be a challenge.

    I think John looks at least ten years younger without the glasses. Warren just started wearing glasses and it has been a pretty easy transition for me because I like the ones we chose. They suit him nicely.

    Have a wonderful day.
    Thinking of young Sam....


  22. Good to hear that they are both making progress.

  23. YES MA'AM! We have nationwide medicine shortages!!!

    For my recent Colonoscopy, I did not have the same IV, "to put me in la-la-land", as before.

    I REMEMBER some, from during the procedure. WONDERING what John REMEMBERS, from DURING his eye procedure???

  24. Bingo, Auntie! He described it as "ripping and tearing." It caused him to tense up so much that it gave him some troubles for days and I still have to really work with him to get the drops into that eye. He shuts it up so tight that it's hardly possible.

  25. I just read your response to Auntie...ripping and tearing! Oh my, I may never have surgery on my eyes, if ever needed! I have been gone for several days and am just catching up on blogs. Glad to hear both of your guys are on the mend! The weather is gorgeous here as well, but I am too afraid of a frost yet to get out and remove the covering from my plants! Seems to happen every year!

  26. Hi Vee - how did I miss the party announcement??? Oh, I was away for several days, that's how! I'll see what I can come up with if I can work it into my work schedule today. I've never done a linky thing, so if it's not completely easy for my brain, I'll just have to visit all you fine folks with your fine note cards!

    John looks great either way - maybe a bit younger without the glasses - I hate even reading glasses. I would imagine he's really going to enjoy NOT having to wear them! Shame on the medical community for not having his medicine available!

    I agree with you about all the problems that people around us are having. Seems like every day, I hear about someone else I know that has a serious medical problem or family problem. I just found out that a friend of mine at church has pancreatic cancer, and another young man about Adam's age was diagnosed with MS and has lost the vision in one eye. So sad...

    I have SO much to be thankful for! I feel blessed every single day and I pray that when my hard times come that I can still say I'm thankful!!!

  27. Such good news that your two guys are on the mend! Happy spring!
    Wish I had time to look for four photos. Maybe I can work that in today. Wishful thinking........

  28. I love your new header. What is that saying...imitation is the greatest form of flattery. I'm glad you did that as I wouldn't have seen something that pretty otherwise.

    Thank you so much for the updates on Sam and John. I'm glad that Sam is taking his accident, surgery, and limitations like a little trouper. I know that must be difficult, but will be a challenge once he starts feeling much better.

    Thank goodness John's surgery was successful. Do you think he would have postponed the surgery if he'd known about not having the medication? I hope they gave him the option. How wonderful that his vision has improved so much that he no longer needs glasses!

  29. I tried to comment twice last night - a long one and a shorter funny one. Both wouldn't post. sigh.

    I knew that Sam would adjust and am glad to hear he is doing well.

    John looks great - my Mom said it was 'weird' to see my Dad without his glasses too. He had worn glasses since he was a boy!

    I need to search through for photos for tomorrow...I have a few that I like - they are great but their nice! It's going to be fun!

    See you tomorrow!

  30. Glad to hear that Sam is getting around with his walker. After all he's been through it does seem like a pizza is in order ;-).
    I had heard of drug shortages on some cancer drugs, but wasn't aware of the shortages you and Auntie discussed in comments. That got my attention as I've been dragging my heels on the colonoscopy and I think I just gained another reason to keep dragging. Horrors!
    On to more pleasant topics ...
    I am in the process of narrowing down my photos and agree that it has been a challenge. Albeit a GOOD challenge.
    Looking forward to party time :).

  31. Good news about Sam- and I bet he is about to get this pizza! I have not heard about a shortage of certain meds- I am going to check out the website and see what's going on.
    Glad John's surgeries are over and he did great.

  32. Thanks for the updates on Sam and John. Glad to hear things going well and glad that John does only have 2 eyes!
    Of course he is a handsome guy with or without glasses but I think I like him with glasses best!

    I have picked out my four pictures but it really was very hard to do!!!
    I will be using my photo blog for the note card party.

  33. Good to hear that sam and John are both recovering well.

  34. Hi Vee,

    I was just writing my post for tomorrow, and popped over here to see what you were up to. John looks good, I can't believe they don't' have all the meds he would need. My mom is in Vermont, but because UVM is a teaching school, the hospital is pretty current with things.

    I'm glad your little guy is doing better. Kids are so resilient aren't they?

    Well see you tomorrow. Can't wait to share a little surprise.


  35. So glad Sam is doing good...
    and, I have a friend that has worn glasses since we were in second grade together, she just had both eyes done, not wearing glasses and it IS hard getting used to seeing her without them.:) She loves it, tho.

    I have my 4 ready and it was all I could do to keep from adding a 5th but....I didn't. I play by the rules, lady. :)

  36. oh, and WHEN do you open your linky?

  37. Glad to hear Sam is coming along fine. And of course he deserves a pizza party!

    Sorry to hear John's second round of eye surgery was not as easy as the first! Good thing he has only two eyes. And how nice that he can now discard his glasses!

    I guess I'll pass on the picture picking party...since I have no spare minutes to look through pictures right now. You know how it is...when everything has piled up while I was away. I like your 'dish theme'!

  38. So glad to hear that your boys are doing well. I hope that Sam doesn't miss the whole bike riding season!!


  39. I'm so happy Sam is doing so well!

    Yes, I've read about the shortages on certain medications. So sorry your husband had to experience that first hand. I'm sure he's glad those surgeries are behind him.


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