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Saturday, March 24, 2012

First Easter Bread Party of 2012

John woke me at five this morning just as I had requested. What was so urgent of a Saturday morning? Two words: Easter Bread.

My sister, her husband, and her daughter were all coming for breakfast at 8 and I had to have Easter Bread freshly baked. It's just a terrible chore don'tcha know. ;> Then I heard my cell phone beeping and found a message saying that things were going to be delayed for an hour, which one might think would have given me more time to document. Not so much. I thought of the camera when the aroma of baking bread wafted about.

There I am in my ooh-la-la apron peeking through the oven door at my nicely baking loaves. Oh, there's Molly right there peeking through the oven door with me. That dog has a nose for news. Gosh that's a great picture!

Then we had a delicious breakfast that included a savory egg casserole, crispy bacon, Gevalia coffee, refreshing orange juice, rum pound cake from Jamaica, and Easter Bread. We were so full. Did I think of the camera? No. Did I take a photo of the yummy food? No. My family? No. 

Therefore, portions of this post have been re-created. Easter Bread, coffee, and frosting. Oh yum. What I won't do for the cause!

~Something to Cheep About~

If you've never eaten Easter Bread before, you can find the world's best recipe for it right *here* at Mennonite Girls Can Cook or you can stop by this evening and I'll brew up a pot of tea and we'll have ourselves a time. Sprinkles! I knew that I'd forgotten something...