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Friday, February 8, 2008

My Final Two Cents on the Subject of Making a Valentine

This photo was taken early yesterday afternoon right after already having done the transfer when I thought what a marvelous thing it would be to use the sewing machine to attach lace to the edge of the card. Not!

Patience, patience, patience I told myself as I worked hard at not gathering the scraps into a ball and tossing them into the trash as was my earnest desire in the moment. I left to do other chores, spent some time with my calico, called a friend, served coffee to a drop-in guest right in the middle of it. They don't say that "patience is a virtue" without reason. After I'd taken the time and no longer thinking about the disaster, I thought of Zanne; I thought of Zanne and her deconstruct project, which you can read about by clicking on January 31. And I thought that if she had deconstructed a man's shirt and created an apron, I could deconstruct that ruined Valentine.

This is how it turned out in the end. (Stay tuned because I am going to give you the expanded version of The Packing Tape Technique for transferring images.)

This was a learning process and I'd do it much differently next time. The images would be larger, and I'd remember that subtle doesn't always work.

As promised...

The Packing Tape Technique for Transferring Images

You will need:

A photocopied image; clear packing tape; a burnishing tool such as a bone folder or popsicle stick; a shallow dish; tap water; and a dish towel.

1) Make a black and white or color copy of the image, reversing it if necessary to the image when turn out correctly when reversed.

**This MUST be a copy of an actual image not printed from a picture file.

2) Lay a strip of packing tape sticky side down on top of the photocopied image. Use the burnishing tool to go over the image and make sure it has fully adhered to the tape.

**Be extremely thorough with this. Take time and do it carefully and well.

3) Immerse the tape-covered image into a shallow bowl of tap water for up to 15 minutes. Remove the image and pat it dry with the dish towel. Use your fingers to rub off the paper. If you experience difficulty getting the paper to rub off, submerge the tape into the tap water for a few more minutes and repeat the process.

** This took me much longer than 15 minutes. It was more like an hour. Be patient and the reward will float to you on the water. Remove all evidence of paper very carefully by rubbing gently with your fingers.

4) Once the paper has been removed, you will have a transparent image left on the tape. Allow this to dry. Once dried, it can be used in numerous projects, such as scrapbooking, decoupage, jewelry items and altered art projects.

** Important: Once the transferred image is dry, trim it removing all excess tape. The tape itself will not be removed from the project you'll be working on. Since it stays behind, be certain that the image has been trimmed appropriately. On the other hand, this may mean leaving enough tape to cover the entire area that you're working on. (My transferred image has an obvious line of demarcation that is unattractive.)

**My Notes


If any of you try this, I want to hear about it!!

I'd like to thank Rhette (link removed because Rhette has a private blog) for creating the sweet "Vee gif" that I am using in my profile right now. Rhette is new to blogging so drop by one day when you have the chance and say "howdy."

Edited to Add: For additional information, please check out comments today.


  1. Finally, something I may be able to actually do...I understood the directions the first time I read them! I think your Valentine is beautiful Vee...

  2. Ohhhh precious GIF! It is your Icon now, I believe. Precious!

    As to all this crafting you are doing... My eyes are totally glazed over, Hon. But I think it's wonderful that you are sticking to this. "The War of Art" says that resistance is the enemy. You have conquered the enemy!!!

    An aside, I liked "The Art Of War" better than "The War Of Art." ,-)

    P.S. Did you see the yellow shoes?

  3. Yes you did see the shoes.

    Yes this is your Icon.

    Yes, I agree about the shoes. Both that they look awfully uncomfortable, and that the maroon ones look the most comfortable. :-)


  4. Thanks for the HOW TO Vee!! You're a doll. Don't feel bad....I thought it would be a good idea to use my machine to attach a strip of velcro that had a sticky back to a piece of fabric,,,needless to say...the adhesive backing almost ruined my machine..the glue clogged up the eye of the needle and kept causing the thread to bunch up inside the machine. DUH..never again..I learned!

  5. Vee, the Valentine is lovely! I have used the tape transfer method and found that warm water helps loosen the paper a bit better than cold water. I am not sure by the photo what went wrong with your sewing on the trim, I use my machine to sew on paper a lot and I've never had that happen. Stay tuned to the Quill around Valentine's Day when I will share my latest crafting blunder about my Secret Admirer Swap!

    Thank you for the sweet comments yesterday and to answer your question, yes it is way too early for tornado season here but there has been nothing typical in our weather patterns for the last few months.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. oh, crafty goodness alert! i need all the help i can get. i made my own memory board/cork board yesterday and let's just say my fingers are still stuck together.

    thanks for the tutorial!

    happy day!

  7. I love your Nan's Valentine! I am sure she will think it is pretty special too.

    I, too, want to try this tape transfer business....but don't quite get what this means... call me dense I guess.

    **This MUST be a copy of an actual image not printed from a picture file.

    It wouldn't work if I just take a digi pic of an old picture and then print that out? We have to go to a photocopier and have one done?

    sorry if I sound totally dense here ..

    but..I CAN make a doll. check out my mermaid...she is finished and I posted pics of her last night.

  8. That's what they say...perhaps we can get Miss Sandy to respond.

    It's something about the way that the ink is used copying an image over the way it's used in printing an image. I'd hate to go through all that effort not to have it work and that's what "they" say...that it won't work. Do you not have a copier at home as part of your printer? That's what I did. I copied the actual photo of my grandmother as a child.

  9. Vee, your Valentine turned out just great! you are always so good giving instructions that even the most bumbling of us can understand. thanks! I'm going to try that transfer thingie sometime.
    In answer to your question, of course you may have one of my paintings for your blog. I'm honored that you asked. Take your pick!
    & may I say that I truly enjoy reading your blog. We must be kindred spirits or something cuz I check yours out nearly every day- there's always something there that applies to me or gives me good ideas or makes me smile or makes me think. Muchas gracias! Vickie

  10. Your valentine is beautiful. You did a great job!

  11. To the two Vee's ~
    You can make a black and white or color copy of any image you wish. You really need to work with a photocopy. The ink (toner) used to make photocopiees is necessary for the transfers because any waterbased ink from a printer will bleed and run when dipped in water. Most of your home based printers use waterbased ink, if yours does not, try it and see what happens. You can go to any copy store and have a color or black and white photocopied image made.

    Another neat way to use this technique is to put the tape directly onto a magazine image, the glossy printed pages work realy well and you can find just about any image your heart desires to use. Trim the image and process in the same way.

    If you want to make an image larger than packing tape size you can purchase self-adhesive laminate in rolls or sheets. EK Success makes this product and it is easily found on the web or in most craft stores in the scrapbook section.

    To give the transfer an "aged" look after removing all the excess paper backing, pat dry and use a spoon scratching off the image on the edges of the back side of the transfer. This leaves an aged mat around the image.

    A fun book filled with all kinds of techniques is Montage Memories, crating altered scrapbook pages by Erikia Ghumm & Pamela Frye Hauer and is a Memory Makers product. I scrapbook a little but like the techiniques for other projects.

    Have fun and post your results!

  12. A beautiful Valentine! And so meaningful with the beautiful pictures of your Nan. Let us know how she likes it (no...LOVES it!!)

  13. Bless you, Miss Sandy! I did use my home copier so I didn't do it correctly either. It worked or, at least, I thought it did. Thanks, too, for all the extra information...very helpful!

  14. Hi Vee,
    Thank you for your visit today.
    Thanks for your Valentine's Day tips.
    Wishing you a happy Vday!!


  15. How special to make a valentine like this. So sweet and so personal. I think it's lovely.

  16. wow..tx for the info miss sandy! tx Vee for directing me back to see it as well...
    have a great day... temps. plummeting like a stone here....dropped about 15 degrees in the past few hours. Going down to -30C for overnight...! definitely wearing flannel 'jammies and socks!

  17. Woo Hoo Vee - way to go! Slow and steady gets the job done. When plan A doesn't work, go to plan B.

    OK, OK enough of those platitudes. The final result is fabulous and thanks for the tutorial on image transfer. I think I'm going to try it on a day when I'm feeling lucky.

    And as for deconstructing, I was one of those kids that took EVERYTHING apart. They rarely went back together the same way though.

    Good job Vee!

  18. What a clever idea! Packing tape- who would have thought! Thanks for stopping by today.

  19. Vee, I think your Valentine turned out lovely! And kudos to you for sticking it out!

    I understood your directions completely.....Thanks for the step by step.

  20. It turned out beautifully, Vee! Look what you would have missed out on, had you tossed it at your point of frustration.


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