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Friday, February 15, 2008

An Award and a Candle

You Make My Day...well that is one wonderful award. Thank you, Miss Sandy, for selecting this little blog for such an honor.

Rules: the recipient of the award will pass it on to 10 recipients of their choice; you may receive this award more than once; you must list your 10 recipients; say why you are choosing them; link to their blog; and finally leave them a little note to drop by your blog for a surprise! By now you know that I am a notorious rule breaker so I would like to pass this along to the following five bloggers:

Abbie at Abbie's Place who is busily creating a life in the winter wilderness known as New Hampshire. She's raising children, nurturing a marriage, crafting, thinking about a business, and working at relationships with "like-minded" women in spite of the isolation that winter brings.

Zanne of At Home With the Farmer's Wife
who writes wonderful entries about her life in the country. She cooks, she bakes, she sews, she reads, she time travels, and she even plows!

A Woman Who Is @ In a Garden who is a doting grandmother to A Baby Who Is also known as Puddin Toes. The photos she shares of Puddin Toes are priceless. Also, this blogger is sharing some exciting news about the beginnings of revival in her corner of the globe and I find that exciting. Very.

Jan @ The Life and Times of Li'l Ol' Me because this will give her another entry to write about. :> Jan is back from a blogging break (we all need them from time to time) and she probably doesn't know how much she was missed and how often I went looking for her! She has a wonderful sense of humor and is often dealing with the same life issues that I am only with more grace and wit.

Lovella @ What Matters Most for the beautiful blog that she writes and the beautiful photos that she shares. There's always something interesting and fun at What Matters Most. Another grandmother, too, and those baby photos are adorable. Plus, she has a walking group all wearing pedometers and sharing steps totals. (I hope to join when the world outside isn't a skating rink.)

Another honor was bestowed upon me by Vickie at Sand Flat Farm:

"There isn't enough darkness in the world to snuff out the light of one little candle" Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, founder of Buddhism, 563-483 BC

This little candle has traveled far, so let's see how much further it can travel...

The rules are not as clear to me; it appears that one sends the candle to someone who is inspirational. That's a challenge because everyone on my blogroll inspires me.

I am sending this little candle (I vaguely remember reading Siddhartha by Herman Hesse in high school...and wasn't this phrase the one used on the Lamp Unto My Feet program of so long ago (1948–1979)...sorry, I digress) to CC @ Six Months of Settled whose recent posts sharing about life in Africa have been fascinating. She'll be returning to Africa in a few short months (good thing the Internet is everywhere) and I look forward to many future posts. She's single-handedly dispelling some of my preconceived notions.

My new profile gif is from Mari-Nanci at Smiln'sigh. Thank you, M-N, such pretty shoes! Can you imagine wearing them? Some poor gal did back in 17something.

A happy day to all!


  1. Happy V-Day, though I'm a little late. Thanks for "introducing" us to a few new friends. I look forward to exploring a little!

  2. Vee, thank you for the sweet compliment. I'm honoured to be amongst those you read to delight your day. I'll put some thought into my own "make my day awards for next week".

    I do hope you get out of the deep freeze soon!!

  3. Hi, I'm new to your blog and I'm enjoying browsing. I am a "Vee" too! I will visit again.

  4. I see you have a few new places for me to visit!

    You might be receiving this award again sometime soon. I'm just saying...I'm planning my bloggie awards ceremony for sometime in the near future.

  5. Girl, congrats on your awards, you deserve them! So do the ones you've passed them on to, as well!!! I could have sworn I was in yesterday to say Happy Valentines, but I see it didn't show up...so I say again, happy Valentine's day...hope you ate lots of choc'late and smelled plenty roses!

  6. What wonderful compliments to all those talented gals!!!

    kari & kijsa

  7. Oh, Vee, thank you so much for the little candle. I'm honored that you've given it to me. I plan on writing lots more about Africa. I've been down memory lane a lot lately with our photo albums!

  8. Good afternoon Vee,
    I'm a little late in the day dropping in on my blog firends as my little sweet pea grandson was here to play with me today. We had a grand time.

    I'm with you, I break those pesky blog rules myself, I was supposed to give 10 for each award (20) but I only gave out 10. So far so good, I've not been found out by the blog police.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  9. Here I am...I am late today! I am going to check out all you friend's sites in a bit. I hope you are well and I hope you have a GREAT weekend!

    You are funny...love your last comment on my blog!

  10. Congratulations to you and to all those you chose...I'll have to come back later and check everyone out!

    Have a great evening!

  11. Thank you Vee. This is a special honor for me. My first blog award! You have been such a source of encouragement in blog land to me. I am surprised that my random blogging has caught anyone’s attention outside of my family and friends. They have to be nice and visit me :] My one year anniversary as a blogger is this month. So give me a bit to think about this. I have a few bloggers that come to mind off the top of my head that bless me. But I would appreciate it if I could give this a little thought.


  12. Congratulations dear friend for your award! And thank you for bestowing this honor on me. It is much appreciated!


  13. Happy belated Valentine's Vee! I am with you on blueberries...I love them, and blueberry pie is my favorite! Wish I had a recipe for that tart, but there was just the pretty photo!

    Your blog is getting so popular...I have to get in line to comment now. hehe.

    Hope you are well! Can't wait for my next issue of Country Living...

  14. The yellow shoes gif is precious. {But I love the flower-heart one too.} But heavens, it's not _from_ me. I just found those shoes on that great museum site.

    But the yellow ones did make me think of you. ,-)

    Just glad you have a cute new profile gif. You being like nearly everyone else in Blog Land.. in that you like to change your profile gif. Unlike me, who never has.

    Sometimes I wonder how I can be so settled, on anything? I usually flit from this to that to this. But zeeeeeeeee profile gif of the pink-rose on candle holder, well, it's just stuck. :-))))

    No question whose words are there, when anyone sees it though!!! {For good or for ill -giggles-}



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