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Monday, February 25, 2008

Blog Survey at Bella Pink

Tara is conducting a Blog survey over at Bella Pink (now Bella Cafe) for anyone who might be interested in participating in a questionnaire about what you like/don't like about blogs. I did. It's anonymous. The more who participate, the more accurate the findings. This should prove interesting! Apparently, the survey will be divided into two parts so keep checking back.

Then, in case you're interested in taking little quizzes today, here's another touted as Dr. Phil's Personality Test.

Disclaimer: This is not actually Dr. Phil's Personality Test, but it's fun all the same.

I'm recuperating from a late-night birthday party so I'll wander off now and get busy with my day...


  1. HA! It WAS your birthday! For those of us having a difficult time reading the cryptic message! : ) I hope you had a wonderful time darlin'!


  2. Ohhhhh, an anon. blog survey! Very cool. I will go.

    Actually, knowing me, you know that I don't need it to be anon. but... anon. format is more polite. -grin-

    And Re: your comment in my blog this morning;

    "Speaking of to the right...good placement of photos, too."

    Thank you for this comment!!!!

    While in the process of seeking out a possible replacement home for my blogging, I've been reading 'Tips On Blogging.' Annnnnnnnnnnnnn ~ One tips said that pics are 'eye rests.'

    We read left to right. Place pics to the right of your copy, as an eye rest. Cool hu?

    So, I tried it. So far, you have told me {in comments} that you like it. And a Real Life friend has told me the same.

    Geeee, maybe these Experts know of what they speak/write hu? When doing these Tips For Better Blogging. ,-)

    If your Birthday Party went late, it must have been a good one! Hooooray!!!!


  3. OOOPS! I wandered off the beaten path over to Tara's, came back, then went off the to take the quiz and almost forgot to come back and leave a comment!

    Now to answer a few questions and comments:
    *I am glad you like my music choices. I like a little background but no words.
    *I am the one in the front row, red & white dress, white knee socks, thrid from the left.
    *You ate a mud pie? YUCK!
    *Now that you have seen my dining nook you see why I cannot flip my table!
    *Yes, my daughter and I are often told we look alike. It gets a little creepy when my mother is in the mix, we all look alike! I used to pine for my own face!
    *Yes, I am indeed a painter. I made a living with my paint brush and pots of paint for many a year.

    Did I miss something? Did you indeed have a Birthday?

  4. Where do I start. I have done the personality test last year. I visited Tara's blog. I did the survey. Phew now I am back to you!!
    There you are talking about the moon and i just posted a moon picture from last week.
    I went outside, used a tripod, a nightime setting and X 5 zoom.
    Lovely to have a grandmother that can play the piano for you.
    I am npot so keen on Banana bread but yours does look good.

  5. Happy Birthday a little late.
    I took the survey.
    Also did the personalty test. I got a 47 - The Lively Center of Attention. :-)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Vee! If I had known I would have put it on my blog in big neon blinkies!! LOL

    You are so clever.....

  7. You too? It was a weekend of birthdays! I'm thinking you could have warned us though...we like to celebrate these events. Happy Birthday!

    And yes...my header is a local moon shot (but it was not pitch dark when I took it).

  8. Thanks for the heads up on the blog questionnaire...I'll be looking forward to the results!

    As for the Dr Phil test...I am:
    The Lively Center of Attention...LOL!

    Have a great day!

  9. Happy Birthday! I have doen the survey, and I also did dr Phil's thingy, though I am not at all sure about the result. I don't recognise the person!

  10. even though I feel like caca, I'm going to do the quiz...maybe tomorrow!

  11. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the link to that interesting survey. I'm anxious to see what she discovers!


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