Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Morning

So, in the end, I did take time away skipping Mosaic Monday last night and spending a pleasant couple of evenings away from the computer. (Though I'll add a mosaic here today, I won't link because my mosaic is more of a "just documenting" nature.) I visited everyone and gave myself the gift of not commenting; this is much more difficult than it may seem as I comment a lot too much.

The frost came just as we were warned. Hard frost. Killing frost. I brought in pumpkins and plants and wrapped the rosebush. The rest I let go. Not without shedding a tear, but I let them go. The morning glory and the climbing brown-eyed susan are all cleared away with only a memory and a photograph left.

My daughter gave me something new for the garden. A little red, white, and blue something new so I am pleased. 

On Saturday morning, we gathered for the Birthday Breakfast. Though my daughter's birthday had come and gone, she had requested the Saturday morning breakfast because she's in the middle of painting her house trim and hoping to finish this year; she started last. It's a big house and she's done it alone. 

Saturday was windy and cold and so it was very pleasant to gather by 8:30 for a nice warm breakfast. This (birthday breakfasts) is something new for our family, though I can certainly recommend it. 

I served Judy's egg cup recipe from MGCC for the adults and chocolate chip waffles for the grands. We also had English muffins, raisin toast, and raspberry Danish. Orange juice and apple juice and coffee and Earl Grey tea were all served as well. I'd show you a picture of our table except that I didn't think to take a photo until only crumbs were left.

Then it was gift opening time...


~game time~

It was funny to watch this little guy ponder what fun things he could do to shake things up a bit.

There was a brief time of bowling...

Later in the evening, the birthday girl came back to show me the boot cuffs. She rolled them, which I thought looked cute, too.

There. Does that tie up all loose ends thus far? Not quite...there is the ongoing work on the garage. John has been challenged in a few ways. More on that another day.

Enjoy this fresh new beginning of a week and don't forget to get your note cards ready!


  1. The boot cuffs look fantastic! I know your daughter must think so, too. By the way, is she still doing a lot of sewing? I would love to know what her most recent projects have been.

    What a breakfast! You make it all sound so easy. I was overwhelmed just reading about all you made for the birthday breakfast.

    Great mosaic! Perfect text bubble for the look on that sweet face!

  2. I am truly becoming a fan of breakfast with family and friends. A perfect way to celebrate your daughter's birthday. It looks like everyone had a great time.

    I forgot to bring in a potted plant that Georgia let me use on the deck this summer. It looks like only part of it got frosted...hopefully it is salvageable. Otherwise I will feel terrible.

  3. Glad you had such a great weekend!!!

    Way-to-go for you Daughter, painting trim on her house! Oh and a belated Happy Birthday Wish to her too. :-)

    Your gatherings always look so, so, so jolly. Down-home-family-fun, etc. Very warm....... The way it should be.

    Hmmmm, John has been "challenged," hu? Sounds like the "New Moon Effect" is hitting over there too. (It certainly hit, over here!)

    I used to *fear* the "Full Moon Effect." Now, I *fear* the "New Moon Effect"! Today, the 15th is the New Moon. "Be aware......." :-)


  4. Believe it or not I have my note cards all ready. I like the birthday breakfast idea. I love having guests for breakfast anyway! We could use a killing frost here to move the season along after a warm and humid weekend. I think it was bringing on today's rain .. at least I hope it comes. It's trying,

  5. Whew, I think I need a nap after reading all of that! The mosaic was priceless. The little guy has energy to spare, so why not share some with us? Seems fair. Oh, and I adore your red, white, and blue addition to the garden landscaping!!! Go team, GO!!!!!!!!!

    Glad you had a nice bloggy break. I was going to take off on my break a little longer, but some new weekend photos begged for posting. Got to get 'em while their fresh, LOL...

  6. Beautiful family you have. Vee.

    And I am glad you kinda unplugged a little - really is important to do that sometimes. These pcs are both friend and foe, indeed.

    As for those boot cuffs - just WOW - they look AWESOME - and so does she, what a beautiful young lady.

    Sorry about the killing frost. I hate it too, but even the earth needs to rest, yes?

    Have my notecards ready for the party!

    Have a wonderful week, my friend.

  7. Morning Vee

    I like breakfast for celebrating too. My SIL's and I used to get together monthly to do a breakfast and catch up. Sad to say it's been neglected lately - we're all going in too many different directions.

    Love the boot cuffs!

    You have a great week too!


  8. It sounds like a lovely weekend, especially the b-day breakfast. I love that idea!

  9. The tradition of a birthday breakfast sounds great. I doubt I could get my family up that early but maybe with a delicious spread like you made! Happy Birthday to your pretty daughter, I love the boot cuffs.

    Looks like we are going to have another cold day. Even the dogs didn't want to go out this morning! Have a great day, Vee!


  10. The b-day breakfast sounds wonderful, I do love the idea. And I really love the boot cuffs, think my daughter may too. Enjoy your day!

  11. The birthday breakfast sounds perfectly lovely! Yummy too! (I just clicked over to the egg cup recipe and it sure looks good.) I often forget to take table pictures until after the fact. We try to take photos when the table is set, but usually forget once the food is on and/or the guests are seated. Too busy having fun, I guess! But it looks like there was still lots of fun to be had after breakfast too! Your mosaic is precious. (Love the speech bubble!)

    The boot cuffs look great...and your daughter must have thought so too as she returned to show you a completed outfit. (I will make no comments revealing my envy at her ability to wear those cute brown skinny jeans...I am too old for such things anyway...)

    Have a warm and cozy Monday!

  12. Hello Vee, Birthday breakfast sounds wonderful....Happy Bday to your Daughter, I also think the boot cuffs look great....Blessings Francine.

  13. I've been wanting to make some boot cuffs, but will either have to lose some weight to get the cuffs inside my boots or get some new boots.
    I also have that same red, white, and blue yard decoration.

  14. Looks like a lovely weekend. The menu at the birthday breakfast sounds scrumptious.
    The birthday girl looks great in her new boot cuffs. Love that look.
    The mosaic is priceless, esp. the little text bubble. I have no doubt that's what he was thinking. So cute.
    So sorry to hear about your killing frost. Ugh! We have a lot of the red, white & blue garden ornaments in our neighborhood. Saw them while out walking yesterday.

  15. A birthday breakfast sounds like a great idea! And your celebration sounds really delicious. Your daughter is beautiful and the young lads are adorable. Little one is too cute and you can almost see the wheels churning about what he can do to liven things up. I like the boot cuffs. Just wish I could even find a pair of boots to fit around my full gams! lol I'd never get the boot cuffs tucked in let alone jeans. It's a dull day here again with fog and drizzle but it's supposed to be quite warm. Enjoy the day Vee! xo

  16. Hey! I want one of those signs. Great post. I have hit a blank brain freeze in my life of blogging. I can't think of anything that would be interesting, funny, sad, knowledgeable, or even depressing. And besides - my camera is at Nikon undergoing surgery. If that isn't sad enough, it tells me that I can't write anything without photographs. Argghhh!

  17. What a nice day you must have had! We haven't had frost yet, and it will probably be a while, but the rain has more or less finished all our blooms.

  18. Good morning! The birthday breakfast was a great hit, I can tell! Your daughter is lovely, Vee - and you can tell that your little grands think she's the bee's knees. I love how the littlest grand is entertaining himself and having entertaining thoughts whilst bouncing around on the couch. Those boys are so cute!

    Your daughter is my kinda girl. I love do-it-yourselfers - why wait on a guy to do the things you need done??? We can do most things we want to get done (except maybe pee standing up!) LOL!

  19. Oh, I forgot to say -

    The boot cuffs turned out great! Oh, what I wouldn't give for slim legs that I could wear boots again AND have some cute cuffs to roll over!

  20. We love birthday breakfasts--as it looks like your family did too. What a fashion statement for your daughter with those great boot cuffs. The grandboys are just adorable, even with the mischief on their faces:-D
    Sorry, my red, white & blue is the other side; but that's what makes up America, XOXO

  21. The birthday breakfast sounds oh so good!!
    Can you believe this morning it was 64 degrees here!!! - 71 right now!!

  22. Sweet times! Your grand boys crack me up.
    Hoping your yard sign is the way America votes!
    OK, first hard frost, then a warm spell then on to winter holidays . I'll be there with ya all the way!

  23. The boot cuffs are very cute! Breakfast is my favorite meal so a birthday breakfast sounds quite lovely!

  24. A very sweet post --- I enjoyed ALL of it!

    Preparing for winter has its good and bad. So difficult to removed the plants that are done for the season --- yet the new cuff boots are charming and beautiful. And so the seasons come and go.

  25. Love the boot cuffs! And your 'what's up next?' little guy is just too cute. How did the egg cups go over? Good re-cap...of your birthday brunch!

    I'm hoping we don't get frost for a bit yet.

  26. Oh I don't have my sign yet...the boots are great...and pictures of the boys, oh my, too cute, and they just warm my heart

  27. A birthday breakfast sounds so cozy and welcoming, as does your menu. Yum!

    The thoughts on your grandson's face are just about visible - he looks like a real character, full of spunk and sweet mischievous.

    The boot cuffs turned out well. Great idea!

  28. Lovely photos of the birthday fun. We often celebrate birthdays at breakfast - seems easier to get everyone together.

  29. Hi Vee,
    Birthday breakfast sound great except the earl grey tea, I never could drink it and I do like the boots, they always look good but I don't wear them very often too hot here most of the year.

  30. I love those boot cuffs...and the photos of the birthday party. Those little boys..are growing up so fast. it is so fun to see them party with their mom. The brunch sounds so yummy.
    It is pouring rain here. I picked the jalapenos and the green tomatoes. The pumpkins are still in the garden and if this rain stops soon I'll decorate the porch.

  31. I've enjoyed reading your blog until I saw the Romney Ryan sign... From one woman to another I'm a bit disappointed. You should have left the politics out of it. Sorry... I won't be back.


  32. Ann, who are you? I've never heard from you before. How unfortunate that your opinion is so important that you have no room for others to have one. May God guide the election and may the best man win for the good of this country.

  33. Go Vee! It's your blog you say and show what you like, and I must add you were very gracious to Ann.

    Now on to more pleasant things....The boot cuffs look great! I think my girls would like them so I am going to give them a try.

    I just finished listening to the lovely music you shared today. Very beautiful and relaxing!

    Your grands are the cutest boys, I just know they and Kyle would have fun together...


  34. A birthday breakfast sounds like a wonderful idea, Vee! I also love the boot cuffs you made for your beautiful daughter. She is so slim and trim -- I am envious--lol!
    Your little grands are also so cute and I can see they love their Aunt very, very much!

  35. Looks like the birthday breakfast was a huge success! The honoree is lovely and the boot cuffs look great! The grands are just so adorable. Loved the mosaic and the look on the young one's face is just priceless! :)
    Also love the something new in your garden. I'm hoping tomorrow night will go as well as Oct. 3!

  36. Cold weather and a warm family breakfast, sounds fantastic!

  37. Sweet pictures. I can relate to the little one wondering what he could do next to shake things up. Congratulations on winning over at The Feathered Nest. ~ Abby

  38. I don't know if you'll see this since it's an old post, but I tried to comment here earlier and had wireless thingamajig issues. Loved this post from boots to sign.

    I happen to have that same sign in my yard right now, in fact. Ahem.

  39. he boot cuffs look great! It looks like you had an entertaining day celebrating your daughter's birthday! Have a wonderful, wonderful week.

  40. Hi Vee,
    We have not only one but TWO little red, white and blue signs growing out of our lawn. As a matter of fact Gary has placed one of them right under our flag pole that is always flying high with the light shining upon it! GO Romney and Ryan (they have our vote too).
    Who ever wins may God bless them like you said to help led our Country.
    PS. I love your deck, its perfect!
    Sending hugs, Elizabeth

  41. Sounds like your weather has been similar to ours Vee.
    Just how a child deals with his boredom and gets some attention. How they are growing up.

  42. Well... I like the sign and the way you dealt with the one who didn't. Some people have a lot of nerve!!Looks like the birthday celebration was special.