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Saturday, February 16, 2008

All I Know About Blogging

All that I know about blogging I could put into a thimble, but I thought that I'd put it down just as a way to gauge my progress.

Hope that you won't mind if I list them for ease of writing and reading.

* I am inexplicably drawn to blogs that have these words in them: little, cottage, porch, vintage, and nest. If you name your blog anything with these words in them, you can count on me to show up at least once. Edited to add: Include tea, garden, and English in that list. LOL!

* Reading a blog from the beginning to the present is a wonderful way to know a lot about a person. Friday evenings, sometimes Saturday evenings, I do just that. Last night I was hanging out with http://sandimcbride.blogspot.com/. The week before it was http://quillcottage.blogspot.com/. Prior to that, it was http://windlost.blogspot.com/. Months ago it was Brin's. So if you see a gal from my corner of the globe sitting on your blog for hours, don't panic, it is only I! (Why does saying "it is only I" make me laugh?! It's correct, but so preposterous!)

Do you know what I've discovered so far? Intelligent, witty, warm, wonderful women that's what! They are all writers, but they could be professional writers. Their writing is better than most of the books I've read. No joke!

* I have been blessed to have read some blogs from their beginnings...Judy's and Melissa's come to mind.

* So many bloggers have Playlists, but I usually prefer to read quietly. However, there are exceptions...I have been known to grab Robin's playlist or Penny's or, on days when I'm feeling mellow or blue, Dawn's. When I'm feeling really adventurous, I compile all of them on top of one another and see what I get. It can be terribly exciting now let me tell you!

* As for blog design, I can only handle two columns. If a blog has three, I am out of there. The blogger could be Harper Lee and I'm still out of there.

* I used to think that I couldn't handle certain colors, but I've discovered that that isn't true. It's all about the content except for the point above.

* If the font is too small, I'm out of there. The blogger could be Harper Lee...oh, I've used that one already.

* While paragraphs are nice, it really is all about the content...usually.

* Male bloggers are few and far between, but I have been enthralled by this blog from the beginning. It's one that I've hesitated to share for fear of overwhelming the blogger and because of the sensitive nature of the topic. I try to use extreme restraint commenting here for that reason, but the writing is beautiful and the story is, too.

* There may be more things that come to mind and if they do, before day's end, I'll add them.

Have a terrific weekend, everybody! (I'm on Nonni duty today and must run...)


  1. Vee,
    Love this post! We all have our blog viewing preferences don't we. I am a bit of blog snob, if it doesn't have pretty pictures and quality text, I'm out of there. If the font color blends too much into the background, I am out of there. If there is excess profanity and vulgarity, I am out of there! The lovely part is, I am rarely out of there, most blogs I visit I find pleasing and I too like to go back to the very beginning as read all the way through. I find that people are the most facinating of all creation and I like connecting with them in this magical place of blog.

    Oh, and I want to dance in those shoes you are using as your link photo!

    Happy weekend!

  2. P.S. I don't like blinking things on the sidebar, to distracting or too much clutter!

  3. What a wonderful post, and thank you for all the links to new friends in blogland. There are so many to choose from, but I love finding new ones. I loved that about OWOH, all the introductions to wonderful places like yours. Blessings, karen

  4. Is my font too small???

    Plus, is my black color print, OK???

    I simply can't read some print on some backgrounds, which I'm sure looks fine on the writer's computer screen. But on mine, it's almost painful to try to read. So I just use black. But is it OK, on the soft pink background?

    And is my soft pink background, soft enough??????

    How about the font and font size I use? Do they work too? Or not?

    Thank you for bringing up this topic!!!! It's an important one, for all of us. Since we really like people to read what we blog. And if we are doing something on our blog, which makes reading difficult, well... I'd want to know.

    How about blogs which have sooooooo many things in the Side Bar, that it takes for-everrrrrrrrrr to load? That drives me up a wall. And I have to really LOVE the blogger, to go there. Other wise, I give up on such places. :-(


  5. I loved this post! I never considered why some blogs appeal to me...and some don't! I just thought it was the content!
    Hope your weekend is beautiful!

  6. Hi Vee. I'm glad you've been with me from the beginning, as I have with you! :-)

    I went over to the sensitive blog you shared and was moved and heartbroken for that man. I was stunned and saddened and wanted to run and hug my family. Life is so hard sometimes. It was hard to read but good to remember that life is fragile. We can take it for granted so easily.

    Happy Blogging,


  7. Well Vee I don't know how you found me as I have none of those words in my title.
    I am doing that too, with regular b loggers, trying to read from the beginning. It does take time though b ut worth it.
    I too prefer silence or my own music and I like colours that are easy to read, the content being the most important though.
    Con grats. on your awaards.

  8. Very nice post. I too go back and read the entire archives of especially interesting blogs. Before my current incarnation I spent three years in the land-of-photoblogs and I guess I just wanted something more lively for awhile.

    I think it's just so exciting that people are actually writing again and as in everything else, the cream rises to the top.

  9. I feel devastated...I feel uplifted...oh hell Vee, I feel exhausted after reading Phillip Sinclair's entire blog and his darling Ann. I laughed at his dogs eating the dinner...and didn't have the good manners to look guilty! I enjoyed the love story and felt so helpless when the the loved one died, because we couldn't fix her. You can really pick 'em my friend...now I'm hooked and will have to go back again and again and again and aga
    and a

  10. Wow.. I just sat and read almost the entire blog you linked to. It is a catcher isn't it? It caught me.

  11. Hi Vee...your post is so neat! Thanks for commenting on my music..I'm glad you like it...whatever it takes to keep you at my place longer...LOL
    Have a great weekend

  12. Vee- I read Philip's blog from start to finish. It was so moving and touching. Makes me think about my own family. I've enjoyed reading Brin's blog for a couple of months now, too.

    I really like the snow scene on your blog header. I assume its in your vicinity. It's lovely - just like out of a calender or someplace.

    As far as blogs go, I tend to get hooked on content. I love when people really put their guts into their blog. That's hard to do to open yourself up, because you never know who is reading. We have to be careful, unfortunately. Ok there's my 2 cents.Have a good weekend - Vickie

  13. I really enjoyed this post!

    I noticed that a lot of blogs have a similar theme...as a matter of fact "pink" and shabby seems to be predominate too...LOL!

    The only blog I've ever read all the way thru is a tea blogger that has not been blogging very long...but I really enjoyed going back and reading all of her posts.

    I can't read with any kind of music going, it totaly ruins my concentration so I have my speakers off when I do blog visitations.

    I wear "tri" focals so the small type is not for me, no matter what the content.

    Have a great day!!

  14. Thanks for pointing us to Philip's blog...a most interesting and moving story from his heart! My reading of books has been put on the back-burner since I've started blogging...but I feel like I am reading many books out there in blogland (one chapter at a time).

    Well, I'm sure glad I put 'porch' in my blog name...or we may never have met!

  15. Thank you so much for visiting and the encouragement. As you can see not many people visit so I am kinda writing to myself, but it does help and so does the comments and support...35 days and I feel great! Hope your doing well and prayers for your family also.

  16. Hi Vee,
    Great post! I too have certain criteria for blogs I visit. I am glad that you enjoy my music. Silly, but I try to pick a song that matches my post of the day. I know that if someone does not like my choice of music, or music at all they can turn it off.

    I have read alot of posts on to have music or not, and it seems to be a 50/50 thing.

    I tend to look at blogs that have Cottage, French, Romantic, Garden Nest or a color or name of a house, such as Daisy Cottage, Little Red House, etc

  17. Stopping by to wish you a wonderful weekend!!! I enjoyed your post today...Mary

  18. It's been great fun to read your comments about this post. And, true to form, I've thought of a few more issues, which are probably best left here behind the veil.

    I don't care for blinking things in sidebars either. But I have a confession to make...I've spent a lot of time in my past creating those little buggers. I promise not to use them here!

    Another thing that seems to be becoming popular is the counter that announces that so and so has arrived from such and such a place. I am finding that unsettling.

    I don't have too many problems with reading profanity, even vulgarity because it's usually so limited. However, one thing I can not tolerate is excessive or biting sarcasm. I've stopped visiting a number of such sites. I can tell the difference (I think) between wit and a downright mean streak.

    My number one wish is that everyone would lose those word verification thingies. I have had nearly zero trouble since removing mine and what little trouble was caused was promptly dispatched. It's disheartening to try to be visiting a lot of blogs and leaving comments. Just a wee plea to make it simpler for commenters.

    Oh one tip about font size...you may already know this...but, if you press control (Ctrl) while rolling the wheel on the top of your mouse, the font size can be adjusted for any web site. Try it, you'll like it!

    The variety in blogs is wonderful. It would make for a bland Blogdom if everyone were doing the same things in the same ways. So here's to being unique bloggers writing and decorating in unique ways.

  19. I love that you do this -- it's like reading a favourite author. And your preferences are excellently noted -- I feel much the same way -- I can graze for a bit but if there are things that unsettle me, I move on. Just like anythinge else we are drawn to.

    I have a playlist on my blogs which is pretty much for my benefit so that I can leave it on while I work if I choose, but I believe they can be turned off on the playlist if others don't like to listen while they read...and some play lists are irritating, especially if it isn't the kind of music you enjoy.

  20. First time visit here, really enjoyed your take on blogging, I'm very new at it and your tips were very enlighting.
    My sister, the doting grandmother, "In a Garden" gal, has gotten me hooked...plus I love viewing all the pics of our little puddin toes.
    I love your winter photo's, we come from Stoughton MA and it so reminds me of home and the winters we had growing up.
    I will be back, so much to read and ponder.

  21. Wow Vee! This post was simply wonderful!!! Is my music too sad? I just love Enya though. As a mom of five boys, soothing quiet music has always been my favorite but I guess readers can turn it down, right? I want my blog to have a "feel", that's really important to me. Three columns is too much to me too, especially when the two tiny sides are chock full of tons of whatever. And tiny fonts are quite annoying. Great topic, Vee ~ you're a sweetie....xxoo, Dawn


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