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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jammie Days

Yesterday's storm brought more ice than snow. Today the sun is shining brightly and everywhere one looks the world is shimmering like crystals on a chandelier. Looking up is the best way to enjoy the day because the ground below is treacherous. To paraphrase something E.B. White once said it's a beautiful day above.



Yesterday was spent in quiet pursuits: computer time, reading time, a nap. It was a jammie day. If it's true that one's clothes tell more than one's words, I'd hate to think what yesterday's outfit said about me.

I'll tell you what I said about it: Who dressed me last night? I'd like to say, in my own defense, that I was terribly weary, but still somewhat concerned about coordinating colors even if I wasn't too concerned about mixing stripes and plaids.

Even though I'm not enjoying a jammie day today, it'll be all quiet at the wee house where I plan to spend some time finishing this book...

A pleasant and relaxing Saturday to all!


  1. I love those socks! Well, I love those jammies, too...I have finally reached the age when young mothers look at me and actually aske "who picked out your wardrobe?" I call it my Maxine age!

  2. Well gosh I photoed trees today also. Cold and crisp with ice in the flower borders in the garden but groud fine.
    Wonderful to spend a day in your jammies. In my country if you did that people would assume that you were sick. Shame

  3. I love stripes and plaids, my favorite combination. All the better if it's plaid. What's that book?

  4. There are benefits to spending the day all be yourself...no one cares what you wear! Enjoy your jammie days...spring is around the corner.

    My outdoors looks much like yours today...and I'm off to walk in it!

  5. There are many jammie days around here...gotta be comfortable! Another good feature...if I feel nappish and the nap extends itself I'm not sleeping in my clothes. Keep warm!

  6. Hey there you! Enjoy your jammie day! Love days like that!


  7. I love jammie days! I am havaing one today to go along with my headache. I think I am getting lazy, I already had one jammie day this week while our power was out. I sat cuddled up next to the fireplace and read a novel from start to finish. And, I love those socks!

  8. I hope you enjoyed your jammie day and that today was a great day, too!

  9. Aah, bliss...nothing like a jammie day!! Don't feel alone, my sleep attire can be a bit wonky, too: sometimes if I'm really tired (from being up late writing my posts!!), I'll keep on the top I wore all day, add some p.j. bottoms and fall into bed! Now that's an attractive look!!!!

    I'm thinking tomorrow might be a jammie day!! Thanks for "motivating" me!!!!!!!

  10. Almost every day is 'jammie day for me.... I live in them 'til about 2 or 3 pm...... or sometimes even later...like, just before Mr. BumbleVee is about to arrive home.

    The mailman, the couriers, our neighbours...all know me well now and don't even bat an eye anymore. They used to ask if I was sick..or if they got me up...but now, they just know I prefer to live in 'em cuz they are very comfy to sit in or even move around in. Well, kids are even wearing them to school now so big deal...guess I will too if I want.
    I have about a dozen pairs and extra bottoms... most with little animals on... maybe they do tell a story about us.

    Oh, and Vee.... about that linking business in our comments?>> expliqee vous s'il vous plait? ...

  11. I am in my comfies all the time! Either sweats or pj's...its actually pathetic....LOL!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. I feel so comforted by those confessions, my friends! LOL

    Vee, you crack me up. That's how I used to be, too. If I allowed myself a jammie day, you can bet darn tootin' that I'd be dressed before the man of the house got home. Just a whole lot easier that way!

  13. Blessings
    Stay warm and keep safe...........
    Winter a time for rejuvinating our inner spirits........

  14. Perfect. Enjoy! I want a day like that too. And I also want to know what that book is!!

  15. The book is "Living Successfully With Screwed-Up People" mentioned first on 1/30/08. :>


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