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Saturday, February 23, 2008


Whatever my fascination with the moon has been lately, I have finally achieved a photo where the moon appears sorta round. Something about the way the clouds were flitting across the moon's face last night made me want to try capturing it again. Although not quite successful, I am doing better. This semi-success was achieved on the auto setting with the ISO on automatic as well while the camera rested on the window sash and my left hand steadied the camera and my right pointer finger pushed the button...just in case you're all wondering. :>

After I had bragged at several blogs that the snow was slipping off to sea south of my corner of the world, it snowed five inches. It snowed the most amazing Ivory soap flakes sort of snow, which normally would've been easy to deal with, but because the snowbanks are so high, there's no place left to plow nor to shovel. I had to scoop it all into a pile and then use the snowblower to blow it up and over the snowbank. Bother! But it could've been worse...heavy wet snow would've been terrible.

Off to do my Saturday chores...


  1. Lovely moon picture. The pro's all use 600mm lenses with gyroscopes so nothing moves and really long exposures. So one cannot compete with a smal camera. I say you did a great job!

    We watched the entire eclipse the other night...amazing!

  2. Oh I'm glad you got your moon. I took a picture last night by the space needle in Seattle and the moon shows up as a bright dot.

    Oh goodness. . .blow away snow. . already eh?

  3. We had a snow yesterday...It looked like it was snowing snowballs!

    I think I'm experiencing a phenomenon known as "Northern Exposure" or so my daughter says...lol!
    Snow is making me nuts!!!

    Have a great week-end!

  4. Hi Vee!
    We are running out of space ofr our snow too. Isn't this winter ridiculous? The moon is awfully ahrd to photograph and we ahve had some lovely moons lately! They seem so bright, but perhap its all the snow outside to reflect the light.
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    :) Abbie

  5. I'll take some of your snow,,,,,
    Happy Saturday!

  6. Good job on capturing the moon...it actually looks like the moon (unlike my attempts).

    Keep your snow...I'm moving on to spring!

  7. I made the same comment to a friend
    "looks live Ivory Snow". We got about 5" also, but our ground was bare, thankfully.


  8. It's a great picture, Vee! I wish I had tried taking photos of the eclipse but I didn't bother because I thought they'd be blurry. More snow is coming our way this week too ... I surrender! Have a great weekend! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

  9. Your moon shot is great! Night shots are so tricky. We once spent an entire hour trying to get one good shot of a light house at night and ended up with one semi-good shot. I think you did a great job!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  10. I am happy that you got your moon picture and what a nice one it is. Great job!
    More snow!? I am so looking forward to spring.

  11. I'd like to thank Terri muchly, for what she said in her comment. About how the pro's do it. Makes me feel so much better. :-)

    Now what I'm wondering is ~ did you try cropping that moon pic? Often, when I crop, the main 'thing' looks bigger. And yes, sometimes it also looks fuzzier. So that's no full solution.

    We continue to try, and that is the most important part! :-)



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