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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nothing and Everything

This was the scene out my bedroom window this morning. Aren't I smart for remembering to take the camera upstairs? ;>

And this was a little chickadee just as the storm started to crank up yesterday afternoon. My goodness! Chickadees are as much of a challenge as the moon!

I've been thinking of birds, birdhouses, and nests a lot apparently, if my picture file is any indication. Here's the cutest idea for a birdhouse ever. It is from Zipper Gifts. com.

Literary Birdhouse (in Kids' Section)

There are a few children's books about that are no good for reading anymore, but perhaps I could figure out how to create one of these. Hmmmm, something to ponder.


This explains E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. If you have a few minutes to spare, you can see what I mean.

Tale of Two Brains (YouTube)

Enjoy a laugh or two!


  1. Oh my goodness your weather is terrible, Vee! Of course, you know that. If it makes you feel any better, Spring has arrived here! I've seen it! I have crocuses popping out of the ground and some blooms on the trees! I'd say we've had a good week or two of sunshine. And we might hit 65 later this week! No, I am not in California! This is Portland, Oregon. We really have pleasant weather compared to you! Now don't you feel better? Spring is coming, it is just not over to you yet. Hang in there...

    Happy day!

  2. View out your window...

    Looks familiar.

    Maybe because all the trees around here, look the same way!

    Hey, do you live next door? ,-)


  3. Those are beautiful pictures! And thanks, I've never actually seen a chickadee before ;)

  4. That was so funny. It reminds me of the one man play we went to see a couple of weeks ago - Defending the Caveman.

    Your snow pictures are beautiful!!

  5. Beautiful photos...I hope you're not getting too tired of the snow. Yes, that video does explain everything. I want a "nothing box"!!

  6. Oh your snow pictures are so pretty. At least you have beauty to behold until spring arrives and lttle chickadees to sound friendly. Love the bird house ideas.

  7. Nice pic's! We apparently have chickadees here...I just am not that familiar with them.

    Cute as the birdhouses are, be sure not to let any of your good old books go to the birds!

  8. Beautiful view out your window even if it is just more snow! Hee Hee! I think your little chickadee is mooning too!

    I am late visiting today as I have actually been clacking away at my computer keys getting some actual work done. I am trying to make some headway in getting some of what is my journals typed up, daunting task! Anyway, I wanted to give you a shout and say hello. I'd better run, to the phone that is to call in for take out since it is now dinner time and I am still clacking away! UGH! That means a drive into town, maybe a near and dear family member can be bribed to go for me! Be blessed with sweet sleep!

  9. Hi Vee...the lil birdhouses are cute!!..are you going to make one?
    Loved the video....

  10. Oh the pictures are so pretty!
    I really like those birdhouses! I hope WHEN you make yours you post it so we can all admire it!
    Take care!

  11. Your pictures are wonderful. Where are you located again? Texas hardly ever sees snow, so of course it is beautiful to me. My son is in the marines in MO and just went out for two days in the field. Being from Tx he sent me an email saying he had NEVER been so cold his entire life. It was 17 below. Again, the pic are great, hope you have a great weekend!

  12. One of our cave men friends saw that YouTube and bought some DVD’s of this man. We are having a viewing tomorrow night. It should be hysterical.

    I wish I had a nothing box too C.C.


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