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Monday, February 4, 2008

Thinking About Valentine's Day

* It's time to think about Valentine's Day. Yes. It is.

Nothing was more magical or lovely than Valentine's Day when I was growing up...my favorite childhood holiday right after Christmas and Easter. I adored the schoolroom projects and the way our heart mobiles floated from the ceiling. Making a Valentine's box was so much joy that my little heart nearly burst with the thrill of it all.

But somewhere along the way I lost my enthusiasm for Valentine's Day. Yup, it became another chore. Maybe I lost the love for glue on my fingers, glitter in my hair, and red construction paper messes. Actually, that is exactly the case now that I'm thinking about it. Lots of things became a chore for me when I no longer enjoyed the mess that they inevitably involved. Wow! A revelation in paragraph three. No wonder I hate to cook. (I can cook. I just don't like it much.)

So you may be surprised to know that I am in the middle of big messes attempting to create the most fantastic Valentine ever for my grandmother. My grandmother is appalled by my lack of delight for such a fantastic holiday. She loves Valentine's Day, has always shopped carefully for the perfect cards, and the perfect treats. One could always count on Nan on February 14!

This new-found urge to create is attributed to all those bloggers who scrap and create art from bits of lace, old buttons, a scrap of paper or two, and imagination. I've had to kick start my imagination, but I'm trying...I'm really trying.

So while the sheet music is soaking in coffee, I'll head off to find some lace, buttons, paper, inspiration, and joy.

* P.S. This vintage Valentine floated down from the rafters last October in the middle of construction.


  1. Ok...I'm the one who deleted the comment! I'll admit it! But it was really an accident! I didn't mean to hit that little trash can...honest! : ) What I said was that you are a wonderfull granddaughter to be helping your grandmother like that! She's very blessed to have you!


  2. Good for you Vee. I think sometimes we get tired in life and lose our joy for the simple things that used to delight us. Sometimes all it takes is to gather up some glitter and glue for our inner child to come back out again.

    You are a lovely granddaughter! I don't have any more grandmas so treasure her! Clearly you do!

  3. Vee,
    One of the things I love about you is that you are full of surprises! I'd love to see you Valentine creation and I imagine that your grandmother will be overjoyed to receive it.

    Well, it wasn't my door to walk through this time but I am happy for the one to whom it was opened!

    Have a fun and crafty day!

    Miss Sandy

  4. I wanna see you with glitter in your hair; bits of glue, paper and whatever other paraphernalia stuck to your fingers or your bum.... what fun!!

    Just keep your "fun stuff" all on the same table..or in the same corner. When you finish your project, have a great laugh at yourself cuz you have made the biggest mess ever. Sit there with a cuppa tea... marvel at how much fun it was... take a great pic of your lovely mess ...and clean it up later. A little soapy water is all it takes for the "stickies".

    If you keep "like" things in storage containers, it helps too. Say... paper or card stuff... glue..glitter and whatnot. Then, if you don't have a craft room (as I didn't until just last year).. I would cart out the box to the kitchen table... with most of what I needed in it... play...then clean and clear it all away so I could make supper and we could have a big enough space to eat without mohair fluff or glitter in our supper.

  5. .... and...I don't want to see any cracks about me being so organized either.... I am NOT>

    I am just slightly more organized this year. (finally) But, it took me a long time to figure out how or what to do in my particular case in order to make my life easier with the fun stuff and my myriad crafting, paper, sewing, bear & doll making supplies and trinkets. So there.

  6. I'm hoping we get to see the finished work of art! I love the vintage valentine...which reminds me, I must go see what I have packed away. Valentine's Day was also a childhood favorite of mine...now I look forward to having a Valentine's tea with my granddaughters. I'll think of you and your Nan, while I party with my little girls.

  7. First ~ My bad! I didn't answer your nice inquiry about how my husband's finger is coming along. Very, very well, thank you. The basic gel-foam is still in place, and it looks fine, but is getting itchy. Which, according to the 'Old Wives Tale,' means that something is healing. Yeaaa....

    Had to change the outside bandage a while ago and for something this icky, it looks good. :-)

    And now I remember!!! I could have taken another picture of it! In all its "scabby" glory! Awwww shooot! I just *know* you are ready to 'kick me,' for NOT taking a picture! How forgetful of me. >,-)

    Next time!!! Don't you fret. I'll take a picture, next changing.

    'Nurse Mari-Nanci'

  8. It is not infected!!! Should have added that. It's not _that_ kind of 'itchy.'

    It's not red. Not puffy. Not hurting. Not pussy.

    I know! More information than you needed, hu? >,-)


  9. So happy that you are inspired to get creative for Valentine's Day, for your grandmother. I think that is the sweetest thing! And I'm sure she will be so pleasantly surprised.

    Ohhh, please take your camera over and capture her face, when she opens your Valentine creation. Even if she doesn't want you to post it... It will still be precious to have as a family memory, in your photos. :-)

    Gee, I wish something/anything could inspire me to try doing such, like all those other bloggers do.
    And now, like you are doing to. But, I just may be hopeless in the crafting dept.


    Have fun!!!


  10. I'm still laughing at glue and glitter...I know what you mean! But I remember making valentines out of red construction paper and paper lace doilies...they would look so beautiful to my eyes...I'm certain they looked other than great, since artistically I have two left feet...and the toes are all thumbs...good luck, more pictures please

  11. I agree! Let us see your finished product and your Grandmother's reaction! You must be having a lot of fun creating this for her. She is very lucky to have you.

  12. Oh how fun...we can picture it! Glitter flying..little scraps of red paper...conversation hearts! Magical!!
    ANd blessed by a surprise Valentine from above!!

    kari & kijsa

  13. Oh, I remember making Valentine Mailboxes, for our desks in school! Someone would win the prize for the prettiest too. I can't remember if I ever won...lol.

    Have fun making your Valentine. Are you going to share the finished one on a post? I would love to see it!

  14. I think this little Holiday is a sweet reason to tell those we care about and love how much they mean to us....Smiles

  15. I've lost Valentine's Day as a special holiday too. Like other holidays the commercialization got to me. I need to follow your example and take back the day in a way that suits me.


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