Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Around the House

Melissa is hosting another Tuesday in her Fall Nesting Series called Fall Around the House. I'm linking, though not participating beyond visiting those who are. What great ideas! You can find lots of sweet things to copy. **ETA: And giving proper credit, of course. I just re-read this and it sounded awful. 

Blogger and I seem to be at odds with one another. It's eaten a post and several videos.  The frustration level is pretty high so I'm declaring this *a gradient 6 day big time! Above are the last of my garden flowers plopped unceremoniously into a Tupperware pitcher...gradient six to the rescue!

These sweet fabric apples arrived last week from Kati of Kati's Little Corner of the  World. Such a thoughtful gift from a thoughtful gal. The little chalkboard, you may remember, is a gift from Sarah. **(ETA: Which reminds me that I copied this font right *here* at Melissa's party last week. )

The Climbing Brown Eyed Susan received yet another reprieve from the dreaded frost. Since she's climbing, I am unable to bring her inside as I'm doing nightly now with all the other plants.
 We are not taking blue skies lightly around here having seen so few of them.

Anytime that I see temps above 40F in the morning, I breathe a sigh of relief.


You'll have to trust me on this. I had done the most darling, impressive, truly magnificent video to share today entitled, fittingly enough, Fall Around the House. I took you all around inside and then moved to the backyard where I swished through the leaves and chattered like a magpie about the projects, the raised bed, the golden leaves, my neighbor's home, and then I took you to my door where I discovered that I had locked myself out. Terrific! This video is the only one that Blogger will allow me to upload. Perhaps the others were a bit too long at 3 minutes and something seconds. Oh, warning, I didn't clean the house for you!

Have a great day...

Love Vee
P.S. For those who have wondered...A Gradient 6 Day is my euphemism for times when things are not just working quite as I had planned. Gradient 6 is an option from Photoscape (Google it) that allows one to fuzz out the edges of a photo as I've done in this post. Sometimes Life requires a fuzzing of the edges, too. = )


  1. I hear your frustration, but your posts are always real and fun. And even a touch of your house video leaves us with a "wanting more" sense which is always good. I don't know what gradient 6 is, will have to look it up. Love what you are doing with your photos! You are a creative one!

  2. I have locked myself out a time or two. Always frustrating. I enjoyed your short video and I wish you could have uploaded the other one to your post.

  3. Oh, technical stuff is intensely frustrating! I am sorry we won't get to see your grand tour! I am sure that it was lots of fun. I did enjoy the peek at your deck bedecked with crunchy leaves. I can imagine you and John out there sipping your morning coffee, enjoying the crisp fall air...but then I read of 40F temps in the morning and I highly doubt that you are doing that!

    (The apples are cute. ~smile~)

  4. I love your video, Vee! Your house looks warm and welcoming and i love the sound of crunching leaves underfoot. I couldn't see Molly--was she in the loft? I've found that long videos don't upload well unless you put them on YouTube first and then put their embed code in.

    It was raining here this morning and chilly! I woke up so cold--must put the quilt on my bed tonight. Dentist appointment this afternoon--ick!

  5. You are amazing with your photos! They are all so gorgeous, but the Suzy plant is my favorite...I didn't have any this spring since I was confined to the house, but next spring I'll have them climbing the porch rails again...it was in the low 40s here this morning, I'm in shock!

  6. Thank you for the walk. I haven't gone outside,yet, but DH told me that it's snowing...again. The walk with you was wonderful. I'll soon have to go for a walk. Maybe I can find something interesting and take some pictures.

    I always have problems when I try to upload videos in the evening. If I try the same video early in the morning, they always seem to upload. Is it possible that computers are tired by the end of the day?!! :)

  7. I love the ending...(of the video we never saw)...that you had locked yourself out of the house! Too funny. Hopefully you found a way back in before too long. Thanks for the wee glimpse into you world this morning...with your welcoming deck covered in leaves. Have a great day!

  8. I'm rushing off to Bible Study. I'll have to come back to watch the video. At least I'm leaving with a smile about you locking yourself out. Lately that's become a fear in the back of my head...

  9. Oh I enjoyed ALL of this....video and pictures! Have a wonderful day!

  10. Love the touches of Fall...in fact I'm living vicariously through your photos as we seem to be so far behind. Hoping a little rain that is expected this week will jump-start the color:-D

  11. You have such a sweet sounding voice, Vee. Do you sing? I have on and off problems with uploading photos, and I had a video of my little bird whistling "Happy Birthday" but couldn't get it to work on the blog. xo

  12. Do tell! What is a "Gradient 6 Day"? It obviously is a not-so-great-day. But from where, does the term come, please?

    And you did a lovely post, regardless of the "Gradient Effect". :-)

    Oh yes, those blue skies. So infrequent. -pout-

    Guess our cloud cover moved in again, and kept us from a hard frost. Which I am still looking forward to, because of my allergies. But I was deflated on another reason, I used to like frost for... Thought that Tick Season was over, with hard frost.

    Hehhhhh.... Tick Season is all year long, and I now know, because there was a big article on this topic. We are in a Tick Epidemic area. YISH!!!


  13. Im brand new to your blog and love every second of it! your pictures are dreamy and feed my craving to live in a land that is not desert. Thanks for sharing so willingly with complete strangers.


  14. I have never heard of climbing black eyed Susans! Those are beautiful! Your video is too cute. I always have that fear of locking myself out and my daughter did that to me years ago! I didn't know what to do! We had just moved into our house and only living here a few months and I was stranded in our garage after both my kids got on the bus and I went back into the garage and tried to open the door and found it locked. THankfully, my neighbor's hubby was home and came with his ladder and climbed up to one of the bedroom windows and took the screen off and was able to crawl in through the only window open in the house. I now keep a spare key hidden in my garage and my mom has a copy. Enjoy your day!

  15. Your pictures are soooo beautiful. Gotta check out your links too. Thanks for the wee tour around your back yard - so cute!

  16. Oh my, I was expecting a tour and you were only able to upload 19 seconds! Boo hoo.
    I did love your fall photos, gradiented and all. I happen to like the efffect on the pics-something different!
    Curious-How did you get back into your house?

  17. I LOVE hearing your voice and the leaves! And I DID see Molly!!

  18. I wondered what you meant by gradient 6 but figured it had something to do with your photo edits. I guess they work for photos and life too. I wonder what Blogger is up to now? It's sunny here with much colder air - very tallish.

  19. You are so fun and clever, Vee!

    I HATE locking myself out of the house - haven't in years b/c now we have a coded garage door opener.

    That's helped a lot - but back in the day I used to be the QUEEN of locking myself out of the car - even once when it was RUNNING!!

  20. Your post looks beautiful to me! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who experiences blogging frustration at times. And I love the term 'gradient 6' and agree life does need that at times. But most of all I love your fall pictures.

  21. Ack! How frustrating when posts don't turn out the way we'd like them to. However, you always have something interesting to say and show. I like the openness of your home, hopefully one day your video will upload and we'll see the tour.

  22. I was wondering where Gradient 6 came from. I understood what it was meant to mean but had never heard the term before.

    Maybe tomorrow will be a better day and you can upload the other videos!

  23. I know, and love, Gradient 6! I also am familiar with some quirks in blogger. Like, when I'm writing a post, the font size changes on me...goofy stuff like that.

    The getting locked out made me think of this morning when I stepped outside to let the dog go potty. (Don't ask) I'm not looking my best today, being under the weather and all. And it is a habit of mine to turn the lock as I go out the door. So, I panicked a little thinking I might have locked myself out and thinking I would surely scare the neighbors if I should show up at their door to use the phone. Luckily, I didn't lock it, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. Hopefully, my hair won't be standing up in all directions as it was today when it happens!

  24. Dear Vee, Beautiful pictures. I think your house is beautiful.
    Molly is so cute!
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  25. I have had those days. Hope yours got better! When I did the video tour of my last house, I had to break it up, because it wouldn't download longer videos.

  26. I've done that a few times myself, Vee. It's okay when the weather's okay to sit outside and wait for someone to come unlock you. Glad you had a pretty day outside! The leaves are gorgeous, and Molly looks comfy in HER chair!

    (and you really did not give us long enough to check your housekeeping!) :)

  27. Your Gradient 6 photos are very pretty. I especially like the one with the pumpkins.
    I'm not laughing that you locked yourself out, but I am giggling at your description of the whole affair. You have such a way with words. I hope you are able to load one of your longer videos as I enjoyed this sneak peak today.

  28. I thought I would pay you a visit as it seems we run in the same circles! The climbing Black Eyed Susan has made it to my garden wish list...it is SO pretty! We had to bring a lot of plants inside, too, I still don't have a clue where I will put them.

    Your video is cute (I've never done one), it took me awhile to figure out how to turn it on! Thus, I won't be passing on any advice about Blogger problems! Your deck looks so pretty with the fallen leaves, ours are so slow to turn this year...maybe they will all come down at once and we'll only have to rake one time!!

    Have a great week, Vee!


  29. Sometimes blogger can be so frustrating!!!
    I really like the cloth apples! : )

  30. Oh Vee - I loved hearing your voice!!!

    That's something I've never done though:)

    Stay warm!

  31. Hi Vee,
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Your a brave one to video your home. Love your banner of Fall!!
    I'll have to ck. out Photoscape. Thanks for the info.
    Have a great week!
    xxx Liz

  32. Dagnabit!!! We need to scrub Blogger with a gradient 6! Thanks for the delightful tour (including your pooch - good touch)!

  33. Loved your video! You have a beautiful, leaf-laden porch. I agree with you on the 40F mornings. We had our first frost yesterday!

  34. It is wonderful to hear your voice in the little video and to see MOLLY in chair action. You are so real - Gradient 6. Love that fuzz option that seems to enhance a picture.

    Have a sweet rest of the week, Vee.


  35. Glad you liked the apples! :) They look like they were made for that spot. I've never seen a black eyed susan climb before. They are such pretty flowers.

  36. I liked all of your little autumn touches around the house... just tucked in here and there. =) I love the accent look, but always seem to go overboard. My kiddos give me grief over it, but I discovered that my oldest daughter has decorated her little apartment all up which gives the other 3 reason to tease her now! I loved the sound of crunching leaves as you walked on your porch. It's probably my favorite sound in the fall.

    Hopefully your technical issues will fix themselves soon. I do hate technology sometimes.

  37. Great photography! Nice homey/country feel to your blog. ;)

  38. What a sweet gift from a sweet girl! I had a busy day yesterday and somehow missed this post! Sorry for your Gradient 6 day but hopefully today is better!

    I'd love to see the other video if you can get it to work. I usually have to use vimeo first and post my videos from there to get them to work on blogger! Crazyness!


  39. Just lovely... All of it. I love the picture of the pumpkin!


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