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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mary Shelley and Me

Are any of you like me? You see an old photograph and you wonder: what would that gal look like with her hair down?

All images today are from Dead Fred, a free genealogical site.

So here's the first photo of a lovely wedding party around the turn of the 20th century...

After gazing at the photo, I zero in on the bride. I think what a lovely face, wonder what she'd look like with her hair down. Are you still with me here? So I spend some time finding her some hair and playing games with PAINT so that she now looks like this...

And a side by side...

I am so struck by this next photo of an incredibly nervous young bride and groom. He is so nervous that he's biting his lower lip; she just looks plain scared to pieces and has gathered her skirt slightly with her left hand. I worry about them. Oh well, whatever has happened for them has happened.

Are you still with me? I can't help myself, and by now, you know what I'm wondering. Here's the bride with her hair down in another side by side comparison...

Hmmm, ahhh, wellll, sometimes the hair to the bride doesn't work so well; sometimes the bride must go to the hair...

I've satisfied my curiosity for today. Usually, I limit myself to the virtual painting of rooms or virtual architecture. This feels rather Mary Shelley-ish; I'm creating Frankensteins.

Maybe I'll wander off now and give my grandfather politician hair.

Have a restful Saturday, dear ones!


  1. I love your experimentation in the land of Mary Shelley. That first bride probably had no problem letting her hair down. In fact, she most likely felt trapped in the Victorian life. Look at her body language and the placement of her arms.....almost defiant.

    I must dig out my wedding pictures, because I wore an antique gown in exactly this style. Antique shoes, too...ouch!

  2. Vee,
    You are so funny! At least you keep yourself entertained and me too! Happy Saturday!

  3. What a fun thing to do. :-)
    I think the first bride looks better with her hair up.
    Maybe the second couple is just tired of waiting to get their picture taken. It used to take a while to get things focused to take the picture.

  4. Vee,
    I checked my blog and it is working on my end, did you start at the top recipe and click on it? If it is not working, let me know so I can figure it out. If it won't work and something sounds good let me know and I'll email it to you. Thanks.

  5. Ha! lol!! Vee you just made me laugh out loud! I love the 'bride must go to the hair'.. hehehe.. wonderful and playful! Thank you! oh, thank you for the link also!

  6. Vee you are funny...it IS good to think outside the box!

  7. thats funny! I love your blog banner and blog! Denise Masachusetts

  8. Vee, I haven't been here in a while. But I'm glad I returned. You brighten my day!

  9. Hilarious! I love the way you fixed the photos. I don't remember ever seeing my great aunt with her hair down, but it was apparently hip length, and soft snowy white. I wonder what she looked like??

  10. Happy Sunday morning Vee! I am getting ready to leave for church and thought I'd fill the time wishing some of my favorite bloggers a happy day!

    About the recipes, most of everyone has posted their recipe on their blog, they are to SHARE with others, so if you see anything you want to try or if you want to try them all just let me know and I'll send them to you! Wow, sorry, that sounds like I'm trying to force feed you into sugar shock, sorry, just didn't want you to miss out on the goodness!

  11. I'm so glad that you entered in to the humor of this. Until Suzanne posted, I worried that I had finally gone too far. LOL!

    In that case, Miss Sandy, I'll be back to take another look.

  12. That is hilarious. You're great! Makes you realize these gals didn't really look so different from us after all...I love the first bride- she's a babe with her hair down.

  13. Oh, I would love to see what you could do with that last groom's hair. Maybe a nice mohawk.

  14. LOL and snorting! That is priceless, Vee! You have such a great, quirky sense of humor!

  15. Hi, I came here by way of Robin at Bittersweet Punkin. I love this post. I always wonder what these people would look like if they actually put a smile on their faces...none of them ever smile! Susan

  16. You are just having so much fun with the photo editing! I too feel very sorry for that extremely nervous couple!

    Enjoy a lovely day!


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