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Monday, February 11, 2008

Vickie's Paintings and Miss Sandy's Artsy Friends

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection. ~Michelangelo

I want to post about 42, 43 or 44 artists today. Artists impress me. I used to be married to one. I consider my daughter one. My niece, too. How a thing of *beauty is created from fabric, oil, watercolor or acrylic is an endless fascination to me. I like nothing better than sitting slightly behind and to the right of an artist at work. Not many have allowed me this luxury, though; apparently, they prefer working in peace even if I do promise to be as quiet as a mouse. (*Of course, art is subjective and many artists do not wish to create beauty, but in my world, if it isn't beautiful, it isn't art.)

Vickie at Sand Flat Farm has a talent that I have been admiring. That's her painting above entitled "Waiting on the Padre." Vickie and her husband enjoy traveling in Mexico and many of her paintings reflect the love of that country. The colors are vibrant and warm and the textures are wonderful. I've taken the generic art appreciation class where I learned that one should look for the touches of red and the diagonal lines because those are the arrows that some artists use to direct vision. And here we have the little white burrow beside the pot of red flowers. A very patient little fellow he is.

I've spoken before of my love of doorways and gates. Perhaps that's why of all the paintings that you can enjoy seeing at Sand Flat Farm, I've chosen the next one called "Puerta Azul".

Spanish speaking I am not, but that must translate to blue door. Vickie describes this as "loose palette knife painting" straying from her usual "tight realism." I adore it whatever it is. It makes me want to know what is beyond the blue door. Does it beckon you, too?

I hope that you'll visit Vickie at Sand Flat Farm and see the other wonderful paintings that she has shared. You shouldn't miss "Baile de las Velas" or Candle Dance. Thank you, Vickie, for allowing me to share your work here at my blog!

Miss Sandy at Quill Cottage featured Karla and Beth Sweet Treats and Roses Recipe Swap recently. Each one of the 42 who participated created a work of art that includes a recipe. Now that's my kind of art! You may have seen this effort discussed at a number of blogs, but you will certainly find an excellent representation at Quill Cottage. And, the good news is that Miss Sandy says that it is okay to snag any recipe of interest because they've been shared on each gal's blog. I snagged Gooey Bars by Terri and Salted Nut Rolls by Beth...not the art, just the recipe. Wonder what you'll snag.


  1. Love these...thank you so much for the introductions! Lovely artists. lovely work! SUch beauty!

    kari & kijsa

  2. Very pretty Vee...I will have to go check them out...have a great day!

  3. Vee, THANK YOU SO MUCH! How kind of you to post my paintings on your blog! I had no idea what you were going to do, but all the nice things you said about my work just made my whole week! You don't know how much it pleases an artist for someone to truly admire their work and see and feel what the artist was trying to put into that work. That you do encourages me and motivates me to keep on. I do it for myself, but it's doubly delicious when someone else appreciates it, too. Please know that I'm eternally grateful! Blessings to you and yours - Vickie

  4. Vee, I tried to post on Miss Sandy's blog with the BEAUTIFUL cards (those were great!) and it wouldn't let me. Those were SO lovely. I'd like to have a whole book of those, wouldn't you? I'll try to comment about it after she puts another post up. Vickie

  5. They are beautiful paintings. I too love doorways. :-)

  6. Being an artist must be such a wonderful talent to have. I too envy them. Sometimes I think that's how the world is divided, artists and the rest of us. Thank you for the introduction to your friend. I enjoyed seeing her paintings very much.

  7. Vee, Thanks for the mention on your post, too sweet! I tried to fix the photo enlargement problem, when you get a chance pop over and see if it works. I can't get them to enlarge from my end even though I changed my camera settings, rephotographed and reposted them!!!! I did not mean to make a career of one post but I left a note saying over the next few days I will type out the recipes on the post so they can be snagged that way.

  8. Thanks for trying! I got the first dozen posted and I'll get them all done in the next few days!

  9. That's what I love about your blog, Vee. You introduce us to so many interesting people and places! And a great, funny story every now and then...I'll never forget the disappearing lips ;)

  10. Ok Vee,
    I promise to leave no more comment on this post BUT I did it!!! I finished the longest post inblog history and all the yummy recipes are there. If there are typing errors, please just don't tell me! I think I should offer a speech, "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God I'm free at last!" I think the blog police are after me for posting too many recipes at once, gotta run!

  11. I am on my way to check them out. Have a great week ...Mary

  12. I love to learn about an artist I never new. Thanks for posting this~ Loved the blue door too.

  13. Hi, thanks for the ; tip! I am going to remember that! the painting are beautiful!Thanks for stopping by and visiting!
    Jen R

  14. I agree. Artists are amazing. Exploring creative blogs has impressed me with how many materials you can make art from and how many ways you can express your creativity.

  15. Oh, gosh..I love those paintings, too. Thanks for telling us about them; can't wait to check out their blogs.
    Thank you for leaving such sweet words on my living room.
    hugs, bj

  16. I have admired her paintings previously & am so glad you featured them. What a gift!


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