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Monday, March 26, 2012

Do You Shake Your Daffodils?

Because I heard on the Garden Hotline that if you cut daffodils for an indoor bouquet and then give them a little shake, they'll last days longer. I'm thinking of gathering some to allow to bloom in the house. We need cheering now that we've slipped back to March days that are windy and chill.


~Gritty Determination~

Darling grand is headed back to school this week. I certainly hope that no one clocks him at 13 mph! He's been chomping at the bit to get back to work and to see his teacher and all his friends.


I learned this from Quill Cottage. Wouldn't you know that Miss Sandy would mention something that would send me scurrying! It's a new photo editing program that doesn't require registration: iPiccy. Very cool. Very fun. I did Sam's picture above using it and all the mosaic pictures of yesterday with it. Hey! Come back here!!


~Print directly to the Paper~

In the current issue of Country Living, they provide an addy to an *envelope template.*  You could use any sort of paper for it. My sister brought me her 2011 Lang calendar and so I used that. CL suggests printing the template and cutting the paper using the pattern. I suggest that you trim the paper you wish to use to standard copy paper size and print the template directly on the back side of the pattern, which becomes the inside of the envelope instead. Far fewer goofs that way. Also, anyone to whom you send the envelope has a template to use.

Enjoy your day...is it still spring in your corner?


  1. He looks so sweet and handsome - good luck at school. sandie

  2. Precious pic of your Grand.

    Betcha' he learned many, many things, due to this unpleasant happening, in his young life. Hard lessons for little ones to learn. -sigh-

    But look at that DETERMINATION!!!!! That has to stand him in good stead, for ever.

    And naturally, you want to hug/kiss him, at that moment. But... Gotta' let 'em grow and do, on their own. Not easy on a Grammy (Noni), I'm sure.

    Gentle hugs...

  3. Envelope template!

    Where was this, back when I was doing lots of correspondence and making my own envelopes. Trying to do so, anyway.

    COOOOOOL! Thank you!

  4. I'll have to look at my CL as I must have missed it - or just haven't seen the very latest edition.
    Your grandson is a sweetie - I hope he heals quickly and well!

  5. Boy does he ever have determination on his face! Good for him....very handsome young man at that! I guessing your envelopes will be the fanciest by far. Cool idea! I have never heard of shaking daffodils....interesting!

  6. Now you are one smart cookie. I'll try that.

  7. Cool idea, the envelope! Love that look on your little guys face, it must be so hard for him to keep still, hopefully that looks means a full and fast recovery. I am so in love with iPiccy too, glad you are enjoying it! Have a very happy Monday!

  8. oh wow, something else to emulate lol...I can't wait to try the envelope

  9. My hubby just brought me daffodils yesterday...thanks for the hint!

    Oh bless your grandson's heart. Benjamin had to use a pull around bike at school for weeks, so he could go...blessings to all as he goes through this and healing in Jesus name...patience for mom and dad also

  10. You are full of good ideas here today. I love the idea of printing an envelope template right onto the calendar page!

    Shake daffodils? Hmmm. I must look into that. My daffodils are just thinking about blooming...sometime soon!

  11. Shaking daffodils....I'll be trying that.
    My grands are off to school today too. You're little fellow is racing back....I like that!

  12. I'll have to try the shaking of the daffodil trick. That's great that grandson can go back to school. It must get boring being laid up like that. I'll continue to pray for healing...

  13. I love the pic of your grandson, so cute!

    And thanks for the photo editing site. Since Picnik is closing soon I wasn't sure *what* I was going to do.

    And yes it feels like spring here today, for which I am thankful.....because for the last few weeks it was actually feeling like summer. Not ready for that yet!

    Have a lovely day....

  14. Never heard of shaking your daffodils but It's worth a try. I have quite a few in the backyard that I could bring in.

    So glad to see your determined g' baby is healing up nicely :)

    Thanks for the word about iPiccy, I'll def be checking it out!

  15. Handsome lad...shouldn't he be taking some daffodils to his teacher?
    Thanks for the shaking tip. Perhaps it removes air bubble that may have formed in the stem?

    I was planning to visit our area garden that boasts of 50,000 daffodils later this week. We've got heavy hail this morning; I hope the golden flowers were not decimated by the hail and winds. storm

  16. Boys are so great and resilient! He does look like he can conquer anything. Did you get my email? I'm still scratching my head! lol

  17. You have a lot of neat ideas today, Vee! I haven't heard of shaking daffodils. I did hear about iPiccy and have already checked it out. I think it is comparable to Picnik. Yay!

    Your handsome little grandson looks like he's mastered the wheelchair very well! I don't know if I read what happened to put him in this chair, so I'll be back when I have more time to see the posts I've missed while on my bloggy break.

    Have a wonderful day!

  18. He does look very determined! I have never heard about the shaking daffodil thing....I will try that next year. Our daffodils are already gone...

  19. I have not heard of shaking daffodils. It would be interesting to shake some and not the others and see which ones last longer. Ours are done here and so are the tulips.
    We are more like springtime here now, rather than summer. Headed for 76 today and 66 tomorrow and then 80 on Wednesday :).
    Sam looks like he is very determined to get back to school and his friends. I hope it won't be long until he is back on his feet.
    Thanks for the photo editing link. I need to check it out.
    Also, I think you asked if the bunny on my last post was handmade and the answer would be no. He came from a cute gift shop years ago.

  20. Very helpful post- never heard about shaking the daffodils - but we have lots of them and I love to bring them indoors - the pollen bugs poor DH, perhaps shaking them outdoors first could help that too!?

    LOVE that template - got my new CL but haven't opened it yet, will do - love to make envelopes and haven't done so in a long while. This makes it easy, thanks for the heads up.

    Your grandson is adorable, hope all goes well for him. He looks extremely determined in that photo!

    Have a wonderful week!

  21. More like mid summer! Just stunning here in middle England and I have been out in the garden all day. Love it!

  22. Your grandson is a cutie! I bet a few little girls would be happy to push his w/c, not that he's not capable of doing it alone. Never heard of shaking the daffies--will have to remember that for next year as ours are long gone. And, here's another envelope tip: I've used pretty tissue or wrapping paper for envelopes--you could iron it with freezer paper to stiffen and add strength to the envelope.

  23. Vee
    I just arrived home and didn't want to wait a second longer to say
    'thank you' for the sweet floral
    bouquet magnet you sent to me!! It's the only signs of spring I have here yet. So I doubly appreciate it.
    I'm so glad to see Sam doing well. I missed so much I didn't realize he would be in a wheel chair for a while. Poor fellow! I'll continue to pray for him.

  24. Hi Vee,
    I did not know about shaking daffodils, I will have to try it. Such a darling grand...he does have determination all over his little face.He is just as precious as can be! I think you all are going to have a hard time keeping up with him.
    I will have to check out the iPiccy site.
    Have a sweet week Vee..Big hugs, Elizabeth

  25. No, I have never shaken daffodils...never even heard of doing such a thing. I wonder what the science behind that is...hmmmm...

    Your grandson is soooooooo cute! So tell me...is he enjoying his time of getting a bit of pampering, or is it an annoyance to him? I would imagine that the novelty would wear off pretty quickly for a young energetic boy. I'm sure he's glad to get back to school and have something to do!

    I just saw the envelope in my own Country Living this afternoon, while at the dentist's office. I needed some reading, as all three of us girls were there for our six-month visits...and old People magazines don't thrill me!

  26. Oh my, that Sam IS determined!!! I'm so glad he's on the mend ~ the little ones always heal so fast! I love iPiccy too...I'm still learning though. And thank you for the envelope template, what a great idea to print right onto what you want to make the envelope out of!!! Hope you have a wonderful Spring week dear Vee, hugs and love, Dawn

  27. I'm so glad Sam is able to attend school again! I will have to look at the iPiccy site when I have a chance.

    It has been so busy around here that my head is spinning -- I really enjoyed your note card party and still have to catch up on comments.

  28. Huh, I never tried the shaking part after cutting daffodils. Let me know if t works! I have seen the tiPiccy tool and it looks like a slimline version of picnik. Don't see how you did the mosaic though. The mosaic tool I saw has the photos all tilted and funny looking. Geesh, who wants them like that?

  29. Whoops, hit the enter button too quick. Trying to hurry and get to bed. Just want to wish the little fella the best in getting well. He's got spunk! One can go very far in life with spunk...

  30. What a sweet picture of Sam. That determined look is written all over his face. Please let us know how he does with his first day back at school.

    I read that bit about iPiccy at Quill Cottage. Does it save your pictures? What happens once they're uploaded to the site? Questions, questions!

    Please let us know if shaking your daffodils works. Then to remember it when I have daffodils in my yard again.

  31. Oh, your poor Grandson, he looks like a trooper though. He looks just like you. Oh, I love a new editor, so I'll be all over that. My girlfriend and I discovered an envelope template at the Paper Source and we love it. You can also just use the insert to be pretty inside a white envelope.

    Happy creating.


    P.S. Brrrrrrrr, it's cold tonight. I went to Tower Hill when it was warm and took photos of white blossoms and daffy. Oh I hope my white blossoming tree survives the frost Wednesday night. It usually doesn't bloom until late April early May. I need's a coat.

  32. Thanks for those tips and links....

    Darling grand looks great! I bet he is excited about resuming his normal routine!

    I seem to be a day behind on your blog...I'll try to do better!


  33. Thanks for the tips.
    Your little grandson is so cute. Funny how kids say they hate school but then can't wait to get back.
    Still warm here in the south. Well, our cool spell went down to the 50's but high in the 80's today.
    Happy Spring!

  34. I should go and give my daffodils a shake! I cut some and brought them inside for a cheerful reminder.

  35. It looks like someone is enjoying himself in the chair! I think kid's injuries bother the adults so much more. =) I'll have to check out your editing program. It's fun to play with pictures. I love the envelope. making a patterned inside would be so fun and unique for the receiver!

    We are still in spring, although I am not quite sure we ever had winter. It has been beautiful without a doubt.
    Hopefully your spring will return soon!

  36. Love this idea!

    It's cold here today and it's not supposed to warm up again until next week. But I guess they are actually normal temps.

    Enjoy your week!

  37. Oh Vee...you are the most fun! I love that envelope idea.
    OH...and guess what Judy brought me to the cooking class. You sweet lady! I love the magnets...thanks so much.

  38. Your grand looks very determined wheeling himself around. And sweet, at the same time.

    I like making my own envelopes from calendars and magazine pages. But then I forget to use them.

    I've never heard of shaking daffodils, but I'll give it a try. It's still spring-ish here, but raining. All week.

  39. I'm so thrilled he is going back to school. That is where little boys need to be during the school year. Summer will be here before he knows it and then he will have more time to heal.

    Never heard of shaking any flowers but heard you should give your tomato vines a good shake every so often. Makes em' sit up and take notice, I guess. :)


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