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Friday, February 1, 2008

Little Changes

Anyone remember Lynette Jennings? She used to have a show on the Discovery Channel in the 90s; here's her picture.

If you don't remember her, perhaps you'll remember that shirt! She wore it on nearly every show whenever she was about to get into a big mess. It might've been painting, carpentry, gardening or whatever, she had a hand in it all.

I was remembering Lynette...gosh, I miss her...while I was working on switching those rustic items out of my bathroom. (See January 25) Lynette taught me how to spray paint using a box. Before that, I'd just let the paint fly all over kingdom come.

Okay, backing up a bit. Everywhere I read these days, bloggers are explaining how to repurpose items. I needed to get those rustic decorative items off the bathroom wall because they just didn't work with the vintage mirrors, but I didn' want to leave the wall empty. I like stuff; I'm a lousy minimalist. I wished that I had some little frames that I could use. Wait! I did have some little frames that I could use...right out in the boxes waiting to go to Goodwill. (Sometimes FlyLady can goad me too much in the releasing junk department.)

So I rescued them, removed the faded Currier and Ives prints,

painted them (see above),

and replaced them with cut up calendar pictures.

I like them a lot. Here they are where the rustic items used to be...

Edited to Add: OOps, forgot one...

Not perfect, but better.

Next project is vintage tablecloth curtains...some day!

Lynette Jennings Picture Source link broken, but photo being allowed to stand for obvious reasons


  1. Looks like you are having fun Vee! I'm still working on my office, but I've been so busy I move like a snail on projects!

    Happy Weekend!


  2. I like the way you have done this, Vee...and yes I remember Lynette...she was a go getter! I like watching people enjoying their job
    keep posting those pictures! But don't overdo on the weekend now!

  3. I used to watch Lynette every single time she was on. Loved her ideas and her techniques. I also love what you've done here with your frames. I, too, am a "lousy minimalist". lol I've never met a wall I couldn't completely cover with "stuff", lots of "stuff". I happen to think it makes a place look very "family oriented". (That's my reasoning and I'm sticking to it. ha)

  4. I like having lots of stuff too - makes it cozy and homey. Sometimes when I go into other houses I think it all looks so bare and empty. I like walls filled with things. I like your frame idea.
    Never heard of Lynette - but then without a TV I wouldn't.:-)
    Have a happy day.

  5. Spray paint in a box? Sounds like a good idea! Hope it was an old calendar you cut up...not that 2008one you never really cared for. Enjoy your 'new look' bathroom.

  6. I remember watching Lynette Jennings, Vee! Love the new pics in your frames. I've enjoyed catching up with your blog. Have a great weekend! ~ Lynda xo

  7. I remember Lynette! I actually had a decorating book she authored.... I love what you have done!!
    p.s. let you mom take her time... I will be here whenever she is ready!

  8. Great Save, and re-purpose. Looks good.

  9. I do remember Lynette but I missed the tip on using the box for painting...now I got the tip from YOU! Thats clever and makes perfect sense!! Good for you for repurposing them....

  10. Such a lovely blog you have. I enjoyed reading everything and looking at the photos. The picture of your dream office really made me drool as my own is quite a disaster area. I hope you won't mind my adding you to my list of favorite bloggers.

  11. Great project! I do remember Lynette and I watched every show I could. I miss her too. I coveted her old red tuck!

  12. I like what you did with the little pictures on your wall. Opens up the space and a good use of old objects with a new purpose. Good job! Vickie

    I miss Lynette Jennings, too. Wonder what she's doing now...

  13. Don't you just love to frame calendar pictures! I just think that they are some of the most forgotten treasures that can really be great inspirations here and there in our homes. And, thanks for the painting inside the box trick; I never knew that!


    Charm & Grace Blog

  14. Oh Vee, I have story to tell you about Lynette Jennings. While shopping many years ago at a boutique on Yonge Street (a very famous and long street in Toronto)I had several items on my changeroom door waiting for me to try on. She saw a blouse there and wanted it. It was the only one and the saleslady tried to tell her it was for another client. She insisted on trying it on but the saleslady would not relent.

    Damn, didn't I buy that blouse (despite her?)and wore it for a very long time.

    She was a wee bit miffed to say the least.

    Now that I look at it, how bloomin' boring was that story?

    I haven't seen her in quite a while, I wonder what she is doing now?

    Lisa (the boring storyteller)
    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy