Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gifts from Sarah

Oh I do love getting a package in the mail. Recently, I won a sweet giveaway at Sarah's Little Random Thoughts. Sarah is Nadine's daughter. (Nadine's Nook) Nadine had mentioned awhile ago that Sarah was hosting a giveaway right in the middle of wedding preparations. Her own!

Sometimes I am reluctant to visit a friend's daughter's blog or a friend's sister's or whatever. Do you ever feel that way or is it only me? Anyway, I overcame my reservations and how glad that I did. I have always wanted one of those sweet canning jar soap pumps and now I have one. But oh the extras like the sweet bunting that makes me smile every time I see it.  A chalkboard in a frame...Sarah even included some chunks of chalk! She thought of everything. There's also a crocheted rose barrette and a sweet painting of a wee house with a yellow door. That just touched me so much because, for many years, I had a yellow front door. On the mailing box Sarah drew little images all around: a city, a horse, flowers, so sweet!

Sarah is a very creative gal as evidenced by all the crafts she features on her blog. I'm looking at the one she has  *here* and wondering if I can whip those up for my daughter in time for her birthday. I'd love it if my daughter thought I was cool just once. Ha!

Thanks so much, Sarah. You're a dear! Happy wedding and a blessed and happy marriage to you and your beloved.

Love Vee


  1. Lucky you! Looks like you got some very nice things. What a sweet person to that during her special time! Congratulations to her!

  2. What a beautiful gift!

    I enjoy visiting friends and families of my favorite bloggers.

    It cant be all bad, after all its how you met me.

  3. Right! I had forgotten that! ☺

  4. Precious winning!!!

    Same here, I don't often go to a blogger's relative...

    Btw, I "fell into the pit" again. lol. When you read my post, you will understand. -grin- I simply can not, not, not, not understand my stats. Such a discrepancy in the numbers!!! How come? -chuckle-

    And that number, is eliminating the return visits!


  5. Such wonderful goodies...how nice. I am going to check out both of these blogs...they sound wonderful. Have a good day!

  6. Lovely gifts!

    I will visit this blog! I love those soap dispensers!

    Let me know if you make those boot cuffs...I may give it a try for a daughter or two here!

    We are rainy and soggy here! Candle lighting time!

    Have a nice day!


  7. I went to her blog. Thank you so much for introducing us to such a lovely young woman. Her sweet personality and Christian values shine through on her blog. This is the way to begin a life together!

    Have you bought a lottery ticket?!!

  8. What great gifts; a true treat indeed! I'm off to check out the other delights on her blog!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  9. Aw, that is so sweet! What a dear - you can really tell that she put her ALL into those special gifts! Good for you, Vee!

  10. What sweet and lovely gifts! Love the soap dispenser...and the chalkboard! The house with the yellow door is charming. A yellow door is so cheerful! I'll bet you loved your own yellow door...

  11. What great gifts. Congratulations!!

  12. Oh Vee, what awesome treasures she sent you- how SWEET!

    I am going to head over there right now, and Nadine's to check out their posts.

    Thanks for sharing this special package and it's gifts with us!

    You really scored, yay!


  13. What fun to win the giveaway and get a package in the mail. Sort of like an early birthday or Christmas. Enjoy...

  14. Gifts from Sarah...it sounds like the title of a book. One I would reach for!

    As you know...I have snagged your ideas for giving gifts to 'the daughter' before...and I went right over and checked out Sarah's blog. I pinned the project. Very cute!

  15. How lovely Vee. A giveaway right in the middle of wedding preparation, wow! Everything looks beautiful. Enjoy your lovely gifts. Now I will click and find new inspiration.


  16. How wonderful! You deserve all those treats and treasures! I'll go visit Sarah now!

  17. Lucky you! : ) What a nice give a way to win.
    I read a couple of sisters blogs but as a rule don't read relative's blogs either.

  18. O, what a fun box. Full of things you love....I must go over and see her. :)

  19. Good Morning Vee...

    So happy that you are enjoying the gifts that Sarah made...yes, she is truly talented, and I am not just saying that because I am her Mom! ;)
    Only 2 1/2 weeks to go until the wedding...yikes! :)
    Have a wonderful day!


  20. Some nice things in your box of goodies. I've visited the relative of a blogger when they've mentioned them in a post.

  21. You really have a nice win there!

  22. What fun to receive treats in the mail. I clicked over to Sarah's blog and that crochet project is something I might manage for a daughter or two, too. I'd like to be thought of as cool, just like you.

  23. Now that would be a very fun package to receive. Sarah put together a very cute and thoughtful group of goodies. The little house painting is darling and makes me wonder what you will be drawing on your new chalkboard?

  24. I too love the little gifts that come my way. I am reluctant to comment on a giveaway when I first visit that blog, but that is usually okay. That is how we build our networks. I like your header.

  25. I'm heading over to that blog now. I love the things you won (would love one of those canning jar dispensers myself.) Plus, any blogger who can manage a giveaway right smack in the middle of her own wedding plans is a girl I just have to see.

    Congratulations on the win!

    (And thank you for your kind words on my blog. It's been wonderful trying to visit and catch up today. )

  26. What a fun package...each thing made me smile...enjoy, enjoy

  27. Looks like a great giveaway you won! I feel that way also about joining someone's giveaway if I don't really follow the blog, but that's how some blogs grow! I think it will be a sad world with Andy Williams :(

  28. This is such a sweet give away, Vee! I'm glad you won it and found a new blog to read as well.

  29. Thanks Vee, I am glad you are enjoying your giveaway gift! :) I hope you can figure out the boot cuff pattern. I love wearing them! If you have any questions about them, just leave me a comment.

    Think I might make some of the soap jars for my future Etsy shop!

    Sarah. :)

  30. Yes, I love those boot cuffs! I'm not into shoes but I love boots and those cuffs are cute!

    Looks like you got some very lovely things from her.

  31. What lovely gifts you received in the giveaway. I love that painting of the house with the yellow door!


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