Sunday, March 16, 2008

We Need So Much More

Those who cut the branches and spread their coats expected a lot from Jesus. They didn't expect enough. They wanted a king; they needed so much more. ~taken from His Passion: Christ's Journey to the Resurrection

"...I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." ~Jesus (John 10:10b)

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Update on Snowbank

Hmmmmmmmmm, do I smell He-man Chocolate Chip Cookies baking across the land? :D Wish that I still had some, but I was smart and invited people in for coffee the first afternoon and, yesterday, I bagged up the remainder and took them to a friend's for tea. Having that many cookies in the house is dangerous! (Don't forget to tell me if you try them.)

So here's the snowbank...the very handy Saturday post. At least, until it's gone.

Yes, that's snow falling...sigh.

This next photo made me laugh.

I've often felt as if I didn't know whether I was coming or going and now I see so clearly why!

And this last photo nearly made me weep...

Such a brave little daffodil to be getting ready to bloom under a snowbank and in such trying times.

Have a wonderful Saturday, dear friends!

Friday, March 14, 2008

He-Man Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yesterday afternoon, I was in need of a cookie ministry. A pack of chocolate chips from before Christmas was sitting open in my pantry. Rather than munch on them by the handfuls, I decided to bake.

Out came my recipe book, actually a photo album where my hand-written recipes live, and there was my recipe for He-Man Cookies. They contain a lot of oatmeal so, since they would be so much more healthful... This recipe is from the Yankee Kitchen Radio Program, which ended in the late 90s.

I loved Gus Saunders the host of the Yankee Kitchen. Googling this morning, I found that Gus passed away last year and I felt sad as if I had lost an old friend and hadn't been told.

On summer vacations, my children would be off playing in their "secret" playhouse under the 100 foot pine whose branches swept down to touch the lawn. And I would spend many afternoons puttering in my blueberry kitchen cleaning or preparing for supper all the while listening to Gus's mellow voice sharing recipes and cooking tips. The premise was that in order to request a recipe, you had to offer one. It was a swap thing. My notebook and pencil sat at the ready to hurriedly snag a recipe the old-fashioned way. Good thing that Gus was a gentleman who knew just how to slow down and repeat things in the right moments. Ahhhh, dear Gus.

He-Man Chocolate Chip Cookies
from the Yankee Kitchen Radio Program


* 1/2 cup butter
* 1/2 cup shortening
* 3/4 cup brown sugar
* 3/4 cup white sugar
* 2 unbeaten eggs
* 2 tsp vanilla
* 1 TBS hot water
* 2 cups quick oatmeal
* 1 1/2 cups flour
* 1 tsp baking soda
* 1 tsp salt
* 1 cup chopped nuts
* 1 12 oz package of chocolate chips


Mix butter and shortening, sugars, eggs, hot water, and vanilla.

Add oatmeal and the remainder of the dry ingredients. Lastly, add the chocolate chips and nuts.

Drop onto parchment-lined cookie sheet. Bake 10–12 minutes @ 375°

These are a tasty, crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside cookie. Hope that you'll try them sometime!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Before and After

Do you love before and after pictures as much as I do? Nothing makes me much happier than a before and after photo of anything. Got a garage to clean? I want to see a before and after. (Speaking of which, I'll be providing this myself just as soon as the weather warms a bit.) Got an eyebrow to pluck? No kidding, I want to see the transformation.

Sometimes, trying to talk someone into sharing at this level just does not work. Not two days ago, I was cranking away on a friend (Hi, Mrs. G.!) and practically begging for her to show me a before and after of her reorganized sewing room. She said, "Not bloody likely!" or something close.

On Tuesday, as many of you already know, Kari and Kijsa held an "Homage to Spring" and so many great bloggers participated. That's where I learned the following four things and I'm sharing!

For quite some time, I've been unhappy with the arrangement on top of the china cupboard. I've been playing with it since Christmas. This is how it looked yesterday before I employed #41 on Kari and Kijsa's list.

I am not very good at creating things on my own. Inspiration is an absolute necessity. Number 41 provided that for me...that's #41. ;> I didn't have old window frames, but I did have an old picture frame and that's close enough. Yes, I cheated again by lighting the candles. Candleglow always works, doesn't it?

Then I decided to employ #84's use of white silk flowers. Mary has single-handedly turned my thinking around on the use of silk. I'm afraid that I had become something of a decorating snob eschewing anything fake. Not anymore! Until the real thing is readily available, I'm happy to follow Mary's lead.

(Sorry that I don't have the before, but you can imagine it by removing both rabbits, the flowers, and the small pitcher.)

Not only did I gain an idea or two about decorating, I will definitely try #74 for my grandsons and #86 also for the grandsons. I just picked up some muslin for the #86 project and hope to work on it today. Number 74 is an Easter treat that is cuter than a button and sweet to eat. Kids of all ages will love them! You've just gotta go see what I mean.

Here's the link, once again, for Kari & Kijsa's Homage to Spring.

P.S. Oops, forgot to say that there are some great comments on yesterday's post about dreams. That's another thing I enjoy reading about so perhaps you do, too.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On Her Way

There are universal dreams...the one about falling, the one about walking in molasses (oh, yeah, don't tell me that you haven't had that one), the one about flying, which is closely related to the falling dream, the one about driving in reverse at 100 mph (no? you haven't had that one either?), the one about dying, the one about giving birth to something not necessarily someone, the one about hearing your name called very loudly. Feel free to share if you've ever experienced any of these or add one of your own regulars.

From the time I was about ten to the present, I have periodically dreamed of a man falling down a deep well. He yells my name all the way down. I know him to be my husband. Yes, I knew that he was my husband even as a girl. Now I recognize his voice.

I have been dreaming a lot. That's because I have been sleeping a lot. At the risk of being clobbered by your nearest shoe, I have slept at least ten hours the past three nights. It's been great. I usually sleep seven hours or less; sometimes a lot less. I'm ready to go back to my usual schedule as this loss of three hours is a problem.

Enough about sleep and dreams.

Some of you have expressed such empathy for the lack of spring in my corner and I have appreciated those sentiments, truly. Not only that, so many have been providing that "ministry of flowers" that I spoke of some time ago that I have felt as if spring is very near even though I've seen no signs. Well, no signs until a few days ago.

I was searching the trees for nests and I found this one on a branch that hangs over the street in front of my home. See? There's a red circle (sort of) around the nest.

Then, wanting to see the nest better, I played with the zoom and took this shot.

It was so exciting to see this photograph not because of the nest, but because of the buds on that tree. Buds! Red buds! Spring is coming; she may be delayed; she may have to step over snowbanks, but she's on her way!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Interview With a Glove Rabbit

Good morning, Lil' Rabbit!

You've been the subject of much speculation.

What can you tell me about your life before Saturday?

Ahhhh, so was the creation process difficult?

Do you have any concerns that your head may have been placed on backwards?

What are you doing to prepare for a life of intense loving?

Any final thoughts you'd like to share?

Yeah, well, thank you very much for that, Lil' Rabbit. Now let's tell the nice folks where to find some good information.

Jill at Homemade by Jill has all the information that you'll need including the links to Martha If you read the directions very carefully, you may get your rabbit's head on straight! :>


Yesterday, I baked Manuela's Sock-It-To-Me Cake. It was so delicious that I am trying to think of anything else so that I won't bake another one today. I made two minor nuts because my grandbabies were eating it and I used plain yogurt instead of sour cream. Still absolutely fantastic!

Would you believe that I slept 11 hours last night? I love the Time Change, but adjusting can be a challenge.

Enjoy your Monday!

Edited to Add: If you are arriving from Kari & Kijsa's "Homage to Spring," welcome! If not, go check things out at K & K's!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Boast not of Works nor Tell of Good Deeds...

I Will Glory in the Cross 
I boast not of works nor tell of good deeds
For naught have I done to merit His grace 
All glory and praise shall rest upon Him 
So willing to die in my place 
 I will glory in the cross, in the cross 
Lest his suffering all be in vain 
I will weep no more for the cross that He bore 
I will glory in the cross 
My trophies and crowns, my robes stained with sin 
Were all that I had to lay at His feet 
Unworthy to feast from the table of life 
'Till God made provision for me 
I will glory in the cross, in the cross 
Lest his suffering all be in vain 
I will weep no more for the cross that He bore 
I will glory in the cross 
Bridge: In the cross, in the cross Be my glory 'ever 
I will weep no more for the cross that He bore 
I will glory, I will glory, I will glory in the cross
~Dottie Rambo

Ephesians 2:14-16a For he himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility, by abolishing in his flesh the law with its commandments and regulations. His purpose was to create in himself one new man out of the two, thus making peace, and in this one body to reconcile both of them to God through the cross...

Clicking on the words to the song will take you to a You Tube clip of Allison Durham Speer singing "I Will Glory in the Cross."

Jerusalem Crown of Thorns Source

Have an excellent Sunday! How's the time change treating you so far? (Five hours of sleep here...ackkkk!)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snowbanks and Stuff

As promised, here's this week's snowbank. Please contain yourselves...this IS something!

If you'd like to compare: last week's snowbank.

Inside looking out picture window (located directly behind my computer)...

Outside looking back toward the picture window...

Now I'm off for my second cup of coffee and to visit all of you. Oh, meant to say that all of your questions shall be answered when I know myself. I don't mean to be vague on purpose; I simply don't know the answers yet. As for the gloves, keep your eyes peeled.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Don't Tell Melissa

...that I've posted twice in one day! :D

Everything was fine when I got home. Only the pile of things that I had gathered was gone with the exception of bedroom items that don't matter at all to me.

Miss Sandy, you're so sweet for offering me grapefruit spoons! I won't need them unless I actually do start a B&B (old joke) because I found some at TJMaxx this morning. Yay! I also purchased two iced tea spoons.

Golly, I had forgotten how much fun shopping can be...I even had a good time shopping in the Dollar Store, which is unheard of for me. If you watch Martha Stewart, you know where those workgloves are heading.

Here are my treasures...

It was so tempting to buy books today. I actually had The Glass Castle and The Time Traveler's Wife in my hot little hands for at least thirty seconds before putting them back keeping only this issue of Victoria.

Hope that you'll all tune in tomorrow for the second spring posting of the snow pile.

Interesting Day

It's going to be an interesting day here, folks. I am vacating the premises (not permanently...yet) for several hours while my sister and her beloved clear the house of the things they want.

This leaves me wondering what I'll come home to.

I tried to get my sister to be specific just so I could prepare myself and think around whatever gap will be left. Probably things will be just fine; although, I am going to miss those grapefruit spoons terribly. Just to clarify, the things that she'll be taking are her own and she has every right to take them.

As far as I can tell, this is the list:

silverware (Thankfully, I have my own set.)
rug shampooer
popcorn popper (Whirlypop...these things are great!)
odd and sundry decorative items
measuring spoons (the good ones)
measuring cups (the good ones)
wallpaper rolls

So what to do this morning instead of visit all of you. Oh! I know! I'll shop for some good measuring spoons and measuring cups.

Edited to add: This post needed brightening: Create a Flower Garden with a click of the Mouse

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bird Nest Kits

Do you see the nest in the bottom of the apothecary jar? This little nest is so beautifully made. Can you see the blue string and the hair that swirls around the bottom making a soft bed? (Clicking on the picture will help a little.)

After all this sewing, I have lots of bits and pieces of thread and cloth to share with the birds. I've been saving onion bags for a while now and dryer lint, too. I plan to make a few nest kits for the birds. It's not time here to set them out, but if robins are busy in your corner, perhaps you'd like to gather some building materials and help them with their task. Children love this activity as well.

Here's a helpful article about Favorite Nesting Materials of Wild Birds.

Yesterday, Miss Sandy @ Quill Cottage treated me to a review of spring called Let's Play a Game. It's a treasure...go enjoy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bargains and Bits

Melissa might be proud of me today. I decided last night that I would purposely not crank up the computer until noonish. For a while there I thought that I'd go bonkers; you know how it is when there's an upset in routine.

My morning was spent quietly listening to the sleet hit the windows while I watched Martha Stewart and then The View. I was listening more than watching since I was also busily organizing my recipe notebook. Notes were added to each recipe and they were all placed into plastic liners. Fifty liners were not enough! So I'll have another morning of finishing that chore the next time I pick up another package.

Yesterday, I went shopping at two much-loved flea markets in my area. I wandered all through the first without finding a thing, but I had no sooner stepped through the door of the second when I found two items very reasonably priced. The first you'll recognize as I featured it not so long ago.

It's in ever so much better condition than my grandmother's piece. Obviously, Nan has played "Feather Your Nest" often. Perhaps this selection is not so rare as I first believed...the price was two dollars. (I'm chuckling here.)

Also found these...

One can't have enough custard cups, in my opinion, and these are vintage Fire King. (BTW, Zanne, Fire King is the answer to the question that you had about the green jadite bowls atop the refrigerator in that vintage kitchen back along.) And the price was right...ten dollars for four with forty per cent off. Can't beat that!

Here's how the dishtowel turned out...quite simple, but I'm pleased with it.

I promise that this is the last pincushion that I'll show you...maybe "promise" is too strong a word. This is for my niece whose favorite color is yellow just like mine. It's made from a yellow bandana...ninety-seven cents!

Lastly, on a personal family note, my baby grandson took his first step a few days ago and promptly sat down without trying again. Yesterday, to everyone's surprise, he took off walking for real. Here's proof!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


GrandCentral: receive calls and post voicemail with your blog

Hmmm, wonder if Blogger is getting a lot of buzz about that one. I'm trying to imagine who in the world would want that service; obviously, someone who isn't trying to hide on the World Wide Web. ;>

Last night around 10, I discovered, via my tracker, that my niece had very cleverly used a few key words and was now sitting on my blog having reviewed umpteen pages. I called and left a message to please call me back, which she did.

"Whatcha doing?" asks I.

"Nothing, I'm on the internet," says she.

"Yes, you're on my blog!" (Subtle, eh?)

A little nervous chuckle, "I'm just looking at the pictures. It's pretty Martha Stewart...really kinda dull."

"That's right, nothing for you to see there so move along."

"You can see me?"

And that was when I was very grateful for my tracker. Not only could I "see" her, I knew the words she used to find me. I shared them. She was properly awed.

Oh, btw, just so this is on the front page now and not in comments, my niece took the photo that I am using in my header. Phew! One less thing on my mind to feel guilty over.

So now I have joined all of you who share freely with your families, read one another's blogs, and have a sense of connectedness with your own communities. Except that I'd hoped that it would never happen.

All this leads me to a discussion about perception. Yes, I am a deep thinker. LOL!

We sometimes feel as if things are one way when they are not. Feelings and truths are rarely one. For example, I took this photo when I saw that the reflection in the mirror was pleasing:

It is pleasing, but very little of it is based in reality. There are reflections that cause one to wonder exactly how many books, plants there are. The colors have been enhanced and the quality of the light isn't exactly as it was.

I remember a lecture where the professor shared that no one knows how he or she is perceived in this world because we never see ourselves as we are. Of all the people that we see in dimensional ways, the one we never see is our own person. "Even mirrors are very little help to us," he said.

That's when I stopped taking notes and really started to listen. Thankfully, someone asked why. So we got an interesting piece of information that day. All mirrors are distortions. When we see ourselves we are not seeing our entire mass. We are less.

Every woman in the class woke up then.


The professor continued to explain that we could try this for ourselves: look at our faces in a mirror and draw a line across the top point of our heads and the bottom line of our chins right there on the glass...step back and see how far apart those two lines are and decide whether your head could possibly be that small.

It was a very interesting discussion. It was a very interesting experiment.

What's my point? Not sure exactly other than to say that sometimes we think that we are hiding when we're not, that we believe we're writing fascinating things and we're not (if nieces are to be believed), and that things are not just exactly as they seem.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Where I Get Crafty

Did you all have a wonderful weekend? From what I could tell in my wanderings in Blogdom, I believe so!

Last Friday, I was gearing up for a snowy Saturday, which happened, folks, but enough of that. All sorts of ideas for spending the day were tumbling about in my head. Today, I am happy to report that a few of them spilled out to reality. (You can't imagine how often that does NOT happen.)

The first thing was working on more dishtowels. Birthdays are coming up and I am resorting to homemade gifts. I always use Martha Stewart's flour sack dish towels from K-Mart for these projects, but this time, after seeing how Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy (February 21) was creating her own bias tape for dishtowel edges, I decided to do the same thing. I purchased the binding tute and the material and had a lot of fun creating tape for myself. Alicia gives most excellent instructions!

I also spent some time gazing at Zanne's excellent handiwork on my oo-la-la apron. So between both sites and having the apron in hand, success!

Because I was using premade dishtowels, I did have to remove one finished edge so that the excess bulk would be gone; stitching was impossible otherwise. Don't ask me how I found that out or at what hour. (I only removed one edge because I'm only taping one edge.)

In the middle of all that, I realized my urgent need for a pincushion. Soooo, using WHIPUP's wonderful directions, I was able to make one for myself very quickly out of a vintage tablecloth remnant.

Do you see that doll maker's needle? Sure came in handy for this project. Also, please note how the needle is threaded. Here's a little secret for you...shhhhh, don't tell a can sew without ever having a knot or a tail. See what I mean right here at Bella Dia's No Knot, No Tail.

Last night, in the middle of all these big doings, my niece pops in to invite me out to supper. Naturally, she was curious about the mess on the dining room table. So she discovered her birthday gift a bit early and requested a redwork rooster for her dishtowel. None of my embroidery sites offered quite what we wanted so I thought that I might find one in a coloring book...good suggestion, by the way, for embroidery ideas. I found what I was looking for right here online.

Those patio door grids come in handy and these directions from PatternBee.

Thanks for looking and let me know if you try any of these things. I love to see what you're all up to, too!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Life

Christians are continually trying to change their lives, but God calls us to experience an exchanged life. Christianity is not a self-improvement program. It isn't a reformation project. It is resurrection! It is new life!

~Bob George

And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge — that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. (Ephesians 3:17–19)

Photo Source

Saturday, March 1, 2008

An Award and the Page 123 Meme

BumbleVee has honored me with the "You Make My Day Award." Thank you! It's lovely to know that I made your day, Vee.

Often I wonder about these awards. I love to receive them and find it challenging to give them. Does that reflect a selfish spirit? Yes, it must. (Perhaps that's why I like the movie Lost April so well because its theme is selfishness versus generosity.) Anyway, I am certain that all those who received Oscars last Sunday evening did not stand at the podium wondering to whom they could pass it along. ;> So this one will rest here for a bit while I ponder where it should go. As always, it could go to every blogger on my list since you all make my day.

A Woman Who Is challenged me to the Page 123 Meme. It looks like fun!


1. Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. No cheating!
2. Find page 123.
3. Find the first 5 sentences.
4. Post the next 3 sentences.
5. Tag 5 people. (Or, as I am going to do, multiply by eight and add two, which means that anyone on my blogroll who would like to do this one day can consider herself officially challenged.)

The book is Classic Christianity by Bob George:

The subject is law and grace. I have found that very few Christians are familiar with this topic. Those that have heard of law and grace tend to put it into the category of a stale theological subject.

Now that's pretty dry stuff for a book that I will finish today and start reading over again tomorrow. And when I finish it the next time, I will pick it up again and do the same thing. This book is incredible! The subtitle is "Life's Too Short to Miss the Real Thing." I have been in extreme danger of missing the real thing for way too long. Look for the March quote of the month from this book that will be/is a lot more interesting.

Confectioner's sugar snow falling today...I heard the sleet pinging off the windows last night so I am glad that it has switched to this. Gosh, when did my blog become a weather report?!

This is the snow mountain at the end of my driveway. Maybe I should document the melting progress of same...check in next Saturday for another riveting photo of it.

A relaxing Saturday to one and all!

Friday, February 29, 2008

My Dorothy Moment

Do you ever experience a Dorothy moment? You remember Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ who could have gone home to Kansas at any time IF she had only realized the power of the ruby red slippers? Yeah, her.

Look who has flowers in her own home after all that complaining of yesterday! Me! Lots of them! Yes, there is one terribly confused Christmas cactus blooming by the patio door. It is not my plant; it belongs to my sister who has yet to reclaim it. The cactus has grown from a piece of my sister's first mother-in-law's mother's plant. (Got that? ;> ) It used to live in a south corner window above my sister's sink where it was very happy. When my sister moved here during another cold February, that plant bloomed like crazy. It must have been the shock of it all. I had no other place for it save a northeast window where it has survived, but not thrived sending out a few sparse blooms some years and skipping others altogether. I guess that all it has needed is a south window because I've not seen this many flowers on it in a very long time.

Happy Leap Day!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

In Need of a Flower Ministry

Last Summer at Pemaquid Point

Between My Country—and the Others—
There is a Sea—
But Flowers—negotiate between us—
As Ministry.

~Emily Dickinson

Are flowers blooming in your world? They're not in mine; I so need a flower ministry. Fortunately, all over Blogdom, flowers are in bloom. If you have blooming flowers, hope that you'll share — often!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nothing and Everything

This was the scene out my bedroom window this morning. Aren't I smart for remembering to take the camera upstairs? ;>

And this was a little chickadee just as the storm started to crank up yesterday afternoon. My goodness! Chickadees are as much of a challenge as the moon!

I've been thinking of birds, birdhouses, and nests a lot apparently, if my picture file is any indication. Here's the cutest idea for a birdhouse ever. It is from Zipper Gifts. com.

Literary Birdhouse (in Kids' Section)

There are a few children's books about that are no good for reading anymore, but perhaps I could figure out how to create one of these. Hmmmm, something to ponder.


This explains E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. If you have a few minutes to spare, you can see what I mean.

Tale of Two Brains (YouTube)

Enjoy a laugh or two!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Storm Antidote

Antidote: 1. A remedy or other agent used to neutralize or counteract the effects of a poison.

And that's just how the news of storms feels to me now—like poison. Another snowstorm is brewing and will be here by evening, then another Friday, and another the following Monday. It's enough to make a gal ill.

Fortunately, I can pull a Mary and post what I want and not what I have...

I'm off to join half of the county as we forage for food and gasoline. Then an afternoon of Nana sitting and then I'll be visiting blogs this evening. Enjoy your day!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Blog Survey at Bella Pink

Tara is conducting a Blog survey over at Bella Pink (now Bella Cafe) for anyone who might be interested in participating in a questionnaire about what you like/don't like about blogs. I did. It's anonymous. The more who participate, the more accurate the findings. This should prove interesting! Apparently, the survey will be divided into two parts so keep checking back.

Then, in case you're interested in taking little quizzes today, here's another touted as Dr. Phil's Personality Test.

Disclaimer: This is not actually Dr. Phil's Personality Test, but it's fun all the same.

I'm recuperating from a late-night birthday party so I'll wander off now and get busy with my day...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Best is Yet to Be

A woman is as old as she looks before breakfast.

~ Ed Howe

There is always a lot to be thankful for, if you take the time to look. For example, I'm sitting here thinking how nice it is that wrinkles don't hurt. ~Author Unknown

Listen to me, O house of Jacob,
all you who remain of the house of Israel,
you whom I have upheld since you were conceived,
and have carried since your birth.

Even to your old age and gray hairs
I am he, I am he who will sustain you.
I have made you and I will carry you;
I will sustain you and I will rescue you

~ Isaiah 46:3&4 NIV

Off to get some breakfast...

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Whatever my fascination with the moon has been lately, I have finally achieved a photo where the moon appears sorta round. Something about the way the clouds were flitting across the moon's face last night made me want to try capturing it again. Although not quite successful, I am doing better. This semi-success was achieved on the auto setting with the ISO on automatic as well while the camera rested on the window sash and my left hand steadied the camera and my right pointer finger pushed the button...just in case you're all wondering. :>

After I had bragged at several blogs that the snow was slipping off to sea south of my corner of the world, it snowed five inches. It snowed the most amazing Ivory soap flakes sort of snow, which normally would've been easy to deal with, but because the snowbanks are so high, there's no place left to plow nor to shovel. I had to scoop it all into a pile and then use the snowblower to blow it up and over the snowbank. Bother! But it could've been worse...heavy wet snow would've been terrible.

Off to do my Saturday chores...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Moon, Feather Your Nest, and a Mwah

It happened again with the moon last night — reflecting its pale light so intensely in my room that I awoke. I tried again to photograph it and, as with most things that I attempt at 4:20 am, it didn't work out. ;>

I did read a lot about taking moon shots and what I read frightened me. Some of the articles are soooo technical. Ackkkk! Several articles say that one must have a tripod AND a remote click because even the pushing of the button will cause such a vibration that the photo will be distorted. Sigh. I don't need a moon shot fit for National Geographic; I just want to capture the moon as it shines through the birches on the knoll behind my house. Why does it have to be so complicated?

So, for any of you who might be interested, I did find *this article*, which is less complicated and suggests a way to overcome the lack of a tripod.


Yesterday afternoon, my grandmother decided to play the piano for a bit and I pulled out some of her sheet music collection. When I saw the one above, I'll bet you can guess which two bloggers I thought of. I've since checked online and I can't find any vintage sheet music that exactly matches this cover with Anna Chandler the featured young lovely on the lower right corner.

The name, written in an old-fashioned hand, is "Cornelia Adair." Isn't that a terrific name? I am imagining a heroine of some romantic novel... She was actually the young woman who at 25 found herself orphaned and sold her parents' home to my grandparents. Cornelia left her piano and a large selection of sheet music behind for which my grandmother has always been grateful.


Sandi of Holding Patterns has given me this Mwah...right back atcha, too, Sandi! I've visited around looking for the rules. Not sure exactly what they are, once again, but something about presenting it to ten, which as you know means that I plan to divide that by two and subtract three or whatever my formula has been.

So I am passing this award along to two gals whom I adore and who could use a Mwah:

Vickie @ Sand Flat Farm

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Moon, Banana Bread, and Poetry ;>

Did the moon wake you last night?

The moon woke me. The bedroom was bathed in cool light, which means that I need some blinds. I even took a picture. Since the taking of the picture floated back to me through fog so thick that I would be doing well to remember my name this morning, I was surprised to find that the moon is actually in the shot. Bad shot. In fact, there are two points of must be the flash reflecting from the glass, and the other a nondescript, tiny orb way up high. I should read up on taking photos of the moon. I didn't even attempt to take a photo of the eclipse; although, I did see it and marveled at its beauty.

Late yesterday afternoon I baked a Banana Yogurt Bread and, just like clockwork, I had a call from a friend who asked if the coffee pot was on. We enjoyed a pleasant time visiting, but the bread seemed to take forever to bake. I've adjusted the recipe accordingly.


* ¾ cup Canola oil

* 1½ cups sugar

* 2 eggs

* 1 TBS vanilla

* 1 cup plain yogurt

* 2 or 3 ripe bananas mashed

* ½ tsp salt

* 2 cups King Arthur flour (unbleached, unbromated)

* ½ tsp baking soda (NOT baking powder as you see in the pic)


Mix the first 5 ingredients until smooth adding the mashed bananas last and stirring in.

Combine the flour, baking soda, and salt and stir well before adding to the first mixture. Stir until just blended. Do NOT overmix.

Place in a large loaf pan filling two-thirds full and bake @ 350° for an hour or until a cake tester comes out clean. Allow to cool for 5 minutes before turning out to cooling rack.

Printable Recipe

It's so cold today after much milder temperatures earlier in the week. A friend emailed me this little poem a few days ago. I attempted to track it down; apparently, it's a forward and any state/province can be plugged in. Let's see, shall we?

Michigan (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Montana, Manitoba,) Poem

It's winter here in Michigan (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Montana, Manitoba)
And the gentle breezes blow
Seventy miles an hour
At twenty-five below!

Oh, how I love dear Michigan (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Montana, Manitoba)
When the snow's up to your butt
You take a breath of winter
And your nose gets frozen shut.

Yes, the weather here is wonderful
So I guess I'll hang around
I could never leave my Michigan
(New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Montana, Manitoba)
'Cause I'm frozen to the ground!!

Have a wonderful Thursday and don't forget, LOST fans, tonight's our night!!