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Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Arrived a Little Early

She came with the morning mail...

as lovely as any gift of spring could be. And what's inside?

A quilting book by Vicki Bellino and

Notecards by Sheila of Starshine Through My Windows. Sheila, like so many of you, takes awesome photos. Eventually, these will be used and you may be the recipient, though for now, I'm just enjoying them. One will most likely be framed. Looking at them again, I may decide on a sunset since we don't see very many. Thank you for the gifts, Sheila. They are delightful; you brightened my day; and my world will be experiencing very springy, ten-degrees-warmer-than-usual days all this week. You really know how to send spring!


Now, I have been wondering, if you were going to create a set of notecards from those photographs used on your blog, which four would you choose? Would anyone like to play this game? We could have a Mr. Linky Party. (It would be the first one that I have ever hosted.) We could do this on the day after spring...March 21, 2012. If there's any interest, I'll get a button set up for any who'd like to have one. It sounds like fun to me; how about you?


  1. Since I LOVE a party, count me in! :D

    Your spring-y gifts are lovely! Who wouldn't feel like spring after a package like that?

  2. Count me in on the party too!! What a nice gift to get. Blessings

  3. Your party suggestion sounds like fun! I'm surprised how much I am enjoying spring now that I have given up on having winter. It does seem like we just finished raking the leaves, and the trees are rapidly becoming green. I guess there's always a thrill at renewal or newness of life!

  4. Such a lovely package of Spring, to be sent to you! She is a sweetheart.

    Oh wow! What pics would I choose, to make into cards? Wow! I have no idea. I'd have to do a lot of pondering. :-)

    How are you doing? Do you feel well enough to return to regular blogging? Hope so. But not, until you are very, very sure.

    "I cannot conceivably influence the world's destiny, but I can make my own life more worthwhile."
    ~Gladys Taber

  5. That is a lovely spring surprise! Yay for the above normal temperatures this week! We're getting them too. I would certainly join this linky party. My big decision will be which photos to choose. Great idea! Enjoy the spring weather Vee! Hugs, Pamela

  6. I can just see you picking the pattern and choosing the material now!!

  7. The note cards are beautiful. What a nice happy surprise.
    Sure I'll play along too. Now I just have to decide which pictures I like best!!

  8. What a lovely spring surprise! The notecards looks beautiful and I like your idea for framing one.
    The party sounds like fun. Count me in!!

  9. Pick four? I couldn't even limit myself to a hundred one time when that was suggested.

    Maybe if I used catagories like sunsets and snowflakes and such....

  10. I would love to participate and am glad to hear that your surprise is inspiring you to create a Mr. Linky Party. Thanks so much again for the cookbook you sent me last summer. "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" is fabulous and I was so pleased to win your draw. Imagine my surprise when I opened the package and found that my cookbook was wrapped in a beautiful apron you'd made. One good turn deserves another. Hope your week is filled with sunshine!

  11. That packaged was dressed up for spring....what pretty wrapping!

    I think I would use some photos from my trip to France or Italy....or maybe some garden shots.

  12. what a beautiful package ... all dressed up & looking so pretty. count me in please. wow, so many choices to pick from. can't wait!! so exciting. (:

  13. What a lovely way to bring in spring..and I hope your back is doing better also...we are going to be in the 80's today! Oh my!

  14. Fun stuff - let's do it!

    Now to decide which photos I would use!


  15. I won't be able to participate, but I hope I can view. It sounds like a fun thing to do.

    I think your thoughtful friend sent spring our way, too. What beautiful gift wrap she used. The cards are beautiful and you can spend hours looking through the book as you take some time to rest your back. You'll have all sorts of projects planned when you're spending time at your sewing machine again.

  16. What a delightful gift from Sheila! I know you will enjoy the book and cards, Vee.

    I have often been tempted to make up cards with my photos --I have so many favorites that I could use. I'd love to join in your linky party!

  17. Wowwwwwwww! A quilting book! Enjoy it!♥

  18. What a wonderful surprise! I love making cards from photos that I take too.

  19. I try to catch up when I visit to I have several comments. Glad John is doing well and you have the right idea about the back pain. You must have a little routine to relieve that inflammation. Took me a few years to find that out. Congrats on the beautiful cards. I would join your linky party. Getter going gal.

  20. I'll join in!
    I love the paper or whatever the book was wrapped in. It's gorgeous.
    What a lovely spring surprise!

  21. Count me in too!
    Lucky Duck to receive some of Sheila's lovely cards!

  22. Yes Vee, that sounds like a lovely idea. County me in. What a beautiful surprise, and such a lovely gift. I love the cards too. I think you got a bundle of inspiration in the mail.


  23. What thoughtful and gracious gifts! It was through your note card party that I found your blog!

    I was sorry to read about Sam's accident. Praying for him and the entire family.


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