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Monday, October 29, 2012

Folk Art Print Winner

~a name waiting to be drawn~

Yes! We have a winner of a folk art print from Pigment of Your Imagination and she is the incomparable Niki at Rural Writings! Niki chose a wintry scene, a Christmas one. Once she does her post on it, I'll send you all over to see. Thank you so much, Catherine, for your sweet gift! Congratulations, Niki!

And we could leave this post at that except I am too much of a chatterbox so let us carry on for a bit.

Over the weekend, I was poking about in the garage attic where I found this old Allen's Toffee tin. It was filled with all the things you see on the right of the photo above, which are food coloring, flavorings, molds, and the recipe for my mother's famous Hard Candy. This was an annual Christmas event that she and my youngest niece, formerly my Boston niece, now my New York City niece, did together.

Thing is, that tin didn't formerly hold all those treasures; it used to hold cookies and baked goods. That was my childhood cookie jar! So out the stuff went on its ear into a lesser tin and a way too small one at that. Oh the washing I had to do to get the food coloring out and the old Allen's tin cleaned...the water ran blue for a very long time.

Then I began to get a pang...that tin represented something very special to my niece as well. I have remedied it, I hope, by purchasing the owl tin on the left. It's large enough to hold everything and it reminds me of the owls that my niece likes so well. It'll be a little gift for her the next time I see her. Gifts of sweet memories are the best of all. Of course, where she will keep it in that small NYC apartment...

~the lid~ 

A better representation can be found *here.*

We've been trying to figure out what the lid depicts. It doesn't look like Parliament or Buckingham Palace. Anyone know?

Hope that all are weathering the storm well. We have rain and slight wind gusts. Nothing major. Still praying for a fizzle.

Take care today...


  1. Vee -- looks like maybe The Tower of London? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tower_of_London

  2. I also think it is the Tower of London. What a fun keepsake and special memories to accompany it! What a wonderful gift indeed!

    I hope this storm doesn't hit you guys as well. Take care.

  3. Congrats to Niki! I be looking forward to her posting about it.

    What a delightful find there in your attic! Yes, "gifts of sweet memories are the best of all." Hope you enjoy filling your childhood cookie jar and remembering sweet times...

  4. What a treasure you have there! And how sweet of you to fix up a tin for your niece of the candy making supplies. She will be thrilled! The company that makes Necco wafers bought out the company that made the toffee. So perhaps you could zip them off an e-mail with your inquiry about the graphic.

    And congratulations to the lucky winner! I bet she is thrilled!

  5. Congrats to the winner! I love your old tin and all of the memories that come along with it Vee.

    Hope Sandy does not affect you. We are having high winds the next two days from Sandy pulling a cold front through here.

  6. Hi Vee, your english visitor can confirm that it's definitely a beefeater and the Tower of London. I love that you have a little piece of England with you. X

  7. I love the old tin and what a lovely find.

    Congrats to the winner, well done Niki.

    I hope that the storm passes quickly for you all.
    We have heard about it on the news here in Ireland.

    Take care


  8. Love the old tin! Sounds like you got your question to what the picture was.

    Congratulations to Niki. : )
    Lucky her!!

  9. Yes, the Tower of London with a "Beefeater" standing beside it. A family treasure!

  10. Mon. 10:30AM

    Congratulations to the winner!!!

    Winds are picking up over here, but all is well still. Time to do last minute stuff. :-)

    I hope for you, being far enough away, Sandy is a fizzzzzle. I doubt it here.

    Be safe.

  11. Congrats to the winner! No really, I am happy for her. I am! Sorry for myself but Happy for her! Hope she picked a good one. Well, they're all good aren't they, so I'm sure whatever she chose will be perfect! Be safe and have a great day!

  12. Beautiful vintage tin, wonderful memories!! We recently used vintage tins for our daughter's wedding centre pieces - they turned out beautifully.
    Congrats to the winner and hoping for a fizzle too!!!

  13. congrats to the winner! and what a neat tin....never been to England...so can't help there, but it is very cute and chippy!!

  14. Congratulations to the winner of the print. She'll have a great Christmas decoration!
    Love the tin. The scene is pretty, but the memories are lovelier.

    Have a wonderful day. I'm off to work, in the pouring rain.

  15. Vee, I just love that moment before opening an old treasure. I have done the same here. What precious memories.
    I keep thinking about you all on the east side there..praying for our New York friends this morning.

  16. Congratulations to the winner! I have my print picked out, so I'll head on back and order.

  17. Oh Vee I am just tickled pink!!! I have browsed the site and haven't decided yet on which lovely print I will pick (there are soo many I love) but I will let you know when I do!

    I believe your tin is a "Beefeater" from the Tower of London....I think......

    Thank you so much again,

  18. That must be the Tower of London and a beefeater, of which there are plenty there. But someone else I'm sure guessed that if I'd read your comments. It's so nice to give a gift of a memory or family history! Especially to one who will appreciate it!

  19. What a wonderful tin and what great memories for you. How nice to *build* a tin for your niece. She'll love it! Congratulations to Niki. I look forward to seeing the scene she picked.

  20. Hi Vee, Congrats to Niki; can't wait to see her post about her win!
    I love the tin and your memories. Praying for all of you in the path of the storm.

  21. Just wanted to pop in and say that I thinking of my east coast friends and hope you stay out of the path of the storm. Be safe and have a good week!

  22. No idea but it's a keeper. I found a Sir Walter Raleigh can at a yard sale one day. For a quarter it's sitting on a mirror ledge now. So cute.

  23. Congrats to Niki!

    I immediately thought Beefeater but wasn't sure of the building. But see that others have answered your question.

  24. Congrats to the lucky winner of the print! I agree that this is a Beefeater guard at the Tower of London. (I've been there). What a wonderful treasure to find and sweet memories it holds for you and your niece. Stay safe and dry! Hugs, Pam

  25. Hurray for Niki! What a wonderful giveaway gift! It looks like most everyone agrees that the tin depicts the Tower Of London. I thought so, too, only because I have a tea towel with it on it! What else do you have hiding up in that old attic? ;-D


  26. I'm stopping by to catch up with you. Your pictures are so beautiful..... so many colorful leaves, trees etc..... I wish we had the pretty colors in Texas.

    I love your tin with the sweet memories.

    Praying you aren't near the storm.

  27. What beautiful memories are linked to the lovely old tin.

  28. A treasure to reclaim and a treasure to give! The best of both worlds!!

  29. Congratulations to Nikki!

    I know how you feel about this tin, vee, I saved a cookie tin of my Mom's that held her cookie cutters.

    The hurricane is very bad here--many trees are down, the lights are flickering and water is rising in many neighborhoods. The whole of NYC has shut down. Truly scary! So far we are safe and sound but the worst part of the storm hasn't come to shore as yet. Hope you and John also stay asfe and sound!

  30. Hi Vee, thanks for stopping by. I turned off the verification. Didn't even know I had it on - I'm learning something every day!

  31. We're supposed to get 10+ foot waves and gale force winds on Lake Michigan from Sandy - crazy!

    Wish I could help with the picture on the tin - pretty cool, though!

  32. Such precious memories attached to that tin. I know your niece is going to be so happy to receive your thoughtful gift. I'm thinking she will be gifting you with some of that candy.
    Congratulations to Niki for being the lucky winner!
    Keeping you and all of my other blog friends in Sandy's path in my thoughts today. I'm praying for a fizzle too.

  33. Well, the guard looks all Buckingham Palace-ish to me, but I've never been there so that's how much I know!

    I couldn't agree more about the gift of memories, and I think your remedy is wonderful.

    I love stuff like that too.

  34. Funny how things get put away and fogotten. Thats a really cool old tin.
    I am hoping the storm fizzels too. I have friends in Arlington/DC area and I'm worried for them.

  35. Isn't it a special moment when something you've had for a long time triggers a precious memory? I love items like that.


  36. Vee hope things do not get bad up there. We are cold and windy as all get out all the way down here. Praying for all along the East Coast.

  37. I thought perhaps it was Windsor Castle on the tin lid, but it could be the Tower of London as well...

    Congrats to Niki...

    We are holding up here very well - we still have power!


  38. How great to have found it! I love that you are going to share a piece of it with your niece. My Nan used to keep her cookies in a square plan aluminum looking tin. It was tossed when she passed away, but recently I bought one that could be it's tin.

    Hope that Sandy just passes you by.

    We're holding our own.


  39. A lovely olden tin...
    Stay dry and warm...

  40. The day is about done over here...and we have been watching the news all evening...with the devastation on the east coast. How did you fare? Hope all is well at your 'safe haven'!

    Love the old tin!

  41. Oct. 30th

    So glad you are fine.

    Sorry about your sister's car but agree, better the car, than the house.


  42. How precious to discover something that holds such precious memories! Do you think your mother is the one who left the little treasures you found inside? Please let us know where you choose to place the tin. I know it will have a special location.

  43. That is a very special treasure!
    Pray for the storm to pass, as we are having such strong wind, and rainfall!

  44. Old tins are treasures! What a great re-discovery!

    And congrats to Niki!

  45. The sweet gift of memories are the best gifts of all! Your niece wil be thrilled at your find, and your heart will be warmed for thinking of her.
    I'm glad you weathered the storm as well as you have, my thoughts and prayers go out to all involved.
    How about your niece, NYC was hit pretty hard?